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A teenager who (as of recently) writes stories about his characters Victor and Roy. I hope you like them as much as I do. They screw up sometimes, but they just wanna be heroes.

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This story is a sequel to Friendship Is Cynical

The cynical bastard, formerly known as Ryan Curtis, was no more. That person had died and been left to rot, leaving someone else in his place.
Rusty Nails, a human that finally broke free of his past, has found happiness over the years and is ready to start enjoying life. However, the mistakes of his former self have started to haunt him. Even while assuming a new identity, the memories of who he was before would occasionally resurface, plaguing his mind and tormenting him mercilessly.
After all this time of adventuring and discovering the man hidden beneath the monster, he is finally ready to return to his old home and make amends for all of the wrongs that his former self had committed. Unknown to him; There's more than just a few hurt feelings to make up for.

FEATURED: 9/9/18

Chapters (8)

Today you ask your marefriend the big question. Good luck.

Cover Art
Reading by StraightToThePointStudio

Chapters (6)

You are a big Wonderbolts fan, and after coming to possess some VIP Wonderbolts tickets, you have the opportunity to meet (and attempt to woo) none other than Rainbow 'Danger' Dash!

In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Romance story, the choices are yours to make! But beware! The consequences are yours to deal with, as well. There are 9 endings (can you find them all?), and hundreds of unique paths to take through the story!

Spiritual successor story to Cuddle-Your-Own-Celestia and Love-Your-Own-Luna.

Rated T just to be safe (mildly suggestive content is present but limited). Cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Featured 5/7/18!
EDIT: Featured at #2 same day. OH BOY!

Chapters (52)

Eric Reed was thinking about some of the girls back in his old, human world, wishing he could have a girlfriend. A human girlfriend. But before he knew it, Eric found himself having to deal with the affections of his suddenly overfriendly pony friends. Who may or may not take "no" for an answer. He's not into ponies like that, so this becomes really weird for him.

And things will only get weirder.

In the many months he's known them, none of his friends have ever once showed any real hints of a romantic interest in Eric. Why would they start doing it now...?

Like similar short stories I've wrote, and still writing, this story takes place after the events of my "A Giant Adventure to Equestria" story, but this isn't really a sequel to it. You can enjoy this story without needing to read "A Giant Adventure to Equestria, but here's the link to it if you want to read it, and to learn about Eric's backstory.

Update: This story now has a sequel, and here's the link.

Chapters (1)

Eric Reed is seemingly a normal eighteen-year-old young man, who loves watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and is a big fan of the show. Eric has a good heart, has a good sense of humor, but can be prone to expecting too much from others, is a bit immature, and doesn't have many friends.

One day, he suddenly wakes up in Equestria, and to further add to his huge shock, he's only about one-inch tall. After a frightening meeting with Princess Twilight Sparkle, he asks for her help to find out how and why he's in Equestria, why he's so small, and where to go from there.

The good news: Being a fan of the show, Eric already had some knowledge about the new world he's in and his new friends. The bad news: It won't help nearly as much as he hoped, and may cause its own problems. And the worst news: He'll have to face the dangers and struggles that being so small and powerless would present. But they may not be what you think, and some struggles could come from completely unexpected and trustworthy sources.

But he won't be the only one to struggle...

EDIT on 03/30/19: I wasn't going to have Equestria Girls be "canon" when I wrote this story, but because of some confusion, I edited a bit of some chapters to let EQG be "canon". However, this ret-con to the story won't affect how the story goes.

EDIT on 07/28/19: To help fix a pacing problem, I added two chapters to show more of what happened that was previously "off screen". These chapters, what will now be chapter 6 and chapter 16, are written in a way that won't ret-con the story. There are minor edits to the start of what's now chapter 7, the very end of chapter 15, and a bit of chapter 17 to fit the chapters between them, but there's no actual ret-con.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Three Little Fillies

Andy has been thinking about how to break the news to Pinkie Pie that he has feelings for her, and he gets a golden ticket to the perfect opportunity to do just that by invitation to the Apple Family Reunion. He is in for a nervous and rather awkward night of meeting with some of Pinkie's friends and the Crusaders as he tries to figure out how to confess his feelings to Pinkie.

For once, will things look up for Equestria's only human? Find out for yourself!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Anon Begins

It's been several months since the human, Anonymous, has taken permanent residence in Equestria with the bestest friends he could've asked for.

But life in this world is anything BUT normal. Having to deal with dogs, dance-offs and unfamiliar lands, Anon'll have to face the biggest threat of his life:


It's more serious than it all sounds...

Chapters (19)

Once upon a time, I, Alexander Ian Greyson, lived on a world called Earth. More accurately, rolling myself around in a fine little town somewhere in the N.W of England with an absolute lad of a roommate named Jordan. Love the madman. I wonder how he's doing these days? He'd best be keeping my bloody room in top shape. Not that I'd know if he was or not.

I mean, I've not seem him for what, a few years now?

Hey, it's not my fault I got my sorry crippled arse flung headfirst into Wonderland itself... Actually, maybe it was. Who knows? I sure don't. At least I've still got my trusty wheelchair with me. Ah, good ol' Owen Wheelson, always with me every step of the way. Ha.

(A story written for no other reason other than boredom and/or drunkenness, starring a sarky wheelchair-bound Brit. Also, possible romance, some definite dark humour and a whole load o' wheel puns/jokes abound. Please don't get offended over anything in the story, 'tis merely for humour.)

Chapters (2)

A depressed Anon, aided by countless books on psychology and philosophy, tries his luck at being a therapist for the fluffy ponies that surround him. Do ponies even have the problems he deals with? Do ponies even need the help he can offer?

Art by osawari_64

Edits by Tranquil Serenity.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to D.N.A: Damn Not Again

After a six month revolution, Canterlot fell to Chem’s forces. After defeating Celestia, Chem has taken a position as a new Prince. With the Kingdom of Peoples melting into Equestria, and a quick change of laws to make males equal, everything seems to be looking up.

Until Order rises.

Takes place at the same time as https://www.fimfiction.net/story/421947/wrath

Chapters (23)
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