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Dimension world is everywhere even in our real world but when uncheck it can causes a disasterous efects and my point of my fanfiction here is to write a crossover story in order to kick up the notch

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PK-117 is a Promethean Knight. Built by the Forerunners to fight the flood. His one goal was to die but kill as many Flood as he could. But during the middle of a battle, a bright flash of light sucked him away. During the teleportation process, he went into automatic stasis. His system needed to reboot for 1000 years. Lucky for him he will awaken on the day that the Crystal Empire returns. By the way, PK stands for Promethean Knight if it wasn't obvious enough

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This story is a sequel to Recovery

Have you ever seen a computer melt? Neither Sunset Shimmer nor Rarity had until Sunset's did exactly that. Now the two of them must traverse the central city in the rain on a motor-scooter in a roundabout attempt to acquire replacement technology before the deadline for Sunset's latest assignment.

This story shares continuity with Sunset's Recovery Arc and the Burritoverse, but no prior knowledge of either is required.

EDIT: Oh wow. Featured on its upload date?! Thank you so much! :yay:

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Main Theme

Rarity has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful family, great friends, and lives in probably the best neighborhoods around, filled with bright colors, nice people, and even a hint of magic. If she could, she'd stay here in this peaceful world forever.

Sadly, fate has other plans for her. A mysterious creature appears one day in the portal to Equestria, and causes a phenomenon that thrusts Rarity out of her world and into another one. In this dimension, nothing makes sense. Her friends aren't who they're supposed to be, Canterlot is nowhere near as bright, and for some reason, no one knows who she is. Determined to discover what happened, Rarity will journey to a number of Parallel Dimensions, all to learn what that creature was, what happened to her world, and how to get it back.

But she's a part of something much bigger, and may learn that returning to home may be the least of her worries.

Will now update regularly, every Tuesday.

Crossover with Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, taking place after both games. Information on the games is not needed to enjoy this.

All characters have normal colored skin, despite this being canon to the Equestria Girls movies.

New TV Trope page!

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While en route to Cybertron at the conclusion of "Beast Wars," the Maximals get an unwelcome surprise when their enemy, Megatron, leader of the Predacons, escapes captivity and ends up in Equestria. Now, the Maximals must team up with the Ponies of Equestria to stop Megatron and his resurrected Predacons before they conquer Equestria and make it a colony of Cybertron.

Author's Note: An alternate continuation of "Beast Wars" that happens instead of "Beast Machines."

*Cover art belongs to Atomic-Chinchilla of Deviantart.com

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Big Mac just turned eighteen and is just about achieve his dream of owning the family farm, but a message from his late father might lead him down a different path as he learns the truth about his father and his own heritage and what he must do keep his family safe.

Sequel story

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It's Ghost Nappa haunting Rarity, what more do you want?

Although seriously, if Mr. Popo can come to Equestria, so can Nappa.

I genuinely hope to see Vegeta come to Equestria next. Apparently Vegeta's already in Equestria. Whoda thunk it?

Art is a combination of this piece of beauty by brolyeuphyfusion9500 and a screencap

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One Slav, tons of ponies, not enough vodka, and no potato.

Join our hero, the Slavviest man in Equestria (Which isn't saying much), as he goes on many an adventure, for friends, for fun, and for more vodka! There will be comedy, there will be sorrow, there will be friendship, and there will be enemies. But above all else, there will be Slav.

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H-883 never liked his job in the droid army but is going to Equestria any better?

Featured! 8/4/17

I would just like to credit my pals
Deeed22 Who has provided some ideas and quality control (mostly making sure I dont post anything too cringy)
Traintrackstonowhere Who has provided much moral support.
And Admari just because he helped me get started writing in the first place! Thanks all!

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This story is a sequel to Hello From The Other Side

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, has had a lot on her plate recently. Even when she's not busy and even though she has Sunset to keep her company now, she still feels the need to get away from Equestria for awhile.

Twilight Sparkle, current student of Canterlot High, has been wanting for a long time to see Equestria for herself, to understand the origins of her powers.
Surely there must be a way for them to both get what they want. What's the worst that could happen?

Better yet, what's gonna happen between Luna and Rainbow Dash?

Something feels familiar about all this...

7/17/2017: It took awhile but this story finally got the feature it deserves.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has granted her student, Starlight Glimmer, a few extra days in the mirror world to get to know everyone – and hopefully learn a couple lessons of her own along the way. With newfound friends like Sunset Shimmer by her side, she’ll have nothing to worry about while she explores the strange sights that await her.

Takes place directly after "Mirror Magic", but viewing that isn't required to properly follow what happens here.

Proofread and Edited by ChudoJogurt.

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