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Hardcopy is the head of the publishing company that publishes the Adventures of Daring do. He is also a huge fan of hers. Not just of the books either, of the Mare herself. Moreso than anything else. He had never met a pony like her before, nor does he think he ever will again.

The problem? Daring Do doesn't exactly feel the same way. He has long since accepted that.

At least... He thought he had.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie Pie reads a newspaper headline warning of an increase in the price of hugs. Now she has to track down all her friends and give them a final, free hug before she can’t afford them anymore!

A lighthearted tale of ponies, hugs, and the socio-economic implications of monetizing physical expressions of companionship in a post-capitalist society.

Chapters (3)

Many years ago, Ponyville was even smaller than it is now. But not too small to experience its first bank robbery.

In distinctly Ponyville style.

Editors: Tek, Irrespective
Picture credit: Stock Image

Now on Equestria Daily

Chapters (1)

For the longest time, Twilight Sparkle had problems with dating. Although she was the Princess of Friendship, the stallions she had attempted to progress beyond friendship with always seemed to shy away, sometimes at a rapid gallop. Well, this time she has the problem solved. If she can't find a stallion who will be romantic with her, she is going to make a stallion who wants to be romantic with her.

What could possibly go wrong?

Editors: Tek, Starlight_Glimmer, Mitch H, FTL
Picture Credit MoonlightFan on Deviant Art (Little Tigress on FimFiction)
Now on Equestria Daily

Chapters (7)

Contrary to popular belief, Equestria is not without crime.

Spot the clues.

Solve the mysteries.

A compilation of bite-sized head-scratchers that you can choose to crack. (Solutions are included.)

Vol. 2 Complete!

Next Update!

Chapters (22)

Pinkie Pie starts a relationship advice column in the Canterlot High school paper.  It goes about as expected.

Picture credit: Equestria Girls Wikipedia

(More chapters will be added as they wander through the mail delivery system.)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Just Girls Talking Dirty

As an adorable little baby with powerful magic, Flurry Heart was a lovable, if chaotic, ray of sunshine.

As a teenage princess who seems to be vying for the title "Princess of Lust", she's a constant source of exasperation for her parents. Her latest stunt--accidentally turning herself into an "anthromorph", as Princess Twilight calls it, and getting stuck that way--is just another misadventure in a long string of teen hijinks.

Now, Flurry has somehow managed to accidentally teleport herself to another dimension. With a whole new world to explore and an "auntie" she rarely ever sees to aggravate, plus new friends to make (and aggravate), Flurry decides to stick around for a while and turn Canterlot High upside down.

A continuation of this chapter of Just Girls Talking Dirty, toned down (slightly) to a strong Teen rating for innuendo, insinuation, naughty behavior, and a princess who doesn't especially care where and when she's naked.

Warning: Extremely horny and mischievous teenage Flurry Heart incoming!

(Base image used for the cover created by Dashie116, used with permission.)

Chapters (2)

When they began to read the ancient book Twilight and Spike only had the slightest of ideas what it could possibly be about. As the illuminated inks revealed to them an image of Princess Celestia locked in combat with a massive dragon and his sons they realized that the song written upon the aged pages was telling of a long forgotten battle...

... and that the Celestia they know and love is capable of things they dare not imagine.

Inspired by the image "By Celestia's Might" by John Joseco.

Chapters (1)

Sadly, it seems like Carrot Cake has missed out on the property he was saving up to buy for his bakery. Being a good Girlfriend, Cup Cake decides to distract him with a little contest. Who can bake the best sugar cookies in the least amount of time.

Because Cup Cake knows one thing. When life seems like its being unfair, all you can do is bake.

Just a little thing I've been wanting to write for a while.

Chapters (1)

Whether they're pony or human, girls have one thing in common:

They talk.

They talk about life, they talk about love, they talk about each other. They talk about the weather, they talk about movies and music, they talk about the enormous magical disasters that threaten their world.

Whether they're pony or human, girls get together and they talk. And this is what they say.

A collection of short stories that may take place either in the Equestria Girls universe or the main Friendship is Magic universe.

Chapters (44)
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