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Bakugan, the most popular game in the world. Almost everyone wants to play and be seen as the best, including a young man by the name of Flash Sentry.

But when Flash finally gets his own Bakugan, he learns that there's more to this game then meets the eye. And with friends both new and old, he'll need to fight as hard as he can to save not just one world...but two.


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A new adventure in the lands of Equestria. However, it won't be by the hooves of six ponies. It'll be by the claws of a brave dragon known as Spike. Now, he'll get a taste of heroism, he thinks.

My story got featured. 11/29/22 - 11/30/22

The story takes place during Season 8.

Ben 10 is copyright of Cartoon Network

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Flash Sentry has come to accept that in a world now full of magic, someone like him is nothing more than a side character despite how much they want to help. He's sent to live a life of boring mediocrity, until one unexpectedly strange day. From out of nowhere, a pod comes crashing down to earth. And inside is a device that will change Flash's life forever. The Omnitrix.

Written with the help of SuperSonicHeroes


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This story is a sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog & My Little Pony The Movie

After defeating the Storm King the mane 6 open up a school with the purpose of spreading friendship to other creatures, meanwhile Sonic tries to get used to his new life in Ponyville and even attends the new friendship school.

But along the way there will be some problems, including a skilled hunter who´s after Sonic but it’s nothing the heroes can’t handle… right?

Additional Tags
-Princess Celestia
-Princess Luna
-Chancellor Neighsay
-Starlight Glimmer
-Trixie Lulamoon
-Original Character
(Takes place in Season 8)

(I own Nothing)

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Based on the movie: Sonic the Hedgehog, but with some changes.

After fleeing to planet Earth, Sonic the Hedgehog has been secretly living in Canterlot City as his new home for the past decade along with his incredible power of super speed. Things went well for him, until he accidentally knocks out the power grid, getting the attention of the military organization, G.U.N., along with the evil genius, Dr. Robotnik.

Meanwhile, the Equestria Girls was preparing for their upcoming graduation, leaving Sunset Shimmer unsure of her future. When the power grid near their school was knocked down, CHS was in suspicion by G.U.N., sending in a special agent to investigate as a result.

When the two groups meet up due to circumstances, Sonic and The Equestria Girls must team up to retrieve Sonic's rings and stop Robotnik from using Sonic's power for world domination while fleeing from the government.

Special thanks to RS-Belle14 and MLPSolarDash1907 for proofreading and knigsonic as my editor.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Paramount Pictures and Sega.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is owned by Hasbro.

Cover art designed by me.

FEATURED: 10/10/20 - Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

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Spike has not decided what to do with his future, he has a talent but the world does not let him take advantage of it, until now .....

He will decide to enter the great Canterlot High beyblade tournament, to prove once and for all that he can be the best blader, on his way he will meet new friends, who will also become his future rivals.

32 participants, one trophy, only one winner ...


This is my first english fic (Im from Mexico) so, I hope everything goes well.
I will try not to make many grammatical mistakes.

Also the ages of the characthers are:

Spike (13 years)
Rumble (13 years)
Button Mash (13 years)
Apple Bloom (13 years)
Scootaloo (13 years)
Sweetie Belle (13 years)
Thorax (14 years)
Ember (14 years)
Mane 7 (15 years)

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This story is a sequel to Naked Behind the Scenes: The Making of Lyra and Bon-Bon's "Prench Art Film"

Wallflower Blush wants to watch Lyra and Bon Bon having lesbian sex.

Will she be disappointed? Probably.

This story should work on its own, but it's ALSO an authorized yet completely unofficial and non-canon sequel to EileenSaysHi's "Prench Art Film" and to "Naked Behind the Scenes: The Making of Lyra and Bon-Bon's 'Prench Art Film.'"

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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Avengers Assemble

A world of heroes would ideally be a good thing for Equestria, but with the heroes came the villains, and after so many villain showdowns and multi-dimensional troubles from other worlds outside Marvel and Equestria, order needed to be restored to maintain the harmony Princess Celestia worked for many years to achieve. With the help of Tony Stark, the two design a method in which the hero work would be properly moderated and harmony can be maintained.

But over time ideologies began to clash as Steve Rogers began to doubt the Accords laid out by Tony and in time would stage a rebellion to fix Equestria of it's newest grasp. Friendships will be tested, allies will become enemies as a battle breaks out between two groups, those who are aligned with The Accords, and those against it. This is war.

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A Spin-off of The Spiders & Magic Series, made popular by Maximus_Reborn

Taking place after the events of the 3rd story, Peter Parker AKA Spider-Mane is once again living a good life in Equestria. That all changes when several Capcom villains, arrive in Equestria, including Shadowlaw leader M. Bison, Son of Sparda Vergil & former Umbrella Employee & Captain of S.T.A.R.S. Albert Wesker.

Their arrival threatens a war against Equestria, but Peter won't be going at this alone, joined by his lovely wife Twilight Sparkle & her friends, The Elements of Harmony, plus some visiting allies from the Marvel world, including X-Men member Wolverine & Fantastic Four hot-shot, The Human Torch, Johnny Storm, Peter will deal with the Capcom threat. Peter must deal with Wesker planning to destroy Equestria just to get his hands, or hooves, on Peter, which includes recruiting Marvel villains & MLP Antagonists; deal with Vergil, who has a weird affection for Fluttershy; and the dastardly Vega, who has no problems manipulating emotions from various fillies & mares.

Others joining this ride include the Capcom Trio of Heroes, Ryu, Chris Redfield & Dante, who aren't too friendly with the Marvel side, a few other X-Men, plus Weapon X experiment X-23 & the newly outspoke rebel, Thunderlane, who is out to prove that Spider-Mane is a menace to their society.

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This story is a sequel to That Warm Smile

Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle are happily engaged and moving forward in life! The couple only has a few more things left to do before they tie the knot. Before they can do that, Adagio realizes she needs to do two very important things before she marries the love of her life. She needs to stop the demon in her mind and find two very important people she lost so many years ago. Will Adagio be able to find the only other sirens in this world and make things right before her marriage? Only time can tell~

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! This is my next big story that I have planned~ It will probably have around twenty chapters and all. Being a sequel to That Warm Smile, there are some context clues new readers may not initially understand, but in general, you don't need to read the previous works to enjoy this one! I hope you all enjoy this story~!

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