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"In the beginning, there was nothing but all encompassing darkness that claimed all of existence within the void.
Yet even in this darkness, there was light.
A single speck of light that defied the shadows and slowly grew to encompass the known universe, bringing light to a once dark and dreary realm.
The being had wrested control from the void, yet it was not content.
With its power, it created the stars and planets that dot the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe.
This, was how the universe had truly come to be."
Creation of the universe according to the Church of Primis
Long ago, before the times of the princess's, the world stood divided. The father of the universe saw the hatred between the races of the planet, and sought to rectify his mistake of abandoning his creation, choosing to live amongst them once more.
This is where our story begins.

*Tags will be added as needed, or when the story. calls for it.*

Been featured like seven times now...wow, that's awesome, didn't think I'd even get it once.

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A group of pony radicals try to summon a demon to overthrow the princesses. Instead they got a human. They don't know what a human is.

((Pre Princess Twilight))

((Edit: Featured 5/11/2020. Didn't expect this to go over so well!))
((Edit2: Ch.8 featured 10/1/2020))
((Edit3: Featured 10/22/2020))
((Final Edit: Featured 3/25/2021))

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After my grandfather passed away I inherited a strange staff from him. I discovered that the staff gave me strange visions of a place I had to go to. I experienced visions, day and night, and in the end I decided to follow them to see where they would take me. I did not expect to be taken away from Earth and sent to a place that defies everything I know, and I certainly did not expect to hear that not all the members of my family were human.

Editors are lordofchaos14, Joyjay, The Invisible Man and JBL.

Warning: Contains small amounts of Anthro. Equestria Girls did not happen in this story.

My first fic posted here, told from a 1st person perspective. Rated Teen to begin with, this may change as more ideas develop, but I'll try my best to keep it Teen.

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This story is a sequel to 1000 Years

1000 years later after the events of 1000 Years, Null will be thrown into the deep end, seeing if he will sink or swim. How will he cope with his newfound freedom? Will it be what he hoped for? And most importantly, what will crack first? the eggshells he treads on, or he himself?

WOOOO. featured already from the first chapter with a couple hours! 5/9/19

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An accident in the lab sends our favorite boy genius to Equestria, as a pony. What will he do and how will he get back? The answer: Science! (Cover Art Updated!)
New FAQ! and TV Tropes!
Planned Phrases from Dexter:
“Pinkie Pie! Don’t push that Button!” /to Pinkie
“Please, Magic is the word simpletons and the ignorant use to describe what they cannot understand.”/ to Twilight
“No, I didn't strap a rocket to you. I strapped you to a rocket.” /to Rainbow Dash
“Friends? Who needs friends?”

Dexter is a boy super-genius with a disdain for anything girlish and no desire for friendship. After an mishap in his lab, he gets stuck in Equestria. How will he cope with the over-friendly ponies, and the girlish everything?
For any who do not know Dexter's Lab: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter's_Laboratory
[RIP Christine Cavanaugh: 8/16/63-12/22/2014] - Dexter's Original Voice Actress

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Ragar the Ageless has seen many things in his non-life. He has seen fields of cotton candy, the wails of the soon-to-be-dead chanting in chorus. Once he even saw a unicorn. Well, there are a lot of those in Equestria, so maybe that one was less noteworthy. But still, he's seen a lot. Now he wants others to see him in all his glorious evil. The only issue is he's not so good at it.

** EDIT **

Well crap, featured with every chapter. I feel all special and stuff. So let me give you all some love. You're all wonderful people, trees or whatever internet capable folks have been reading.

Dang, look at all those likes. I'm feeling the love. Thank all of you for enjoying my wonderful trip through insane necromancy.

Many Thanks to Locke_Jaw for his wonderful artwork that is my new cover.

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This story is a sequel to How many have you forgiven today?

For Anon, so much has changed in a little amount of time. He can't really complain about it either. Things are getting better and he knows that the sisters are happy too. However, there's been a change in Celestia, it's small but it still has him questioning the reason. Did he do something wrong or could it be something else?

A special thanks to the following people:
PeerImagination, Dedicated and always ready to proofread any story I make. (c1-13)
SirReal, Countless hours of editing and refining my story. (c1-8)
Proofreading (c1-6) by Ra1nbowCrasH and Anonimous
I appreciate all the time you've invested in my stories.

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This story is a sequel to You're Not Fine

Friendship is a give-and-take relationship. Fortunately for you, Pinkie doesn't ask for much, and she has plenty to give.
Maybe it's time to start giving back.

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Queen Chrysalis likes it when I boop her on the nose. It helps her relax. However, one day, Princess Twilight Sparkle bursts in, thinking that Queen Chrysalis has put a spell on me.

Surely, when I explain to her that I boop her, she'll understand. Right?


Inspired by a delightful flash game that can be found here.

Featured on August 28th, 2016. This is as unexpected as it is amazing.

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Telekinesis and pyrokinesis are both nice things to get out of a deal, no doubt about it. Due to some fine print finagling, though, we're now stuck here in Equestria, courtesy of 'the Merchant'. And by 'we' I mean Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat, or at least their lookalikes. No, I did not stutter. That sidewalk swindler of a 'wish granter' must think he's got a sense of humor, turning us both into characters right out of our favorite video games and then throwing us straight into the land of LITERAL sunshine and rainbows. We can't count on him to get us back, but since I can now bend spoons with my mind, that must mean the Emeralds should have the power to help us out... Right?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. If only the Royal Sisters weren't making this so much harder... Seriously, a thousand years in ice and they still can't forgive us for accidentally leveling their castle and afterwards causing a worldwide disaster? No biggie. That place was in dire need of renovation anyway; no plumbing, no fridge...

So, to put it short, I have Royal Guards after me (standard bit characters; useless), Mane 6 after me (tougher, like Agents from the Matrix out of a bag of skittles), Royal Sisters after me (more RAGEQUIT than Legend of Zelda’s water temple), and a sophisticated, irritable anti-pegasister loner turned Royal Cat with a fondness of slapping me in the face whenever I say something stupid (which means quite often).

Knowing my luck, next there'll be mind-boggling time-travel and epic boss fights with tons of QTE's along the way, all wrapped up in some big multiverse-evil-domination plot, with ground zero centered on this glorified gumball machine of a world that defies all logic. We've got our work cut out for us, especially since we seem to be the ones cast as the antagonists straight out of the ice. That didn't stop Sonic before, though, and it definitely didn't stop Shadow, and since I'm now the coolest (and only) hedgehog on the block, there's no way I'm letting it stop me!

Here we come, Equestria! You better have some brakes, because we sure don't!

Just for clarity, I accept crossovers. Also, here is Google Docs version.

A little exercise in English before exams and an attempt to break my writer's block. It's not my first story, but first written in English. Also, I will probably continue even after exams - Sonic fandom is in a serious need of good fanfiction. Readers of my polish fanfics won't be pleased... Anyway, here are my proofreaders: Setokaiva, 0_0 and roker12. You guys are great, you made this fanfic at least 50% cooler. :twilightsmile:

I chosed my favorite characters as heroes. Blaze will be a lot like an original version from Sonic Rush, except more aggressive. Silver is going to be silly and reckless (his powers are modeled after those from Sonic Generations, so yeah, he is much more powerful than in Sonic 2006). Picture made be I, me and myself, but only after entire day of looking for good poses in Google and comibining them in Inkscape - I'm terrible at graphics.

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