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Rarity is visiting the Crystal Empire to woo Double Diamond while he is participating in the Winter Games.

Nothing will stop her from being with her beloved Prince.

For the May Pairings (2021) contest.

Edited by the amazing SockPuppet.

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Starlight cuddles Trixie as the sun comes up. That's it. That's the whole story.

...Well, mostly.

Featured on 5-6 February 2021 - thank you!
Featured on Equestria Daily, March 2021

7.5/10, My Little Reviews & Feedback
4.4/5, Reviewers' Mansion

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This story is a sequel to Partner


Rarity has always dreamed of three things. Being at the top of the fashion game, having a full social calendar in great demand, and catching the eye of a royal. She now has all of these things, in the best way. She’s the special somepony of the most royal royal of all. Her longtime friend and Sovereign of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

So she's happy, right?

It’s so much better than what she would have had with Applejack all those years ago.



  • Sex: Rarity’s recollections just got a little too spicy for me to not want to play it safe, but it’s pretty close to not needing the warning.
  • There are some Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics


A companion piece to Partner, which expands on the past of the AppleDash relationship mentioned here, though that relationship is much healthier.

Author’s Note

Interesting that Twilight Sparkle and Rarity are the only unpaired members of the Mane Six at the end of the show.


Also in my Equestria there is a magic-based way for mare-mare couples to have biological children. The mechanism isn’t important, and it’s not commented upon because it’s very normalized. Just so you know, in case such things confuse you.

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In the Dreamlands, the Princess of the Night meets a young fashion designer named Coco Pommel, drawn to her passionate vision of sparkling white and brilliant diamond and rich indigo. While helping her learn to speak her feelings to the mare of her dreams, Luna is reminded of a mare from her own past. One that lived and died a millennium ago, in an Equestria far different from that of the modern day.


Idea to write CocoLuna inspired by RDT's Broken Promises at a Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant.


Thanks to Jarvy Jared, Sledge115, RanOutOfIdeas, RDT, and Thought Prism for prereading the first draft, with especial thanks to Mike Cartoon Pony.

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