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"OH! That would be the Elements of Harmony! They're the neatest thing! We each get a jewel necklace--Twilight gets a sparkly tiara--and we used them to defeat Discord and Nightmare Moon with rainbows that go pewpewpew-!"

A clawed glove wrapped over Pinkie Pie's lips, silencing her.

"What does the pink one speak of, pony?" He demanded of Twilight, who sputtered at his question. "Do these 'Elements' hold the power to resurrect humanity?"

"I'm... not sure." She returned, halfheartedly. "They're pretty powerful..."

"Where are they?"

"In Canterlot, the city on the mountains, but-"

He dropped Pinkie and stomped off, leaving her to flop around her stretched-out lips. Twilight saw that he was going out the door and in the direction of the city she had mentioned.

"W-wait! Stop!" She galloped after him.

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Celestia had a vision, of two beings, one of darkness, one of light. They claimed that they would reclaim Equestria and return it to dust. The next day, a small creature appears, frightened, scared, and afraid of her very touch. A child. A child who may herald the end, or save Equestia from its demise.

Isaac has been in the basement as long as he can remember. So many times has he descended through this purgatory of death and murder, god and demons, so many things that hurt, burned and killed.
Then one day it stopped. A secret room that opened the chest he had known so long, and he was free. He could leave the Basement.
He didn't see anything else that followed him out.
He didn't expect the world to have changed so much in his absence.
And he never could've imagined they'd all be ponies.

And ponies never imagined that simple children could ever save them from the forces of evil.

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Character list will be updated as necessary, those not immediately listed are:
- King Sombra
- Twilight
- Spike

Characters from the Binding of Isaac are under Other, as you'd expect.
Correct me if I get an item's effect or description wrong!
Correct me if I get grammar or spelling incorrect, I'll fix them as I'm aware of them!

Cover art is by me.

Huge thank you to TrueGentleman, who has taken it upon him to aid me in the editing of this story! (Stopped as of 18 onward)

Appreciation for HydraLightning, proofreader from CH3+.

And a special thanks to awesomesauce4 for inspiring me to start on this! Here's their story!
|The Unbinding|

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He had done it. The giant demon that had masterminded the invasion of Earth was dead, and Hell was in shambles. All that was left was to backtrack through Hell and go home to help rebuild the ruined planet...
But of course, it's never that easy. Just one wrong turn, and he arrives from Hell itself into a land filled with pastel-colored ponies. How will the man who had just destroyed Hell adjust to the sudden peacefulness after all he had been through? And is Hell really destroyed for good?

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After a month of being missing after a magical mishap, Spike has returned to Ponyville. However, he's not the adorable baby dragon everyone remembers.

Now a well fleshed out drake, and garbed in armor the likes of which ponies have never seen, he walks with caution, grace, and absolute confidence. His eyes show wisdom beyond his years, but he has trouble remembering details about his friends. But he returned with a purpose.

He also didn't return alone.

One thing is certain though...he has a story to tell. That is this story.


MLP/Metroid crossover.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by DavieRocket.

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Nines knew he was always fated for something; yet he never knew what it was. Perhaps, after dying at the hands of that traitor and awakening in a new world, he would finally find his true purpose.

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Season 1: November 28, 2012 through January 1, 2013
Season 2: February 24, 2013- February 23, 2014
Season 3: To be announced sometime in 2014. (well before Half-Life 3)

credits go out to Marik_Azemus for the amazing cover he drew for the first season of the story and SuperBigMac for all the help he's given with writing this intricate idea. I'd also like to thank my friends and you the fans for all the amazing support!

Henry was like any average person, content, happy, and always looking for the brighter side of things... Until a traumatic event tears him apart from the very core, changing every facet of who he was and could have been. Years passed and his condition never truly improved, even when he moved out of his parents home, a place with nothing but dark memories and empty promises. Despite that, he's tried his hardest to stay strong as he works towards his major in Music Arts, regardless of the disadvantage his condition creates for him.

A fellow musician renowned for her many concert performances literally stumbles into his life and begins to show a different side of what it means to live. Can she help pull him from the shell he created around himself and teach him to be true to himself or will the weight of the world be too much for him to bear?

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This story is a sequel to Princess Erroria Finds A Slowpoke

Princess Erroria finds her pet Slowpoke sleeping in her bed. She wouldn't mind, but her mom has a rule about pets not being able to sleep on beds.

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Following the destruction of the Collector Base, the crew of the Normandy-SR2 go their separate ways. One squadmate, an AI 'Geth' named Legion, is sent by the Geth Consensus to investigate the possibility of a Quarian attack. However, when Legion is discovered and forced to make an emergency jump through the Mass Relay, it finds itself in the most unlikely of places... Equestria.

At the same time, the ponies of Equestria are dealing with their own problems. A mysterious disease threatens to topple pony civilization, while tensions along the border are growing and could escalate into full blown war.

Join Legion in its journey in Equestria to both return to the Geth before the arrival of the Reapers, and to help the peaceful ponies who inhabit the world.

Notice: As of 9/12/2016, this fic has received comprehensive updates to grammar/spelling/sentence structure, with a few minor plot alterations. Enjoy!

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General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army, conqueror of star systems, and slayer of Jedi. And... stranded on Equestria?

This can't end well.

TV Tropes page.

Now featuring a dramatic reading by LimeyPony!

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As Princess Erroria walked home from school that faithful day, she could hear a strange cry coming from a near by well. As she peered into the well, she saw an unusual pink creature.

"Don't worry, I'll save you." Princess Erroria stated.

Cover art by Jacob Bading

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