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Carrot or Stick either way, Hitch is in for a hare rising experience.

Hitch gets napped by a bundle of bunnies that think he is some kind of God/Deity, and he has no idea how he is gonna to convince them otherwise.

Prereaders: Dewdrops on the grass, Cloptimist, Stinium_Ruide.

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R63 Starlight Glimmer (Stellar Gleam), Trixie (Coyote), and Kilt (Maud)

Stellar Gleam and Coyote just finished up with their exams and are soon to be starting their internships. To celebrate, Coyote invites Stellar Gleam out to unwind.

Coyote could have picked somewhere better than a strip club.

Editted by LuckyChaosHooves
Preread done by Dewdrops on the Grass

Entry for the StarTrixMaud Contest.

Third Place winner in the StarTrixMaud Contest.

Sex tag for suggestive material, nothing explicit.

There are LGBT themes in this story.

Cover Image credit to me.

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Tuckpoint has made a lot of friends since coming to Earth from Equestria. Some are famous and wealthy, many are not. But to Tuckpoint they're all equal, and he makes sure they all receive the same care and attention.

*Winner of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group's "Sing a Song About Life" contest.
*Pre-reading by Dewdrops On the Grass, Lofty Withers, JayP, and many others.
*Featured on Equestria Daily!

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