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The Diarchy has asked -- ordered, really -- Twilight to attend the Zoology Conference. This means meeting the leaders of various nations, along with making a speech. And with Twilight increasingly suspicious about what all of these extra duties might eventually mean, she's becoming desperate to make it all stop.

There's a briefing book. Long lists of things she shouldn't discuss, because doing so would be seen as an insult. And Twilight has just learned about what Applejack calls 'cancel culture'. So if she just offends enough attendees, proving that she isn't suited for this sort of thing, then she's home-free! It's not as if being offensive is hard.

Unless you're Twilight Sparkle...

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.)

Cover art by SockPuppet.

Chapters (1)

Sunny believed the tales. Really believed, in a way that most ponies didn't anymore. About the Elements of Harmony, and about Twilight Sparkle. Back when Equestria had princesses, and was whole, when every creature knew the real power of Friendship. She believed⁠—and she knew that, one day, if she believed hard enough, it could be again.

Elsewhere, distant, Twilight Sparkle watches her would-be student, and frets.

A Russian translation by NovemberDragon is available here. | Русский перевод от NovemberDragon доступен здесь.

A Chinese translation by forgivenlove is available here here. | 这里forgivenlove的中文翻译。

Part 1 of Equestrian Scions, which continues with The Dreamer and Me.

A late addition to the "But what happened to Equestria?" story pile.

[04/29/21 - 05/02/21] Featured. That's a first for me. Thank you all so much.

Chapters (1)

When a unicorn infant is born in Zephyr Heights, young Crown Princess Haven must carry her to Bridlewood and convince the unicorns to raise her as their own. 

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Queen Haven/Integrity. 

Prereader thanks: Mockingbirb, Samey90, daOtterGuy, Roxylalolcat
Title suggested by Greymane Shadow
Chapter title suggested by Mockingbirb
Several OC names suggested by Damaged.

Chapters (1)

Her father was dead, and Sunny was alone. All she can think of is his dream destined to die with him? She feels like her dream will die tonight, but maybe a doctor can give her hope.

Chapters (1)

Sunny Starscout's house is in ruins after the incident with Sprout. Now she's staying temporarily with Pipp and Zipp in Zypher Heights. There, she meets someone she never knew she needed.

Chapters (1)

Spike didn't have much to say about his life. Not after a thousand years.

Not after centuries of loneliness.

But maybe, just maybe, these new ponies who've stumbled into his life can change that.

Even if only for another century.

A continuation of The Dragon of the Ruins. Prior reading is NOT necessary, though. :twilightsmile:

Spoilers for G5!

Chapters (2)

The tornado was too powerful for Twilight to handle. While Twilight was able to retrieve the Staff Of Sacannas and save Equestria her body could not handle the tornado’s power and it cost her, her own life.

Chapters (11)

When the four Princesses are in danger a silhouette jumps in between them and the blast sacrificing themselves.

Each chapter will be a different character dying and every pony reacting to their death,

Chapters (4)

Sunny and her friends travel far to look for a relic of friendship past, but are met with a treacherous terrain, but during the trip, a face from the past shows himself.

Image: artist xekinise

Audio reading by Straighttothepointstudio: https://youtu.be/iP4R1DJiVzM

Chapters (1)

Twilight's still smart. It's just that everypony else is smarter, and it's up to her to find out why. She’d better hurry, because her friends are almost done building their spaceship.

Set some time around Season 4.
Huge thanks to Zalmax and ScratchPaper for pre-reading!

Featured on FimFiction 10/11/21 to 10/13/21!

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