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During a sleepover at Twilight’s, Rarity takes the opportunity to talk about boys. The girls press Applejack into opening up a little more around them.

But a good girl never talks about that kind of thing…

Primary Cast: Applejack
Secondary Cast: Mane Six

Edited by Level Dasher

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Discord is free, alive and free! He refuses to talk to anypony and continues to create havok for the mane six. Fluttershy, to everyone's surprise, saves the day. Discord is reformed! Simple right? No. An injured female draconaquus comes to Ponyville and many secrets are uncovered.
EDIT: This is not a Discord R63!!!

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Six different ponies. One problem. They must go against the rule of a a mad god-like creature in order to escape a foreign land. They will learn that they can't trust anyone and that everything isn't what it seems . . .

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I can't wait to see my new baby sister. I've been waiting really long for the baby to come out of mommy's tummy. I'm waiting in the big white room with lots of chairs. The nice nurse calls it the 'Waiting Room'. That makes sense. It's for ponies who wait. Hold on. Daddy's coming out of mommy's giving birth room. He looks upset.
"Hi daddy." I say. Daddy doesn't say anything. I don't think he heard me. His eyes are red. "Daddy, where's my sister?" I think I said something wrong. Daddy begins to cry.
"There's no baby, Sammy."
Warning: Minor Gore Scenes Present

Inspired by a horror game

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This story is a sequel to Running With Draconaqui

Spike finds out the love of his life is pregnant and he's the father. What will he do? He is thrilled but how will he deal with the mood swings, the tiredness, and (Celestia forbid) the cravings? Read to find out! Stay with Spike as he tells his friends about what he has to put up with.
The second story in the Spike X Jasmine Triology!

Chapters (14)

Syree is a Worker. He obeys the under-queens and cares for the eggs and hatchlings. When another egg is laid from the queen herself, he is chosen to care for her. When he learns of the queens true plans and what she has really done, will he be able to save young Mitzi?

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