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Wings, Magic, and Friendship combine to rule the skies.

Against impossible odds and armed only with skill, wit, and faith in each other, these two little ponies will honor their duty to defend the kingdom against a relentless enemy. Together, the fastest flyer in Equestria and the most powerful unicorn of her generation will show the world the meaning of Equestrian air superiority.

Rainbow Dash once bragged that she could clear the sky in ten seconds flat, but this time she's clearing out more than just clouds.

Chapters (1)

The night after they defeated Nightmare Moon and rescued Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash finds Twilight on a hilltop outside Ponyville, staring up at Canterlot. Afterwards, the two find themselves returning to that same hilltop night after night, discussing their crazy adventures, and the things they've never shared with anypony else.

My entry for the 3.5 Twidash Competition.

Cover art made by me using vectors from the MLP Vector Club

Chapters (1)

Twilight drank. Rainbow helped.

Contains TwiDash and descriptions of excessive alcohol use. Please drink responsibly and in moderation, if at all.

Chapters (8)

After an urgent call to the castle, a snafu leads to a missing Celestia, and Twilight and Rainbow Dash caught (literally) red-hoofed in her royal chambers by the guards!

What do you do when the world is convinced that you've assassinated Princess Celestia?

You run! That's what you do.

You run your flank off!

Chapters (5)

When Twilight discovers an invisibility spell, she decides to use it for pranking her friends. However, she soon finds out some interesting news that one of her good friends, Rainbow Dash, might be interested in her as more than friends. But can Twilight accept this news, or will she rebuke the rainbow maned mare? What chain of events will this set off?

Edited by The Abyss

My amazing cover art was drawn by Graphic~Lee!

An extensive re-edit will be happening soon. Expect a re-working of the ending, if it stays the same.

Chapters (18)

The residents of Ponyville are unaccustomed to violence, but recent attacks are shaking up the normally peaceful town. On top of this, Twilight Sparkle has been experiencing short bouts of memory loss and is getting concerned with her own health. The truth in the situation may be harder to bear, however.

Chapters (13)

Set shortly after The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

Perhaps Rainbow Dash had read a few too many comic books? Seen one too many hero movies. Either way, this was not going to end well for anypony.

Rainbow Dash has decided since each of her friends (aside from Rarity) have gotten a chance, she wants to give being The Mysterious Mare Do Well a try. The only problem? Ponyville is too peaceful. It seems all the craziness that had happened the past week has passed, and there really isn't any need for a costumed crime fighter now.

Twilight, seeing Rainbow Dash's annoyance at not being able to be a hero, takes it upon herself to help her friend experience a super hero adventure. By creating the powerful, the terrifying, the surprisingly sarcastic, Professor Nightshade.

Yeah, this is totally going to end well.

My entry into the TwiDash group's first Fanfiction Contest.

Yes, this is for the TwiDash group, so there will obviously be TwiDash inside.

***Story is currently being edited, please excuse the mess!***

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to I'll Always be Here for You

A budding love, a new family.

Rescued from her horrible parents by Twilight and Rainbow, Scootaloo begins a long journey of recovery from the years of mental and physical abuse. Now Rainbow’s and Twilight’s adopted daughter, she looks forward to what the future has in store for her. However, Scootaloo's happiness and her life are at risk now that her parents have escaped from prison, fully intent on revenge.

Meanwhile, Rainbow and Twilight try to make their relationship work as they face the difficulties of raising a filly together. To accomplish their dream of a happy family, they all must face numerous challenges that will test the strength of their love and friendship.

Chapters (23)

Rainbow is in a terrible accident and loses one of her wings, which destroys her ability to ever fly again. Losing her dream sends her into a spiral of depression. But will she continue to fall or can Twilight lift her back up?

Chapters (9)

Applejack and Rainbow have been secretly dating behind their friends' backs for a couple of months. However over the course of time Rainbow has found the farmer constantly making excuses to avoid her, and it seems that she is too busy for anything. It's a peaceful day, Rainbow is just taking it easy, doing her job just like everypony else, when she gets word that Applejack wants to see her right away. Unfortunately the news is terrible... It turns out that the mare of Rainbow's dreams had been lying to her all along...

Everything seems like it is spiralling out of control for the poor peagsus, and she seeks refuge in the one friend that she knows that will help her in time of need. Will Rainbow be able to piece back the parts of her broken heart? Will the now destroyed friendship between Rainbow and Applejack, be able to go back to normal after what happens? Does Applejack deserve to be forgiven for what choices she has made?

They say when one door closes, that another one opens... But why must some doors cause so much pain and suffering when they close?

Author Notes on story:
- First story so it may be a little bit terrible... But hey you got to make mistakes before you can improve
- Some editors acquired! Special thanks to jlm123hi , Kodeake and monkhm for taking the time to edit this. (Just started editing, so please be patient. I am trying to edit as well so it will be an interesting process)
- Cover Art was actually made by me which is nice
- Feel free to comment, always appreciate feedback

Chapters (10)