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A human finds himself in Equestria under very unpleasant circumstances with no explanation.
His reaction: get the heck out of Dodge and start a new life where Equestria and her ponies can't reach him.
But an alicorn's reach is long and the events which brought him here and his treatment in Canterlot are not so easily forgotten by those who did it. How does one say 'go away' to an immortal goddess?

Yay! Featured, thank you all.
A TV Tropes page
Revised 08/31/14 for clarity and grammatical issues, no events changed. I am working on a sequel, but it will be from Fancy's POV.
P.S. Green is NOT Lyra. There are other green unicorns.

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~~~You asked, you receive. Bonus chapter up~~~

Twilight has successfully created fake government jobs to help her terminally broke friends be less, uh, terminally broke. All they have to do is pass a simple little background check, just an easy little formality really. Should be no problem for these national heroes, right?



I guess the constituent parts of the cover art might be property of the federal gubbermint, but, honestly, I feel like I've spent enough on ATF tax stamps to make me stealing their crisp PNGs an equal exchange.

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Anon-a-Miss has invaded Canterlot High and the girls think that Sunset did it! How can she ever regain her honor?

Mortal Kombat, of course. Equestrian Tradition dictates that challenges are to be issued and duels are to be performed. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack are all well aware of these facts.

The CMCs, however, haven't had that particular Social Studies class, and now they have started to realize what they have unleashed.

Reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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All Mr. Rich wanted was a court-arranged signed promise stating that Rainbow wouldn't practice stunts over Barnyard Bargains any more. But judges are fickle creatures, and so the ruling put her in the aisles. Working off the damages while supposedly learning some respect for the store itself.

She wants to be a good employee. She's dedicating herself to this.

It's odd how all of Rainbow's interests seem to end in that one crater the same way.

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.)

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The worlds are changed.

Where Equestria was set to follow a familiar path of harmony and friendship, the path is waylaid by the appearance of a creature out of myth, bearing grave tidings.

On Earth at the dawn of the third millennium, a war that should have never been rages between humanity and the ones who would seek to perfect it.

For down the road less travelled, Equestria is Empire, a dark mirror of what it once was and should be.

Lyra Heartstrings, musician and dreamer, previously content to spend her life in the shadow of Princesses or their faithful students, must now decide the role she’ll play in this new reality. But within the threads that connect us all, just as even Princess Celestia can have the humblest desires, the smallest person may change the future.

Authored by Team Spectrum, currently consisting of Sledge115, VoxAdam, and RoyalPsycho.

Cover by Grace.

Our TV Tropes Page.

Our Group.
Equestria Timeline
Dramatis Personae/Character Sheet
Story Outline

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Railway stations are strange places to be stranded in late at night. Places of passing that exist outside of normal time and space. Sometimes they contain unicorns. Working as garbage collectors.

Inspired by stories written by Admiral Biscuit, especially Silver Glow's Journal and Turnpike.
Edited by CandyCanine

Now with a mini-review by PresentPerfect

Frankfurt Calling now has a sequel: Track Switch - Steel Dreams

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Lawful Crane and his girlfriend Pearl Lane happen to be in town during Anon-a-Miss' reign of terror in Canterlot High. Crane, being a skilled detective, is easily able to determine that Sunset Shimmer is being framed. Having devoted his life to protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty, he decides to expose the true Anon-a-Miss as an invisible avenger known as The Shadow. Through the use of a mysterious hypnotic power he learned in the far East, he is able to cloud other people's minds so they cannot see him, rendering him invisible.

Soon, Anon-a-Miss will learn that the weed of crime bears a bitter fruit. . .
Crime does not pay. . .
The Shadow knows!

This is a crossover with The Shadow Radio Show (1937-1954), a weekly radio program that dramatized stories from the pages of Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine.

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Cover art courtesy of Taggerung

And yes that's Geralt in Equestria Girl style for infinite justice

Note: Familiarity with The Witcher series is probably not necessary for enjoyment of this fic. There are a lot of references to events from the books (Especially Sword of Destiny), but the important ones are explained anyway.

Geralt of Rivia had a complicated life on The Continent. Navigating difficult political situations, getting shorted by his clients, slaying monsters, and living as an outcast had made things challenging for the witcher.

But now, Geralt has found himself in a foreign land, with foreign customs and behavior. Seeking to do what he has always done – find witcher's work slaying monsters – Geralt is about to discover just how simple things can become. And how challenging the simplest of things can really be.

Friendship. I'm talking about friendship. It's simple, but it's challenging, get it? Don't overthink this. The comedy and random tags exist for a reason. Also, sex tag is for references to sex, not because of actual sex. Get your heads out of the gutter.

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Ganondorf, King of Thieves, Lord of Darkness, Master of Evil and Wielder of the Triforce of Power, had long since grown thoroughly and completely bored with the path the gods had decreed for his destiny.

Time after time it was always the same, try and unite the Triforce, plunge the world into darkness for a time, search out and then kidnap Princess Zelda, watch his minions be defeated one after another and then finally battle Link for supremacy. Rinse and repeat.

All the while knowing that regardless of winning or losing, that no matter what he did or didn’t do, that in the end everything would end up repeating itself in another time and place afterwards, again, and again and again, in an utterly pointless never ending cycle.

Having decided that enough was finally enough, and refusing to continue to be a simple pawn at the hands of the gods, he vowed he would find a way to escape from his cumbersome destiny, a way to start anew far beyond the meddling grasp of the gods, a way to reach a realm upon which he could be the master of his own fate.

And after years of careful planning he had finally succeeded.

Sure, the fact he had to drag the know-it-all Princess and the green obsessed Hero along for the ride for his plan to work was a minor inconvenience, but he knew that sometimes sacrifices had to be made. And the fact that this new realm apparently decided to turn him and his two unwilling companions into miniature pastel colored ponies upon arrival also wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but he could cope.

After all, that was a negligible price to pay in achieving his deepest wish: freedom.

In this story Ganondorf, having grown sick of following through the motions his destiny placed before him as the eternal bad guy to be defeated time after time, seeks out to escape from his fate by breaking through the void between dimensions and running away from Hyrule to another realm entirely, Equestria, all the while dragging both Link and Zelda along for the ride.

Arriving long before the founding of the country, back before the events of Heart’s Warming Eve and at the highest point of the conflict between the Three Tribes, he and his two new companions will have to deal with a whole new world and it’s wonders and dangers. All the while this new magical world will have to learn to deal with its three new strange inhabitants in kind.

Just a warning: This is NOT a Displaced fic. All three main characters are the actual characters from the Zelda series that have been taken to Equestria due to Ganondorf’s master plan, and not humans turned into them.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!
Cover Art: The Incredible swagmu!
Proofreader: The relentless TranquilClaws!

Featured for the first time! 07/06/2018 to 07/11/2018

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