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What if a fan of My Little Pony was suddenly sent to the world of the show, before Equestria was even founded? In an attempt to get home and survive tribal pony society, Astraeus must enlist the help of the royal sisters before they've ascended.

Can he return to his family without permanently ruining the sisters' future and that of all of Equestria? And will he be able to resist using his knowledge of both the show and modern technology to help his new allies?

Special thanks to PeerImagination for being an amazing editor. You rock!

Cover by slifertheskydragon.

Chapters (10)

A young girl, having been robbed of her childhood and very life by illness finds herself given a second chance in a strange world and with an even stranger body. With a new life, family, and even a brother, she tries to cope with the bizarre world she's found herself in while also trying to embrace her role and become worthy of the gift she has been given.
Being a princess can be hard however, even if it's only an honorary title, especially when you're the twin sister of Prince Blueblood.

Warning, very slow burn.

Chapters (37)

Discord's the only creature in Equestria who can recognize the human for what he is -- not the long-lost Seventh Element that never actually existed and couldn't have existed before the human arrived, but a meta-reality warper, an entity far more powerful than Discord with the power to warp the minds of all around him and the very rules of magic to make sure that he's always the Big Hero. And the role the human's assigned to Discord is the Villain to beat down or kill.

Pre-reform Discord's fine with being the villain. But on his own terms. Not dancing on some alien interloper's puppet strings.

Without friendship, or even allies, Discord's going to have to find a way to defeat a creature who can alter fate itself and who can even mind-control him. Or he may just end up worse than dead.

Art by Tenchi-Outsuno. Progress Bar at my writing journal.

Trigger warnings: Mind control (magically induced love, magically induced friendship, magically induced stupidity, Discord being Discord), noncon/dubcon (magically induced love, other forms of highly dubious consent), rape (female on male), violence/gore (mostly against Discord), literally everything in chapters 19-21, humans not being presented as unilaterally wonderful and superior to ponies and/or draconequui.

Chapters (26)

It's funny how a random whim can turn out to cause the most profound encounters in a person's life. By attempting a bit of magic, I was able to get the once in a lifetime chance to talk with actual royalty! Only, royalty from another world...

Chapters (7)

Isolated from her friends and taken prisoner in the middle of a war, Twilight must deal with the very real dangers of being percieved as an enemy as well as the nightmares of her arrival on 'Earth'. Can she overcome her own fears and the fears of her captors? Will the wayward unicorn's assistance be a boon or a curse to the 'humans?' Most importantly, will she ever find her way home?

"In short, it's a story of friendship and plasma rifles, with the emphasis on the friendship. The characters are well written, the XCOM setting is fleshed out very well, and the story is compelling. If you love XCOM, you'll love the story, but even if you've never heard of it, it's more than worth giving the first 3 chapters a read.

There's excellent action later on, but the real strength lies in the collision between the friendly and naive world of Twilight Sparkle and the desperate world of humans fighting a losing war for survival and willing to do anything to turn the tide."


(XCOM/FiM crossover)
(Cover art commissioned by a friend and created by the magnificent FoxInShadow!)
(Original cover art by the amazing Carnelian can be viewed here!)
(Gore tag for blood and some violence)
(Many thanks to the studius OminousTen, Arzoo, xXFluttershyForeverXx and finally Setokaiva for giving my rambles a once-over)
(Now with it's own TV Tropes page! Get to tropin' folks!)

Chapters (36)

Tonight, on a very special episode of My Little Pony…

Spike may have finally found someone who can reveal the identity of his parents. But when that someone is Discord, has our little dragon bitten off more than he can chew?

~-Spike jumped up from the couch in excitement. "Then you've actually met them!?"

Somehow, Discord's grin managed to stretch even wider. "Ohhhhhh yes. In fact, I've known your father since the day we were born! And your mother… well let's just say she and I are intimately acquainted…"-~

Chapters (1)

When Sombra, ex-ruler of the Crystal Empire, is discovered alive and well, Twilight has her hooves full keeping the tyrannical king in check. Instead of the original plan of throwing him in a dungeon or banishing him to Tartarus, Celestia decides to go with the plan that worked out well enough for Discord.

To reform Sombra.

Pinkie takes the job, and gets right to work in helping Sombra become a better pony. Will Sombra finally change from his old, wicked ways and reform? Or will he instead strangle the annoying, pink menace known as Pinkie Pie?

Thanks to the awesomely talented Mickeymonster for letting me use his art! Check him out for even more spectacular artwork!

Chapters (11)

Brought to you by Loyal2Luna, this new Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2 brings the fight to Equestria.

Just about ready to embark on their mission to stop the Collectors from further abducting human colonies, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy SR-2 are given a new priority, when the Illusive Man tasks them with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Cerberus science team.

Soon, what begins as a simple search-and-rescue unveils a mystery millions of years in the making, and the Commander finds himself thrust into a situation he couldn't possibly have prepared himself for.

Join the Hero of the Citadel as he uncovers the secrets, combats the demons, and ultimately decides the fate of the impossible world known as "Equestria."

Chapters (17)

Former "master thief" Sly Cooper had given up his old, criminal ways for good and settled into a new life with his love, Carmelita. But when an alien god of chaos spirits away and imprisons his lover and his friends, the last member of the Cooper Clan must take up his cane once again to get them back.

The deal is simple.

Come "willingly" to a peaceful, tranquil world populated by magical, colorful, talking ponies, and "acquire" six pieces of ceremonial jewelry in exchange for the release of his friends and the promise of a safe return to Earth. Piece of cake, right?



Sly Cooper and all related properties and art belongs to Sucker-punch Studios and Sony
MLP belongs to Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Cover art by the fantastic Foxinshadow
Proofreader, Editor and sometimes Co-writer: 2dextreem

*WARNING: Contains spoilers for all three Sly Cooper games in the first chapter. Takes place before the events of "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time." In the MLP universe, this takes place between seasons 2 and 3, a couple of months after the finale of season 2.*

If you favorite, also like. Likes and comments pay the bills and make the chapters come more quickly.

Chapters (3)

While the mane six were off saving Equestria from Discord's reign of chaos, how did the other ponies fair? What were the other various trials of chaos that our everyday ponies went through?


A collection of discorded shorts involving your favourite minor/background characters!
Octavia & Vinyl, Ponyville Elementary, the Canterlot sophisticates, the antagonists and lots more.
Suggest any others which you think I'll miss out! Feedback is encouraged!
The amazingly kick-ass and appropriate image was stolen without permission from here and I am feeling guilty for only linking in the source up to now.

Chapters (10)