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Three months after defeating the combined forces of Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek, Starlight holds a brief meeting with Twilight. The guilt of not being able to save Cozy Glow and the personal anger that she was given a second chance when Cozy wasn't causes Starlight to demand the filly's release. Twilight agrees to it, and accepts Starlight's proposal to take in the troubled filly.

Meanwhile, Twilight begins to deal more heavily with the oncoming minotaur threat, completing her plan with the gracious help of Sunburst. Anxiety, worry, and stress all weigh her down to the point of breaking completely.

Finally released from her imprisonment, Cozy Glow resists the encouragement and reformation pressed forward by Starlight. Increasingly frustrated and angered by her surroundings, she begins plotting her escape, using the knowledge and experience of her past mistakes and time imprisoned. However, everything changes when a new element, and new knowledge of the fate of her and Equestria, are introduced to her.

Additional tags include trauma.

Extra characters include
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor
Flurry Heart
Main Six
and Changelings.

Part of HoE series.

Chapters (1)

Dr. Minuette will treat any patient. Even Cozy Glow. Even if dentists don't usually do Tartarus calls...

Set sometime between Seasons 8 and 9. Inspired by the old fan name for Minuette, "Colgate the Dentist."

Cover art: https://derpibooru.org/891971

"Yowza," as Minuette would say. Hit #1 in the feature box! Featured 26-30 November, 2019. Thanks, everypony!

Hey! My first Equestria Daily feature, 23 March 2020!

A Night In Tartarus takes a comedy fic premise—Colgate giving Cozy an oral checkup—and decides to play it dead serious.


Chapters (1)

Pale Vestige is an ordinary detective, out to find the truth. To him, there's lots of hidden secrets among the ways of Equestria that deserve to be uncovered. No, nothing magical or ancient. Secrets regarding the actions of those who ran the place. That's right, the princesses themselves. Whether ponykind realizes it or not, they aren't perfect and the public has the right to know that. Whether it be uncovering the secrets of the Crystal Empire, Celestia's hidden desires, or the origins of the Bat Ponies, Pale Vestige is out to find the truth. His main goal however, is correcting the injustice dealt to a child: Cozy Glow.

Chapters (160)

Princess Luna and Cozy Glow spend Hearth's Warming playing chess.

Chapters (1)

The Mane Five had a definite plan for revealing who was behind Mare Do Well: a surprise party! And just because Rainbow Dash forced the reveal a little early doesn't mean they can't all have cake!

Chapters (1)

(Featured August 1-7, 2020)

Now with a TVTropes page courtesy of CMR Rosa who helped write the tropes, while his friends created the TVTropes page.

After the Battle of the Bands, things have been going good for the Rainbooms. Sunset Shimmer herself has finally gained the acceptance of her classmates. But she feels like she is missing something in her life.

Their peace, however, becomes short-lived. During a basketball game with Dimmsdale High, they witness some buck-toothed boy utilizing powerful magic.

Fearing the boy has gotten his hands on some dangerous Equestrian artifact, one of the Rainbooms steps up to babysit the boy and keep on an eye on him until Princess Twilight can come up with a solution.

However, the kid's secrets go much deeper then that. And, to their misfortune, the Rainbooms aren't the only ones interested in the power he holds...

Timmy Turner has the struggles not typical of 10 year old boy. On top of dealing with bullies, evil babysitters, and evil teachers, he must also keep his fairy godparents a secret.

When Vicky goes away for three weeks, Timmy sees this as a time he can relax. Much to his consternation, however, his parents hire a temporary babysitter. While she and her friends seem nice enough, Timmy will learn there is more to them then meets the eye.

And as other forces close in on his fairies, the Dimmsdale Elementary School student must decide who is friend and who is foe.

Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship is an Equestria Girls/Fairly Oddparents fusion fic.

Set between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Also set around season 5 of FOP (with some changes to canon). This is after Channel Chasers and before Poof.

All rights are reserved to Viacom and Hasbro.

Chapters (43)

After a trip and tumble into a rather poorly fenced off interdimensional mirror, Cadance ends up on Earth with a human named Scott. And it seems she'll be stuck with him for a while, so they might as well pass the time.

Here's how they do it.

Thanks for the edits, Mugs.

Chapters (5)

Time is running short before Equestria consumes the earth and wipes out man kind. Storm has been a denier for years and when the time finally came, he refused to convert unless he could take his cat with him to Equestria.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Traitor

Chaos is inconsistent by nature... even when it would prefer to be consistent.

Discord is afraid that his nature ensures he'll inevitably betray those he cares about again, someday, and he can't figure out how to stop himself. (Spoilers season 4 finale.)

Cover art is from the comics, edited and with background color changed by me. Progress Bar at my writing journal.

Chapters (10)

It’s been a long time since the schoolyard election, the CMC’s cutie marks, and Diamond Tiara’s realization of the true meaning behind her own cutie mark. 

Young adults now, Diamond decides to go for it and finally ask out her foalhood crush, Apple Bloom. Only, there’s a little problem… Even though she’s gotten better and improved from a mean school bully, ponies are still wary of her. How will she prove to Apple Bloom she really has changed? Will they make it work, or was their love doomed from the start?

(This takes place just before the mlp season 9 epilogue where the CMC are adults, but have not yet started working at the school.)

Written for the Right Back At It 2020 Shipping Competition .

Edited and proofread by the amazing Shrinky Frod

Cover art by myself

Chapters (3)
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