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Stuff I've written for Thirty-Minute Pony Stories. I've been aiming for "short and sweet" with these, since I'm a glacially slow writer who can literally spend hours laboring on a single paragraph. I'm hoping that forcing myself to follow prompts with time limits will help me improve my speed. If nothing else, I'm enjoying actually writing again.

Cover art by WhiteDiamondsLtd.

Chapters (53)

"Who are you?!"

Lyra wrenched her hands together, strands of teal hair falling over her golden eyes. Suddenly, she seemed so small. She didn't answer. Couldn't? It hurt to remember, hurt to say. She was lying, or maybe it was the truth, and she really didn't know.

Cover art done by the amazing Conicer and bunnish!

Chapters (18)

This is a sequel to my other story, A Tale of Two Mares. Read that one first.
Anyhow, Vinyl Scratch and her trusty new wife Octavia are living in San Franciscolt, trying to make a decent living, raise a foal (or two), and not drive each other the neighbors crazy.
Some old favourites, and some ponies that are notorious for being awful, will come to make their lives a little easier(?) and some new ponies as well, for better or for worse.

Oh my Celestia, I just made that sound like the most boring story ever. You'll just have to read the first one.

And, the awesomely adorable cover pic is by my trusty (me gusta the word trusty, it seems) brony friend, RainbowShy1241. He's a very good artist (obviously) and he made that for me! Yay!

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Octavia isn't the type of mare to mix up with suspicious crowds. She stays away from ponies who are different from herself, never giving them second thought, never considering the fact that they might be friendly.
But what happens if Octavia doesn't have a choice? What if she needs one of these uncouth ponies she so despises, and avoids at all costs? And mostly, what will her family say if she goes as far as to fall in love with one?

Rated teen for some minor sexual themes

This beautiful new cover pic is by the great and powerful (in my opinion) RainbowShy1241. A big huge thanks to you, because it's awesome!

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After Spike and Twilight hold a heated argument between each other, Spike is uninvited to Twilight's Birthday Party. With an almost immaculate friendship between the two on the brink of destruction, how will Spike cope with his choices, how will he make up for it, and how does Twilight and her friends think about the argument she delved into?

(This story takes place during and after the events of Sweet and Elite.)
Any comments and criticism is greatly appreciated.

(If anyone knows the image source, I'd appreciate it if you know what it is.)

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