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This story is a sequel to A Little Adventure in Alola

After learning about an upcoming friendship celebration, Ash’s Pikachu and his beloved Nica agree to pay their old friends a visit, once again stepping into the land of Equestria. With their love blooming and eggs close to hatching, they want nothing more than to share their wonderful experiences with their pony friends.

However, Tempest, a self-exiled unicorn, is leading the Storm King’s army to invade Canterlot after months of planning and preparations.

As the clash between Storm's forces and the Thunder duo occurs, Pikachu and Raichu are about to prove that the friendship the ponies shared with the other races isn’t a weakness, but their greatest strength.

List of proof-readers:
Special thanks to UnknownGiggs
for intense and detailed proof-reading.
And also Rated+Ponystar for writing an opening for me.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Little Lost Pikachu

It has been over a month since an adorable Raichu named Nica crash-landed in a strange world called Equestria, and nearly a week since Astra and Ash’s pokemon followed, along with her charming brother Ace. After a few dangerous and thrilling adventures, and one or two snuggles, Twilight was able to find a way home and create a portal back to Alola.

Now, backed by Twilight, Starlight and Rainbow Dash, the pokemon begin their quest to reunite with their trainers and introduce the ponies to their world. Though, rather than come home to a lively vacation spot filled with humans and pokemon alike, they encounter a dangerous challenge, one they might not be able to defeat.

Will Twilight’s team and the Chu brigade be able to overcome the odds and defeat the foe that brought ruin to Alola? Or will they share the island’s fate?

Massive thanks for very solid proof-reading to:
Jay Tarrant

Chapters (24)

Confused, devoid of memories and lost in a world filled with mythical creatures, little Raichu faces ferocity of monsters. Taken for a creature from the Everfree Forest, she’s adopted by Twilight and her friends as they show her friendship and compassion, doing their best to help her restore her missing memories.

Determined to make friends and find purpose in her new home as she slowly regains her memories, Raichu gets attached to her new owners and is willing to repay their kindness, no matter the cost. Little does she know that a chance to repay them draws near.

Special thanks to proof-readers:

ChudoJogurt (For pointing out issues and quality check in chapter 1 and the prologue)

Georg  (For massive improvements in emotional scenes in chapter 1 and the prologue)

Jay+Tarrant (For grammar/mistakes fix in the whole story)

Uber_Shy (For detailed proof-reading of chapter 2)

PoisonClaw (For detailed proof-reading )

Tapestry (For additional proof-reading of chapter 2 and futher)

Sonik (For taking over after PoisonClaw for all chapters after chapter 18)

SilverDiamond (For taking over after PoisonClaw for all chapters after chapter 18)

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Rainbow Dash's morning was pretty much ruined.
She tripped getting out of bed and landed flat on her face, giving herself an aching muzzle.
She forgot to buy her favorite brand of hay flakes at the store yesterday and had to eat plain toast for breakfast.
She found out she had to pull double-duty today and tomorrow on the weather patrol.
Oh, and she found a nearly-dead foal, broken and bleeding at the edge of Ponyville.

The rest of her day became a whirlpool of stress and worry but the colt woke up, thank Celestia.
Something's not right, though. Nopony can find his parents, he's not in the registers, and there's an unsettling look in his eye...


Chinese Translation by forgivenlove

Chapters (15)

It could have been just another night. Instead, Vinyl Scratch leaves a show to find herself suddenly presented with a chance to make a difference in the life of a filly no one else will look twice at. Now if only she can convince Octavia she's not making a huge mistake...as usual.

Note: This story now has an indirect sequel set several years in the future in The Most Unlikely Places. Cover art by SonicDash777.

Chapters (11)

Twilight and her friends open up a specific type of café in the human world. It’s surprisingly successful.

Originally written as a one-shot, but due to popular pony-petting demand, I'm going to expand this story and add more chapters. Updates biweekly on Sunday (every other Sunday).

Adorable cover art made by CaptainPudgeMuffin and used with permission.

Chapters (13)

Luna takes a morning stroll, and then realizes that she should really have known better.

Posted with actual art, because I only wrote the story because of said actual art. The guy is pretty cool, check out his deviant art.

Now with a reading at https://youtu.be/u7yPTBjJ4Uo
by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ScarlettBlade
Check it out!

Not at all a thing I'd usually write.

Chapters (1)

While visiting Canterlot with Limestone, Marble runs into an energetic pony who could match her twin in cheerfulness. And she's cute. And wants to talk to her. And cute.

Naturally, Marble explodes from shyness.

Pre-read by: Timaeus
Ch. 1 Audio Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

Chapters (12)

Throughout her marriage, Twilight Velvet has ignored every romantic feeling she felt towards other ponies. She was a good wife, and good wives knew better than to dwell on thoughts like that. But as they grew older and experienced other ways of thinking, Twilight Velvet and Night Light realized her feelings don’t cheapen their marriage and the love they share.

With her husband’s encouragement, Velvet finally pursues the pony that’s been on her mind for twelve years.

Many thanks to ArchAngelsWings, mouch30, Mind Jack, and Eddie Grammar for proofreading :twilightsmile:
This story was inspired by the adorable artwork by How Do Ponies Work?, which was used as the cover art with permission. Give her stuff a look, since we all know that's what caught your attention on the story :raritywink:

Chapters (2)

The nation of Equestria is struck by the most terrifying pandemic ever to afflict mortal ponies... the snuggle bug.

Artwork by the Inimitable pekou

Chapters (4)