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After noticing Gallus isn't in class, Sandbar sets off to find why he's absent. What he finds along with his favorite griffon is much more interesting than what he could have ever expected.

And much, much more fluffy.

Based on a Tweet I couldn't resist making something out of.

Also an entry for the 2022 M/M Contest!

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Rarity fights a giant crab.

For Shandy.

AUDIOBOOK by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan

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This story is a sequel to War is Boring

Lightning Dust is sent to the purgatory of a desk job. Everything in the office is beige and all she wants to do is return to flying a fighter jet.

When her tyrannical boss decides to take away the office's casual Friday, the last thing Lightning expects is to find herself leading the revolution.

Oh, and saving the world.

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Rainbow wants to penetrate things and Twilight teaches her how. A few problems become immediately apparent.

Too much power, too much depth, not enough material science.

Editing by Autarch Prime

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Three days into her latest stay on Earth, Twilight Sparkle is enjoying learning about Europe in the company of her mentor while staying in the nation of Equios, a European microstate bordering Switzerland that functions as Equestria's outpost on Earth.

But when a solemn Celestia wakes her early one morning and asks Twilight to accompany her to a new place a thousand miles away, she will learn that not all is Friendship and Harmony when it comes to humans. That there are some very dark and dangerous events in humanity's past whose nature may rock her to her core. Can Twilight solve the mystery her mentor presents of what happened decades earlier near a town named Pripyat? And can anything be the same afterwards if she does...?

Inspired by the HBO series Chernobyl.

Thanks to user Eezee, there is now full text to speech version of the story available with pictures up on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__0FF-VeXKg

Set during FiM season 2, the story takes place in the Phoenixverse of Turnabout Storm and The Lawyer and The Unicorn, but familiarity with those two stories is not required to read this one.

Author: Firesight
Prereaders: AJ_Aficionado, James CyberLink, Silentwoodfire, Denim_Blue

Picture Credit: James CyberLink

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Immediately following the events of Appletheosis, Applejack must relearn her place in the world as the new Princess Mara of Equestria. Meanwhile, her family and friends have their own troubles with the changes. Through it all, little Merry May, first in the service of her goddess, tries to hold things together and keep everypony sane and happy.

I won't tell you what to do, (this time) but reading Appletheosis first is highly recommended. The Shadow of the Goddess also provides useful background and will become very relevant in later chapters.

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This story is a sequel to Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly

Three hundred years after Luna's banishment, an uneasy peace has collapsed and war erupts between the United Tribes of Equestria and the growing Gryphon Empire, who seek to supplant Princess Celestia as ruler of the heavens and claim the rich lands of the pony nation for their own. With the border defenses shattered, Canterlot endangered and the armed forces unable to stem the onslaught, who can stop the relentless Gryphon war machine as it overruns province after province, scoring victory after victory as it closes in on the Equestrian capital city?

In this time of peril, when the entire pony nation teeters on the brink of defeat, a champion will rise to lead the resistance to the gryphon invasion, becoming not just the commander of an elite force, but a symbol of Equestrian valor and fighting spirit. A born warrior and leader, the name of Firefly will be one day revered as not just the founder of the Wonderbolts, but as Equestria's greatest hero...

Taking place seven hundred years before present and canon to both the Gentlemanverse and Turnabout Storm novelization, this is the story of Rainbow Dash's ancestor, the founding of the Wonderbolts, and their role in the bloodiest conflict of Equestrian history. It is a multistory Magnum Opus consisting of several discrete stories, as described below:

Book 1: The War Begins

The Gryphon Empire invasion of Equestria launches at dawn with an all-out assault on the Equestrian Army and Aerial Corps border bases, accompanied by deep-strike raids against Cloudsdale and the Royal Guard training base of Fort Spur.

Will Princess Celestia unleash her enormous power to end the war quickly? Can Outpost Epsilon withstand the onslaught long enough for the much-maligned Royal Navy to reach them? And can the civilian populace of Cloudsdale resist a massive and determined air attack by the Imperial elite against its all-important weather factories and storm cloud production facilities?

Book 2: Rally and Recover

With the border defenses crushed and the remains of Outpost Epsilon evacuated, both sides lick their wounds, hastily reorganizing and preparing for the next Imperial offensive aimed deeper into Equestria.

Can missing Cloudsdale be located near the borders of Thestralslovakia? Will the once-disloyal and still-distrusted bat-ponies that live there side with Equestria or the Empire? What is the Imperial invasion plan? What role will the Changelings play in the conflict? And what will happen when a sixteen-year old gryphon cub faces off with the gryphon-hating pony named Thunderbolt; one of the most lethal and bloodthirsty beings to ever live...?

Book 3: Second Offensive

While the fate of Cloudsdale is negotiated and Firefly's forces prepare for additional action, the second Imperial offensive begins with an assault against the badly outnumbered Equestrian Army at Maresk two hundred miles inside Equestria, attempting to pocket and destroy the thousands of sorely-needed soldiers based there.

Can an out-of-favor earth pony Colonel rally his regiment to save the city and an entire Army Corps? Or will the city's soldiers and civilians alike face the fate of the border bases, becoming yet another crushing defeat in the Imperial drive on Canterlot?

  • Writers: Denim_Blue and Firesight with occassional writing assists from Leo Archon and AJ_Aficionado
  • Prereaders: AJ_Aficionado, SilentWoodFire, TheGoldCrow, Denim_Blue
  • Guest Writers: AJ_Aficionado, Denim_Blue

Maps of Equestria and Equis: https://www.fimfiction.net/chapter/1105220

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Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust are Navy pilots. When a string of minor accidents cause a disturbance on the flight deck and a group of suspicious sailors catch their attention, the two of them wonder if it's more than just a coincidence. With nothing better to do, the dynamic duo become rookie detectives in matters they have no business investigating.

One's a brash, heavily caffeinated hothead that plays by her own rules. So's the other one. They're bored.

Cowritten with Anonymous Assassin

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Fluttershy might be stronger than she looks.

At least, that's what Rainbow says. Applejack's skeptical, to say the least. Especially after she just lost an arm wrestling match. Besides, that sweet, gentle pony couldn't win a tug-of-war against butterflies, much less be stronger than her, right?


Edited by Doccular42

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While on her way home from a day with her friends, Apple Bloom runs into Twilight on a trip to Zecora's hut. After insisting to join her, little Apple Bloom gets lost in the woods after chasing a mysterious mare hiding amongst the poison joak. She stumbles upon a town completely isolated within the Ever Free Forest, but something about this town just doesn't feel right...

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