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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.

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This story was an exquisite corpse story written by the members of the My Little Reviews and Feedback Discord server. Join us here!

An exquisite corpse story is a collaborative writing exercise in which a group of people try to tell a story: the catch is that each author can only read what the author before them wrote and must continue despite not knowing the entire story. This was the result.

Cover art done by Moonshot :)


Chapter One: Greatazuredragon
Chapter Two: Lumina Faith
Chapter Three: Moonshot
Chapter Four: Firefoxino
Chapter Five: JPHyperX
Chapter Six: QueenChrysalisForever
Chapter Seven: Nailah
Chapter Eight: Jubal
Chapter Nine: Light Heart101
Chapter Ten: Jarvy Jared
Chapter Eleven: Schattendrache
Chapter Twelve: Stinium_Ruide
Chapter Thirteen: Cyonix
Chapter Fourteen: The Red Parade

Chapters (16)

A heavy snowstorm traps a group of ponies in a tiny hamlet far away from any civilization, and while the adults are doing their best to fend away the elements and ration the fading supplies, the foals decide to go out of bounds and figure it out on their own. But only one of them will be able to discover where the cold comes from.

Cover art by one and only, the amazing SkyAircobra (DeviantArt I Patreon)
Whole lot of thanks to Karibela for initially hunting away the typos, misspellings and various other ineptitudes of mine.
Whole lot if awe to the glorious Schattendrache, that scalded all my broken english into submission with his shadow flame.
And thanks to you if you intend to pay it any attention ;)

Chapters (1)

How can a pony, overshadowed by a dark past, taunted by her own self-conflict and doubt, ever hope to be able to shed the burden of being Nightmare Moon?

Nyx isn't sleeping well. For weeks, her dreams have been visited by a strange specter that haunts her, each dream growing more horrible than the last, her fears gaining a greater hold on her. As time passes the phantom draws closer, forcing Nyx to face the realm of the supernatural. Soon, the filly will be thrust into a world of wonder and imagination, where light and shadow are made into one, and everyone, and everything, deserves a second glance.

Author's Notes:

On Hiatus Until Fall 2020

This story was proof-read and edited by EverfreePony, Scaramouch, and Salty Alty.

Test read by Blackyoshi and Lucondrix.

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke, and I take no credit in the creation of her character.

Cover art drawn by Folklore17 and colored by 0ndshok.

This story is an unofficial but spiritual sequel to Past Sins and Scarred Hearts. Reading them is recommended, but not necessarily required.

Chapters (12)

Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel... As long as you don't think about it too much. As long as you don't ask where Twilight goes in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The sound I listened to as I wrote it, available to you in order to give you the option of having the same atmosphere.

No relation to the other story with the same name, just a coincidence of both picking the same excellent title. I was unaware that the other one existed.
Dramatic Reading by Charles Spratt | Second Reading by TheDizzyDan | Third Reading by Crafty Arts
Russian Translation 1 (by Aloz) | Russian Translation 2 (by Doof Ex Machina)

Chapters (1)

*Note: Takes place after season two, but before season three.*

The main six have very complicated lives. On top of their everyday tasks, and dealing with the problems of living in a town near The Everfree Forest, they also have the weight of the world on their shoulders. This can cause a lot of problems and stress for the main six, each one having their own ways to cope.

Now with a sequel! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/473891/fake-smiles-fluttershys-lament

Applejack has her farm and family, Fluttershy has her animals, Rainbow Dash has her clouds, Twilight has her work, and Rarity has her dresses. But Pinkie?

Pinkie chose alcohol.

Chapters (1)

Timberwolves: Guardians of the Everfree
By Blackthorn of Thicket, Princess Luna of Canterlot, and Apex of Everfree.

This volume explores the colorful, mythical tale of the Everfree timberwolves. Part history and part study, the authors provide their experiences, discoveries, and stories. From creation, design, and communication, to the ecological impact of these golems, a full breadth of topics are explored. Each author has hoof-crafted and raised at least one timberwolf, and today the legend of the Vorku species is finally shared with the world.

Edited by Blue Sky of Colt Creek, author of The World At Large: An Explorer's Guide.
©11 AR, Canterlot Royal Press. Originally published in 11 AR, all rights reserved.

Chapters (11)

Walking with the paws of an ancient predator, a young man finds himself in a strange world. A world where horses are the dominant species, and he’s a very rare and dangerous animal. How will a speechless man turned wolf deal with society? How will he approach ponies? Would he even want to bother speaking to them?

(Love interest is not revealed in any of the current chapters. So don't freak out when you don't see it. I'm also focusing on a very realistic sense of love. This will be a later part of the story when romance becomes truly relevant. Point out ALL errors to me when you see them, even the ones that have been pointed out already, and I'll see what I can do.)

(Special thanks to my EPIC Proof-reader and Editor ultra1437)

Chapters (11)

Drake, a mysterious human who arrived in Equestria via a Hell Gate, dies due to unknown causes shortly after his arrival. However, with his death being witnessed by an ominous unicorn who is known for dabbling in the forbidden arts of soul collecting. Drake is revived by having his very soul placed into the body of a recently deceased dragon.

With the transportation having been possibly successful without any symptoms, that he knows of. Drake must now figure out the means of how he had gotten to Equestria, his cause of death, and these strange unknown memories that he keeps witnessing.

((Cover image is only temporary as of now, still trying to find something better))

Chapters (6)

Twilight thought it was all so real. The ponies, the grass, the air, the shining light of the day. With the breaking of a single connection, everything comes crashing down, leaving a very confused human girl wearing a VR headset.

Good thing she can relog.

Preread by Babroniedad, Twilight Connor, Drakos779966, and Doggyshakespeare.

Now featured in GMBlackjack's The League of Sweetie Belles!

Formerly preread by Silence_EXE, deadpansnarker, TRIBOT 3000, and Naga is alive.
Original fiction spinoff edited by Undyne Devotion, EverfreePony, and RQK.

Join the Pony-Me discord server! Or try the group, if that's more fitting.

Cover art drawn in collaboration between Momoruuu and myself.

Based off of a chapter from What If...?

Read Pony-Me™: Outtakes for scrapped content, sneaky references, and more!

Now with a (somewhat) spinoff story by Undead Equestrian Writer!

Reviewed by The Reviewers' Cafe!
Reviewed by My little Reviews & Feedback!

Table of Contents:
Wake up. - Bonus #2: Epilogue 1: Part 1
...Or go on. - Bonus #5: Epilogue 2: Part 2

The Pony-Me Universal Framework (As of the beginning of Part 3)

Chapters (50)

Ryuuzan, a gryphon, overhears a looming threat and plans against the Equestrian Crown. He sets off to Canterlot to warn the Royal Sisters, but how can he aptly convey the threats when he cannot speak, and without being viewed as a threat as well.

Luna is witness to when the gryphon arrives, and with her court scribe Quill Feather, they attempt to unravel the mystery of the gravely injured gryphon, and the reasons why he risked everything to get to Canterlot Castle.

Chapters (13)
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