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An odd quirk of Equestrian law is that the mayor of an Earth Pony town can be challenged to a fertility contest to prove that she's fit for office.

Night Flower thinks she's got a chance.

Mayor Mare isn't going to give up without a fight, though.

pre-read by metallusionismagic

Chapters (1)

Coverart by http://xn-dragon.deviantart.com
Trigger Warning: The word "Anonymous"

Some three centuries after Twilight Sparkle's coronation, something stranger than anything in Equestria's history appears in the very heart of Equestria itself. A human, lost, confused, and alone, finds himself warily welcomed by the rulers of this strange land.
After trading information about himself for information about the world he'll soon call home, he leaves from Canterlot to the quaint and quiet town of Ponyville, where he eventually meets a lonely bat-pony by the name of Speck.

A rewrite of the original ( http://pastebin.com/u/NukePone ) with additional content, restructuring, and fixes.
Featured from 09Jun14 to 12Jun14
Repeat feature nearly every time a new chapter is posted.

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This is a Fallout Equestria (primarily) and Terminator crossover.

As the war between Equestria and the zebras pressed on, many members of the Ministries conceived of desperate strategies to end it through magical and technological creations of questionable nature. One of these was Project Infiltrator, a top secret project of the Ministry of Awesome. It's goal: to create a super spy that was the perfect blend of pony and machine. But just as its first subject was ready, the megaspells dropped, destroying Equestria and creating the Wasteland.

190 years later, Crystal Eclair awakens in a world of ruin and violence, completely clueless as to what happened to Equestria and herself. Her confusion grows into horror as she discovers that she is no longer a pony, but now a cybernetic zebra. With no other choice left, she sets out to find answers to her predicament. How will she handle the truth if she finds it? Will she find friends who can help her in a world that trusts no one? And what if those who have done this to her are still out there, eager for her to serve a new sinister purpose?

PS. This is not a Prequel to Broken Steel despite what a couple of websites that link back to this story say.

(Chapters 1 to 12 Edited by Alycorn~(CF), New Editor Double R Forrest. New description credit to Double R Forrest )

Chapters (21)

There are things out there in the Wastelands even the historians don't know about.

Whirling Feather is just another ordinary pony in the Grand Pegasus Enclave military. Living above the protecting cloud cover, she's fairly oblivious to the poisonous wasteland below.
But after an unpleasant mission goes horribly wrong, she find herself grounded and isolated.
Now she simply wants to go home - but it is the Equestrian Wasteland, there is no such thing as simplicity.

Coverart done by the awseome and irreplaceable Slouping.
Check out his other art as well.

[This fiction is based on the one Kkat created. I do not own any rights concerning the Fallout games, My Little Pony or Fallout Equestria itself]

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