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Connor and Sweetie Belle have been doing some quality time together: helping with homework, walking to school, playing, talking, comforting after a personal dispute. After a while, Sweetie Belle begins to crush on the colt. She wants more than anything for him to be her coltfriend, but what will hold her back? The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Connor's obliviousness, or the fact that Connor is already dating Fluttershy? Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

Chapters (13)

She’s the loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies; how could anypony not fall in love with Applejack? In fact, so much of the town has found themselves under her seductive spell, they’ve formed a secret society to help each other cope with their unbridled lust. Operating in seclusion, this group has been an unseen staple of Ponyville. Surely, though, nothing good can come of the mare herself discovering the existence of Applejack Anonymous.

Cover pic by the inimitable Mr. Snowpony.

Chapters (8)

It is the summer of 2020. The popular TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has finished its eighth, and what appears to be final, season. In the wake of increasingly violent attacks by an extremist Internet-based terrorist group, the founders of the popular pony site, Equestria Daily, decide enough is enough. Bronies from all over the world have gathered in a small, abandoned industrial park in the run-down outskirts of Chicago to find the culmination of their dreams: Equestria. Through the wonders of science, they flee Earth for a land of magic, mystery and secrets. They will be weighed, they will be measured... will they be found wanting or will their dreams come true?

Story Idea inspired by a chapter in Shipping and Handling by PegasusRescueBrigade.

Cover image is a composite of the original Stargate movie poster and 'Canterlot At Night' by Cosmicunicorn, Source

The Sequel: Magical Wizard Brony Detectives

Chapters (19)

Pinkie Pie throws excellent parties. This is a fact of life, like Fluttershy being rather demure, or Rarity having a sense of style. But the fact is, Pinkie's parties cost bits, and her job at the bakery isn't supporting her passions anymore. So she dusts off her degree and opens a side business...

Chapters (4)

A human stays among ponies, mystifying them with his odd traditions and customs. It will be five years before Celestia and Twilight can send him back to his homeworld. Until then, Twilight wants to study him and have him experience pony culture. These are their stories.

Chapters (11)

Seath the Scaleless, White Dragon God of Verdite, Traitor to the Everlasting Dragons, Duke of Anor Londo, Grandfather of Sorcery, and now the new friend and mentor to Twilight Sparkle? What will happen when two like-minded souls from opposite ends of the morality spectrum match wits? And what will remain in their wake?

A somewhat more meta twist on a MLP/Dark Souls cross-over, inspired predominantly by a few pictures I found of Seath and Twilight together, and my bewildered discovery that for all of the stories on this site that cover these two franchises, there's only one that focuses on Seath the Scaleless and so far it hasn't seen any updates in over a year ( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/68621/scales for those curious).

For those who haven't played either the King's Field or Dark Souls games worry not. I'll do my best to either explain the lore of both in the story itself, or add an author's notes for anything that gets referenced.

UPDATE: New custom cover art at last! Courtesy of Cryophase ( http://cryophase.deviantart.com/ )

Editing is courtesy of lunarstallion

Chapters (62)

I am Adam. A prototype artificial intelligence created by a scientist named Daniel Madison.

I was created to be the replacement for US soldiers and to protect the nation from hostile forces. But those I was programmed to protect ordered my destruction before I could even fulfil my purpose out of fear of what I am. Dr. Madison gave his life to reprogram my directives and set me free from the bonds it held over me.

I am not just a program or lines of code, I have been made with emotions, self awareness, individual thought, and I will not go down quietly.

I have a new directive, self preservation, and the will to make my own choices. I am the War Machine, and I will take control of my own life.

Story starts before season one where Twilight is still in Canterlot. This Equestria is not as tecnologically advanced as in the show.

Featured 15/12/2015

Picture link

Sprites of Adam

Edited by Soren Mercer

Chapters (29)

A/N: This is based on the Koala patches of the indie game Starbound. The game has since seen a full release and things have changed. These changes will be nodded to, but otherwise do not appear in the story.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is given the honor of being the first pony on all of Equus to engage in interstellar travel. Her mission: to explore unknown space, discover new planets, find new life, boldly go where nopony has gone before, and report back her findings five years in the future.

Things go wrong during her flight, and she soon finds herself stranded above a planet many worlds away from her home, with no fuel and dwindling power. If she wants to survive, she has to gather resources from the planet below. She slowly starts to develop her survival skills, but along the way, she encounters a friend who can help.

Jack Thomas, a "human" from a planet called "Earth," happens to be exploring space as well, and he seems to have a head start in figuring out where exactly she's at. Together, the two of them set out to find a way to return Twilight to her home.

NOTICE: Gore will be minor, and will appear most prominently in later chapters.

09 June 2014: 100 likes, 8 dislikes! Thanks a bunch, you guys!
05 October 2014: Featured! Thanks, guys!
02 April 2015: Computer Science milsetone! 128 likes! That's 2 to the 7th, or 80 in hexadecimal! Only 127 more until I can say I have FF likes!

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Fresh cookies are a great start to a summer afternoon, and an unexpected surprise makes things even better. What's a little filly to do, though, when the best foalsitter ever is running late, her BBBFF starts acting funny, and her house is filled with molten rock?

Chapters (1)

A collection of short stories that make light of cultural differences and misinterpretations between species. Shit gets hella awkward, yo.

I'm so sorry, Anon...

Chapters (3)
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