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3 days ago, in the middle of Ponyville, a mysterious portal appeared in the town square. Nopony knew how it got there, and a few wondered what was on the other side of the portal...

...and 1 day ago, Princess Twilight Sparkle received a letter from Princess Celestia that, according to Mayor Mare, her friends have gone missing, and both Mayor and Celestia know that they dissapeared into the portal. Twilight suspects that her friends have run into danger by exploring the strange portal, and packs up her and Spike's gear, and enters the portal...

...Upon emerging on the other side of the portal, she discovers that she is, once again, in the human world. However, she still in her pony form and not a human. Then, Rainbow Dash pulls up in a car, opens the passenger door and the journey begins...

NOTE: I just recently got Burnout Paradise for my XBOX 360, so I decided to create a fanfic about it, involving the ponies, racing and crazy, metal-twisting crashes!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

If you have never played Burnout Paradise, or ANY of the previous Burnout games, I highly suggest you do! It should give you a good idea on what the series is about, and what you might expect in the story.

Update: Added a new title page, that I custom made with the use of Photoshop! :pinkiehappy:

The Twilight, Derpy and Changeling vectors belong to MLP-Vector Club
Burnout Paradise picture belongs to the Burnout FANDOM Wiki

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It had been a while since a large group of friends... and enemies had entered the streets of Paradise City but... a temporal glitch can put the chaos into a whole new level.

Extra tags: comedy (for what Danger says sometimes)

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It is the 41st Millennium in the Equestrian Imperium. It has been nearly 10,000 years since Empress Celestia banished Nightmare Moon, thus ending the Lunar Heresy. The Goddess-Empress of Ponykind senses Nightmare Moon returning to conquer the Equestrian Imperium. Space Marine Librarian Twilight Sparkle is summoned by the Empress to find five more Space Marines across the galaxy to eventually face Nightmare Moon.

Now, Twilight Sparkle and her trusty cyborg baby dragon assistant, Spike, travel the galaxy in search of these five ponies. Little does she know that in many parts of the galaxy, there is no harmony. In many parts of the grimdark galaxy...

There is only war.

(A Ponified Warhammer 40k fanfiction I hope to complete someday.)
(Thanks to Angel of Speed for proofreading this, and to Matthais Unidostres his support.)

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The student six are trying to enter Twilight's School for Dueling and Friendship, once they are in they learn about dueling and the importance of friendship and how the two are essential to each other. They also go on fun adventures together and end up dueling some interesting creatures. They will soon discover a deck so powerful, that it threathens the entire world. Basic rules of Yugioh (no link, or pendulums, and 4000 life points)

Character's deck
Sandbar: Gaia/Black Luster Soldier
Ocellus: Insects
Smolder: Red Eyes
Gallus: Blackwing
Yona: Gladiator Beasts
Silverstream: Legendary Ocean

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(The Human World Sunset Shimmer is the Main Protagonist)

Sunset Shimmer is the new student in the illustrious Canterlot Duelist Academy, where all duelists in training come to test their skills in order to become master duelists in the future. Some people duel for fame, some duel just to show people their better than them. Sunset, however, only duels for fun and entertainment. Using her Arch-Fiend Deck and the new friends Sunset will make, Sunset will do her best to hopefully pass all of her dueling courses and become a dueling master.

However, dark forces roam through the world spreading hate and fear, and it bring about a duel between friends to save the entire world from eternal darkness.

(This story takes place in the ARC-V Universe, so all the duel disks in this story are the ones used in ARC-V).

Chapters (6)

Once a year, towns and cities across Equestria hold their breath as news comes down from Canterlot about a momentous chance for certain ponies.

Who will be the next Frozen Foals? Fillies and colts that have had their ages permanently stopped at a certain age. A tradition almost as old as Equestria itself.

This is Twilight Sparkle's first year doing so as Ruler of Equestria, and despite a vocal minority's cries and demands to end it, she intends to make it one to remember.

100% inspired by this story.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Cozy's Paw Patrol

Equestria is visited by a Abyssinian prince known Leon, but during the visit, Mayor Humdinger intends to kidnap the cat prince to obtain the secrets of the 'Flames of Disaster'. Twilight and Chase have to protect Prince Leon and keep the secrets unveiled. During this adventure, a new ally will rise, as well as a new enemy.

The new OC in this story is named; Moonstone Justice.
This story is based on Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)
The story will be separated into 4 different sections

Chapters (9)

When the Mane 6 are transported into the world filled with the Need For Speed, they are forced to work with the leader of a racing group in order to get back home. In order to do so however, they must drive to get there, and it will not be easy. What will they drive? How far will they go? How many cops will they thrash? All is to be revealed in the new action-packed racing thriller game, The Ultimate Need For Speed.

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Charlie Johnson, and his best friends, were just regular L.A. high school street racers, racing for fun. But when they get sent away from their home, by a familiar villain from Equestria, they are trapped in an alternate world where magic exists. Now, Charlie and the gang suddenly needs the help from Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and the rest of the Rainbooms from Canterlot High, to help them return home in time, and save Los Angeles, while street racing, seeking advice from the princesses, and learning their new-found magic within themselves!

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This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Legend of Everfree

Everything appears peaceful in Equestria and our heroes are getting ready to celebrate Spike's birthday. But everything changes when a new enemy appears, one that they thought was a friend. With war threatening to break out, it's up to our heroes to find a way to stop the violence and defeat this foe. But to do so, they must look to Spike's past. A past even he knows very little about.

Edited by KingJoltik


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