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A fast food employee just doing his job accidentally rinds up taking a gastrointestinal break on his job.

Contains: oral vore, soft vore, non-fatal vore, burps, feet.

Commissioned by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/12708/Star+Sage

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A genetically engineered Xenomorph King and Royal facehugger egg infused with human DNA are born in the depths of a deep space research station for... malicious purposes. After escaping, He sets out among the stars to find a strong enough being to impregnate as the infused DNA causes dangerous side effects during the process.

Picture is not mine, Found from Alien Fanon.

OLD STORY: Chapter 0 (This is the Before the rewrite began, It is still here so I can cringe.)
PROLOGUE: Chapter 1 to ???
ARC 1: Chapter ??? to ???

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After the events of Party Pooped, The Yaks can't wait to return to the snowy climes of Yakyakistan. But then, Celestia wants to have a little word...

This is a story with the moral just because you're a rock star, it doesn't give you the right to trash a hotel room.

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After Chrysalis gets defeated and Shining Armor and Cadance return to normal, Celestia tells Twilight that she has real wedding to put together. But after all they did to her earlier makes this chance to lose her temper and snap at them.

(This is going through one final set of changes to make it better, because I suddenly realized that Celestia did defend her subjects, so she has no need to be arrested.)

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An experienced thief dies before his time, leaving a mess that God must fix, the solution God thinks of is reincarnating him in the My Little Pony universe with the power of The Gamer.

Featured: 08/05/2019, 08/06/2019, 08/07/2019, 26/10/2019, 02/11/2019, 10/11/2019, 24/11/2019, 04/12/2019, 05/12/2019, 29/12/2019, 10/02/2020, 11/02/2020, 11/03/2020, 20/04/2020, 22/04/2020, 23/04/2020, 26/04/2020, 27/07/2020, Thanks, love you guys! Thanks for all the support.

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Usually you would think what's next after death is simple, heaven or hell right? Well, maybe for you.

After I was hit right in the face by death's fist, I was (forcefully and unknowingly) invited somewhere else.

I don't know where.

I don't know why.

But also...
I have a plus one?

Get ready to Join Matthew/Crimson and James/Cyax on their brand new life and adventure in Equestria!

(A HIE/human turned pony story)

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Anonymous has his heartbroken once again, leading to him becoming a recluse. The only time he ever leaves his home now is either for groceries, work, or alcohol. Mostly it's for alcohol. One night, he meets a bat pony mare who needs a place to stay.

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It took Twilight a long time to build up the courage to ask Applejack out, but she finally did it. What she hadn't prepared for was the two of them triggering an Attunement, an incredibly rare magical reaction that unicorn fillies call 'True Love's Kiss.'

And the date was going so well, too.

(Takes place in late season 7, after Once Upon a Zeppelin but before Shadow Play)

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have had a rocky relationship, with ups and downs over the course of years, and Rainbow's ready to call it quits for good. As she stands at the door, willing herself to knock, there's something holding her back: she's still in love. Love alone isn't enough to make it work, but as their relationship threatens to end forever, they have one last chance to make sense of it all.

And Rainbow Dash can't stop remembering.

Editing by Formerly Committed and Shellsh0cker.

Winner of the FlutterDash Group Contest: Conflict judges panel.

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This story is a sequel to Drawn With the Night

Sequel to Drawn With the Night. Fancy Thunder and a small team go to Canterlot to fulfill a commission.
She decided to ask a few 'innocent' questions and toss a few stones in the placid waters to see what is stirred up. Specifically, how will the Princesses react to a pony who doesn't need them, and thus doesn't worship them?

A TV Tropes page

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