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Twilight Sparkle never seemed to notice Lyra Heartstrings. She didn't even remember Lyra's name.

They were friends back in Canterlot and even went to school together. Yet Twilight didn't notice that Lyra just happened to move to Ponyville the same day she did. She didn't even notice when Lyra appeared at her welcoming party. Nor did she ever seem to spot her old classmate passing by in the background on any other day during her stay in Ponyville. Some days she could look right at Lyra and never realize that they knew each other.

Lyra isn't a very noticeable pony. She has put a lot of effort into that.

Set in late season 5, after Amending Fences.
Note: Lots of spoilers in the comments.

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For years, Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis have been at each other's throats. Both have experienced victory over the other, and both have experienced defeat. Out of all the creatures in Equestria, none despise each other the way the pony Princess and changeling Queen do. They seemed destined to remain locked in battle forever, or at least until one is finally dead at the hooves of the other. The cruel insults, the vicious loathing, and the powerful spells that have passed back and forth between them at each meeting have become the stuff of legend.

Imagine Twilight's surprise when she finds out changelings consider this dating.

And now they're married.


Sequel: Pony Courtship Rituals


Some beautiful fanart of the end of chapter three was done by Dmann892; you can see it here.

More awesome fanart, this time from chapter one.

Now with a TvTropes page (obligatory TvTropes warning goes here).

If you want a Russian translation, you can find it here.

There is now a reading of the story on Youtube, which starts here.

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Sonata Dusk: A bimbo, an airhead, a moron, a fool, a girl without even two brain cells to rub together to generate thought... right?


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My name was once Lulamoon. But that was over a thousand years ago.

Written in 24 hours for Equestria Daily's Flashfic Event

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This story is a sequel to Letters From a Friend at the End of the World

Her travels having brought her and her friends to the far-north city of Frostvale, Trixie finds herself caught up in a looming war and a dangerous plot. Still just trying to recover, she decides to lay low for a bit and wait for an opening to continue her journey.

Meanwhile, Twilight and friends continue following the trail Trixie left behind on her way north. By a combination of her letters, and the ponies they meet, they follow in her hoofsteps, discovering a number of surprising secrets along the way.

Thanks to both Belligerent Sock and Themaskedferret for pre-reading and editing.

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For almost a year now, Trixie has been sending letters to Twilight. The only problem is, Twilight hasn't gotten a single one... until today. But now that she has, Twilight is left with more questions than she knows how to answer. Fortunately, she has a plan. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if that plan will work.

Featured on Equestria Daily
Reading by: WhoLandon
Reading by: PonyFicsOutLoud

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This story is a sequel to Syncopation

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Philharmonica. There's nopony in all of Equestria that doesn't know these names. They are the pinnacles of their genres and the peaks of every genre in between, but it wasn't always this way.

When they first met, Octavia was fresh out of the Canterlot Conservatory and Vinyl was the only member of Syncopated Records, a new music company created by Fancy Pants and his wife Fleur de Lis. They have grown since then, overcome trials both as individuals and as a company, but Fancy Pants still has greater plans for his company. Plans to expand, to become bigger names, to be known not only in Canterlot, but in all of Equestria! In order to do this, the musicians of Syncopated Records, Vinyl, Octavia, Harpo Parish Nadermane, and Lyra Heartstrings will travel through the princessdom, playing their songs and trying to make their own mark in music.

But it will be difficult. They'll have to be more than a company and more than a music group. They'll have to work together, getting used to their off-beat attitudes until they can work as one.

Syncopation must meet with Synchronization.

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Octavia loves cellos—that’s a fact. Octavia loves hot nights—that’s also a fact.

Vinyl has the best idea ever for Hearts and Hooves Day.

Edited by Aragon, Abcron, and Pearple Prose.

Audio Reading by CaptainBron3y

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Soarin and Braeburn are really close friends; almost inseparable. They go almost everywhere together, do almost everything with each other, and even share the same home with each other. They are like two peas in a pod, so close that you'd think they were gay.

But the problem is, they aren't. Why is this a problem? Because everypony in town thinks they are. Will the duo be able to convince the others that they are in fact straight without ruining their friendship...or will they want to convince anypony?

The completely heterosexual collab of Draconian Soul and RainbowBob

Edited by SpaceCommie and pre-read by Skeeter and Flint Sparks

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It's been nearly a year since Twilight Sparkle entered the newest phase of her adulthood: princessdom. And with that change come a lot of other changes, big and small.

However, there is one thing that hasn't changed: her bedtime.

When Twilight's foreign-born mother, Twilight Velvet, comes to visit, all Tartarus breaks loose in the Sparkle household after Twilight comes home late from a party. Unfortunately for everypony involved, neither mare is backing down--at least, not without a few good shouting matches.

Story edited by John Perry, Roger Dodger, and Nick Nack (they are all beautiful men deserving of your love).
Picture edited by me. Twilight Velvet vector by TrueDesknight. Twilight Sparkle vector by Flutterflyraptor. Library background by Martinnus1 (they are all beautiful peoples deserving of your love).

Comments are always, ALWAYS appreciated.

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