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After the disastrous invasion of Canterlot, an injured changeling wakes up near a small cottage and is quickly discovered by two of the last ponies she ever wanted to see. Now, with the help of her new "friends," she has to remain undetected in a town high on changeling hysteria that would not hesitate to throw her in the Canterlot dungeons should her true nature be revealed.

Simple, right?

Too bad she couldn't have picked a worse form to stay inconspicuous...

Many thanks to ZuTheSkunk for the cover image!

Chapters (12)

When a mishap occurs with Celestia's bathroom scale, an ancient protocol that may just doom Equestria is set into motion. With the entire palace staff now conspiring against her, the sun goddess must not only contend mountains of paper work, dancing celery sticks, and steroid pumped stallions, but a sister who will take this chance to torture Celestia any way she can as payback for her banishment. Lock the cupboards and barricade the fridge! It's the Royal Diet!

Now with TVTropes page! :http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/ASliceOfLife

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A thousand years is quite the generation gap, so Princess Luna decides she has to get with the times. However, this isn't quite as easy as she thinks it will be...

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Back home from "The Sandbox", one soldier tries to rebuild and restart his life. Though broken and depressed from battle, he is unsure about his place in life. Still living inside the bottle, he discovers MLP:FiM, which gives him hope and motivation to carry on. But his trip to the Central Library one day is what seals the fate of this soldier's future.

A small salute to those who have put themselves on the line and those who are going to.

I love the feedback and i'll try to respond to everything

Chapters (30)

It started off as enjoying a night at a classical concert, then one trip to the bar and a few drinks later, and one pony finds himself sharing the bed of one musically talented mare. What begins as an awkward meeting turns into a sharing of music and finding of each other.

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