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This story is a sequel to A Silent Night in the North

“May the Ancestors watch over you. May they watch over us all…” --- Ignitus

The third story in the Spiral of Fate Saga.

The impossible happened --- Malefor was defeated.

As Spyro lifted his wings and let out a healing wave of magic throughout the broken planet, his one prayer to the Ancestors was to save the last remaining Dragons from extinction.

It’s a pity he never specified just what he meant by “save”, and it’s a shame that the Ancestors have a cruel and bizarre sense of humor.

Now stranded on an alien world, Spyro, Cynder, and the inhabitants of Warfang, the last Dragon City, look to an uncertain future with both wonder and fear. Worlds have collided, new friendships will be forged, and nothing will ever be the same...

A continent away, the newly-crowned King Thorax of the Badlands Hive has his own troubles to deal with. His Hive has been contacted by another, demanding that he attend an emergency session of the Council of Seven in the very seat of Changeling leadership and sovereignty to answer for his crimes of defection, espionage, sabotage, and high treason against the dethroned Queen Chrysalis. If he cannot defend his actions, his Hive will be disbanded, his Changelings absorbed into the Primordial Hive, and he will be exiled. The young king’s leadership abilities will have to be put to the test before he even has a chance to wear his crown.

Thankfully, Twilight and her friends have offered to help...


It was the one thing Chrysalis wanted. Needed. She would have it, as well as the heads of Thorax and Starlight Glimmer mounted on her wall, or she would die trying.

As she hides within the Frozen North and gathers her strength, a mysterious Voice beckons to her, leading to a Dark Crystal buried in the side of a cliff. The malevolence...the power...!

Yessss...vengeance is coming. Soon. Now.

The Voice has chosen to help her, if she helps him in return...

Featured: 2021/10/27


The cover art was made by the face-meltingly talented Shrekzilla, whose DeviantArt is right here! Be sure to check him out and show him some love! :twilightsmile:

The map of Equestria I'm using for reference was made by BootsDotEXE. Needless to say, my AU is separate from theirs, and I have no claim to any locations on the map that are created by them or Hasbro. (Their map is used for a cool comic they're making called Beyond Our Borders. Check it out!)

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”We all must bear our burdens, but though we keep moving forward, we also must never forget what we left behind so that we may learn from it.” --- Princess Luna

The first story in the Spiral of Fate Saga.

For centuries scholars had theorized about what had happened on the night of the Lunar Rebellion to cause Celestia to banish Luna to the moon. Most assumed it was because Luna was jealous of her sister and had betrayed her out of a sense of mistreatment, and as such, that is what the history books say.

And as it was written, so it would be for a thousand years.

But only Celestia knew the truth. Only Celestia knew that it was never Luna’s fault.

Because all it takes is one simple fear, one simple Nightmare, to send someone over the edge. And on that night, it had not been Luna who was afraid, nor had it been her Nightmare that was unleashed.

FEATURED: 2021/08/15 - 2021/08/17

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Have you heard of changelings taking Brest? Google now: "changeling brest expansion".

Fanfiction was originated by me in Russian, but thanks to Doof Ex Machina it was also translated for being published here.

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Part of the Spiral of Fate universe.

Outpost 13...often considered the most unlucky posting to be given when you’re a Royal Guard. It holds no real tactical value, and was built long ago before the Unification Period of the Three Pony Tribes. It’s now more of a historical site, being the last-standing remnant of a bygone era. It’s useless, it’s remote, and it’s boring.

And it’s the perfect dumping ground for when you want to get rid of three of the Royal Guard’s worst soldiers ever.

Private Samwise Tater (the Thinker), Corporal Plucky Guess (the Cynic), and Private Prism Rain (the Sleeper) --- the three of them have been at Outpost 13 for one year now, all on their own. Once you’ve been there that long, you begin to develop a routine: wake up at 0600, eat, then stave off boredom for the next 18 hours before it’s time to go to bed. Usually by talking or planning ways to take over the world, or if nothing else, how to raid Princess Celestia’s cake stash without getting caught.

Today’s their one year anniversary, and they’re at their breaking point.

(Heavily inspired by Rooster Teeth’s Red Vs. Blue web-series.)

Featured: 2021/08/18 - 2021/08/23
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SPECIAL THANKS: Cover art by Hunternif (Sketch 41: “Early Morning”)

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To escape from Tartarus is nearly impossible, even for one of great magical power. When you've lost your powers and are little more than a withered old centaur, it's even harder. But Tirek has a plan, one that will draw in a creature from a world where life is cheap, hats are plentiful, and gravel is king. Will the Spy take the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned vacation in this new world, or will he see the population of friendly, innocent ponies as just a fresh selection of backs to stab? It could be both!

(Takes place before the beginning of Season 9.)

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Hearts and Hooves Day is approaching, and Doctor Whooves wishes to make the holiday feel the most festive along with the help of his best companion, Derpy.

However, a centuries old tradition may jeopardize his plans, for a stone cold obstacle threatens his chance at success.

Hijinks and lowjinks ensue.

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