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This story is a sequel to Changeling Courtship Rituals

Queen Chrysalis attacked Canterlot, brainwashed Twilight Sparkle's brother, kidnapped her former foalsitter, defeated her mentor in combat, and conquered her kingdom. She kidnapped the sisters of Twilight's friends, turned them against one another, and tried to drain all of Twilight's magic. Queen Chrysalis has, at every opportunity, done her very best to utterly destroy Twilight Sparkle's life.

For some reason, this has not caused the pony to fall in love with her.

However, due to Twilight's misunderstanding of changeling customs, it does mean they are now married. Twilight eventually managed to tell the Queen the truth, but she forgot that whether it's a kingdom or a heart, changelings conquer.

And since the changeling way of conquest didn't work, Chrysalis is determined to try the pony way. The only problem is, of course, she has no idea what that is. But she knows someone who does: Princess Cadance.

Now, with the absolutely sincere help of her mortal enemy, the pony she once locked in the caves beneath Canterlot while trying to steal her husband on their very wedding day, Queen Chrysalis is going to woo the sister-in-law of that very pony.

Surely this is the most perfect plan ever devised.


Proofread by ShutterflyYay.

Takes place roughly after season five (so Starlight Glimmer is running around occasionally)

Chapters (12)

Princess Celestia has done many things in her life.

Battling evil, dealing with stuck up nobles, and protecting her little ponies for thousands of years has been pretty taxing on both her body and mind. Recently, the goddess of the sun has had to deal with a daily struggle that happens to be the most difficult challenge in her life, bedwetting. Chances are, she will be defeated once more. Good thing she is protected, or at least her bed is.

Warning: This story contains diapers, diaper usage and some ABDL material. If you are disturbed by this or dislike this type of content, click away now!

Chapters (1)

Discord gives the baby Flurry Heart a nice present which of course has its own magical twist to it. Cadance is about to find out what being a foal is like. Rather fun really.

Cover art by : doubleWbrothers
Co-Author: Foal Star
Not too sure if I need it to be Teen hmm

Chapters (1)

Apparently someone upstairs found some sort of pity within themselves and decided that I was worthy of a second chance. At least, that's what I assume. Since I've magically been dropped into another world, in the body of a baby horse no less! 

That was four years ago. Everything was all fine and dandy, my life was going good.

Too good apparently. 

Since that's when everything sort of went to shit.

Mega ultra super duper props to: FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

4/24: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1038607/some-news

Chapters (66)

I used to have everything. A good job, a house, and a family. It was all taken away from me in an instant. I thought I could handle the grief alone, but I signed a contract that changed everything. When I was told I would get a second chance, being a pony was not what I had in mind.

In this story follow a man suffering from grief as he gets more than what he bargained for. Would you trade emotional for physical pain to run away?

Chapters (11)

After Twilight walks in on Starlight Glimmer at the worst possible time, one of the most awkward situations she's ever had with her student ensues.

Warning: Contains ageplay, diapers, diaper usage, age regression, and spanking.

Chapters (10)

This story takes place during the events of the episode "Hearts and Hooves day"

The cutie mark crusaders; in a attempt to get Cheerilee and Big mac to love each other, mix a love potion with the hearts desire potion. But insitead of the two falling in love. Big Mac is suddenly turned into a little filly named Blossom. Meanwhile Cheerilee starts thinking that the filly is her adopted daughter.

Realizing they messed up the cutie mark crusaders now have to find a cure. Before Big Mac remains a filly for the rest of his life.

co author: Zubric

Cover artist Skitter

Chapters (6)

The ponies of Equestria know Harmony as not just an ideal, but as a force that actively shapes their existence. It guides them through their lives, brings them prosperity and ensures good will triumph over evil most of the time.

However, exposure to it can be unpredictable for those crossing over from other realms. Sufficiently long stays in Equestria can even lead to a change of form to one indigenous to the land.

And those unlucky enough to be slated to become a source of Harmony itself may find themselves unable to leave.

Translation: This fic contains the gradual transformation of a human (male) to a very young alicorn filly.

Set just before Season Five. Non-Earth human and an Equestria that's slightly different.

Cover Art by the talented Mix-up check out his work here: http://amalgamzaku.deviantart.com/

Chapters (50)

On May 23, 2015, I woke to find myself transformed into some kind of horned alien horse, and everyone else has vanished. I searched for survivors and I found one; however, she is much younger than I was prepared for. She needs a parent and the only one who can fulfill that role is me, just not in the role I had originally envisioned.

I already found one survivor, so maybe there are others out there. I just hope they’re not all children; I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

Part of the Ponies after People Universe

Update 10/08/15 New Cover art by PaintSplotch
Note: 12/15/16 Apparently Mandatory Motherhood was in the featured box at some point? I just found it in the featured community folder.

Update: 4/20/17 SevenSerenity has joined the team! Expect chapter art from her soon!
also I finally saw MM on the front page in the featured box today! Thank you all so much everypony!

Chapter 1 edited by Canaryinthecoalmine Pre-read by Westphalian_Musketeer, Starscribe, anonymous, Stablestahl, secondVendetta, Baileyjrob, Nitrous Rainbows, bluemoon1996, as well as two FimFic users I don't have user names for.

Chapter 2 edited by Canary and Musketeer.

Chapter 3 edited by Musketeer

Chapter 4 edited by Holyme, anonymous, and Musketeer.

Tags will be added as needed.

Chapters (17)

Part of the Five Score universe, by TwistedSpectrum, blending with Dust on the wind by Sparky Brony

Arch 1. Ben Smills worked hard to get where he is in life. He has a stable job, a wonderful girlfriend and a nice home to boot. It wasn't easy, having acquired a brain injury when he was seven and losing almost all his eyesight in his right-eye.

However, that all changed when he woke up to find a group of six bubbles on his flank and turned into a pony from a kid's television show.

Arch 2. When the portal closed, Derpy did not go through. She still needs to find Dinky and, with the help of those she met along her jounrey to the farm, she'll set out and find her daughter.

However, she hadn't really needed to look far, had she only done so sooner.

Tom Wills was Ben's best friend since they were little and Ben had always been protective of him. Tom was finally about to start uni two weeks after people had started turning into ponies.

His plans for uni are altered, however, when his hair suddenly turns bright blonde.

Not long after, other things start happening. He grows a tail, his ears move to the top of his head and become pony ears. He's turning into a pony and, if the fur colour of his ears is anything to go by, he's turning into Dinky Doo.

Will mother and daughter find each other, or will they're paths never cross?

Meant to also be a Slice of Life, but those tags don't like being together

Big thanks to my pre-readers kitsy-chan, exsnaggerwes and Phenrys.

Another big thanks to Sparky Brony for letting me write my fic to coinside with Dust on the wind.

And finally, a huge thanks to TwistedSpectrum for creating the original Five Score story in the first place.
Cover art from HERE

Apparently got into Popular Stories on 14/3/2016:rainbowderp: did not expect that

Chapters (14)