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No pony should care what Pipp and Zipp like to do together in their spare time. Their sisters, after all. If they want to spend time alone together, could blame them?

Now with a dramatic reading, courtesy of The Mystery Fluttershy Fan

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Pipp and Zipp have never been close. Zipp spends a significant amount of time away from the castle, and cannot relate to Pipp's infatuation with social media. So when the younger pink pegasus starts receiving messages from a fan who truly seems to care for her, she is delighted to finally have a companion she can talk to about anything. But when her new friend's intentions veer into a dark direction, she finds herself feeling more helpless than ever.

This story takes place before the events of My Little Pony: A New Generation.

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Argyle Starshine returns to Maretime Bay, surprising Sunny and her friends who were under the impression that he was dead! Understandably, Sunny is thrilled to be reunited with her father. Izzy Moonbow is happy, too, but can't shake the feeling that something is off about Argyle. And when Sunny begins acting abnormal, Izzy's concerns only grow.

Written for the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest. My prompts were: Argyle, Izzy, G1/2/3 Character, Maretime Bay and Changelings

You can find other entries in the contest here.

Chapters (1)

Pipp finds something hilarious. She really, really wants to keep it.

Chapters (2)

Pipp doesn't want to return to her old life, and, after everything that's happened, she doesn't think it's possible anymore. What does the future hold?

Audiobook version by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan: https://anchor.fm/mysteryponyfiction/episodes/When-the-day-became-the-night-by-Xiutik-e1a3h9u

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Sugar Moonlight is jealous of Cloudpuff, for reasons best known to herself. However, her jealously brings to light a very real danger, one that will cause Maretime Bay to descend into chaos once it, and the efforts to contain it, are unleashed.

Written for the Generation 5 Bingo Contest.

Chapters (6)

Hitch Trailblazer acquires a seemingly worthless artifact from Alphabittle. He soon discovers this artifact is far from worthless though, as it transports him back in time to when Alicorns ruled Equestria.

Written for the MLP Generation 5 Bingo Contest.
My prompts were:
-does a favor for
-Hitch Trailblazer
-ancient artifact

Chapters (5)

Pipp invites her friends over to try Surströmming for the first time and film a viral video. Fermented fish is one of her favorite snacks, and it's renowned for its pungent odor. It goes exactly how Pipp had hoped.

I saw the art and knew I had to write this...
Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio here
Audio reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan here

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