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This story is a sequel to Emerald Gleaner: Retired Monster

[Prototype 2] X MLP:FiM Crossover

Beset by a mountains of work both official and secret, Emerald has barely time left to herself anymore. Can one still become exhausted even if they physically can't? When does paranoia do more harm than good?

When people stop trying to kill you of course!

Chapters (10)

[Prototype 2/MLP crossover]
After a number of years, Nightmare Moon has returned and was able to make her own body, instead of finding a host. However, the process cost her most of her power, and she knew that, if she were to get it back before being discovered, she needed to get herself a familiar.

However, things don't go quite as planned, as the ritual end up costing her wings, and she gets quite a willful familiar. Over the next few days, she is forced to admit that her ultimate wish is that ponies liked her night, and through that her, by forcing them to experience it. With this relevation, she is faced with a new goal of getting the ponies to like her, which will be a even harder task.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) her familiar is there to help, with his intimidating visage, abrasive personality, and willingness to brutalize anyone needed.

AN: This is my first time.

Also, it has been pointed out to me that I should probably get a Editor. So anyone willing, the position is open.

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Red Team had been given an assignment. It wasn't the usual sort of assignment. They were assigned to defend their base 'until further notice'...and then never received notice. All announcements sounded pre-recorded, and enemy assaults were few and far between. The enforced inactivity was slowly fraying the bonds of the team...

...until something unexpected arrived. A tiny creature appears one day in their fortress, in need of compassion and care. Somehow, she finds that in this group of strange individuals, as she becomes their baby.

Crossover with Team Fortress 2.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Since I get these comments a lot, I will say here, I've never played the game and don't intend to include much in the way of game mechanics, so please don't suggest such things.

Edit 2: FAN ART! for chapter 9 by G_Haze. Makes me so happy.
Edit 3: More fan art from G_Haze, This guy's amazing!
Edit 4: New fan art! by The Pyromanecer. Thanks so much!
Edit 5: More fan art by shiningkord98.
Edit 6: New Fan Art by The Pyromancer
Edit 6: More awesome fan art from G_Haze! So awesome! :rainbowkiss:
Edit 7: New fan art by Pioneering Author

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That's right, the Joker, otherwise known as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate, and the White Duke of Death, is now in Equestria. Will this unpredictable, murderous psychopath learn the true magic of friendship and abandon his old malicious ways? Or will his arrival kick off an unstoppable crime spree to shape Equestria into his own image? Like I said, the Joker is unpredictable.

Special thanks to my awesome prereaders X19, LDSocrates and The Alpha, who are the best of the best! Read their stuff or just thank them for reading my unedited monstrosity before I release it to you guys!

Now on TV Tropes because of the greatness that is Shadow Sora94. Give him some thanks!

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After GLaDOS is uploaded into a potato battery, Wheatley humiliates the AI even further by uploading her into a project that was abandoned by Aperture a long time ago. In the blink of an eye, she finds herself in a deformed body of flesh and bone that resembles an equine, and is just as powerless as one too. It comes with all of its needs and bodily functions as well. To make matters worse, she's trapped in a land full of insufferable creatures that just want to make 'friends.' Will GLaDOS' cold, sadistic sense of humor and morals get the better of the ponies? Or will they peel away the once artificial being's metallic shell and find that there's a softer side? Probably not, but it's worth a try.

Story Theme: Tyler Bates - I Love You (Watchmen OST)

Thanks to Meeester, MrJoshy, and funkyferret for proofreading/reviewing.

Cover by Fedte16.

Chapters (16)

Applejack finds a strange visitor in her apple orchard one day, with even stranger stories to tell...
MLP/L4D2 crossover. My first story on FiMfiction.net! May add more tags as story progresses.
Credit for the image goes to brokencreation on DeviantArt.

Chapters (16)

Naruto's life has been taken and is given a second chance at life due to certain circumstances. However, what he didn't realize is that he would be living in a world of ponies and magic, not in his own world. Will Naruto learn to put his past life behind and accept this strange new world as his home? Or will he reject it outright and find a way back to Konoha?

Rated T for Blood, Violence, and Language.

Image is from a user named VertreV from Deviantart. Give 'em a round of applause!

Chapters (30)

During a traumatic event, an outsider finds himself flung violently into Equestria. His physical form is warped into that of the inhabitants but will his mentality follow? And even more importantly, will anypony truly accept him for who he is? Take a journey alongside this inexperienced youth as he finds himself in a strange new world with very different customs and tries his hardest to find a place for himself where he didn't before. A pity he can't even remember his name...

Okay, the basics. It's first person almost entirely. Very, very long chapters. I try to wrap them up around twelve to thirteen pages but a few slipped over that, especially towards the end. I'll release them slightly stagnated, as I'll be making final revisions as I go. Character tags are NOT final. I'll add more main characters as they show up in each chapter. Expect an update one or two times a week, probably. I adore reviews and structured, constructive criticism. Even if you just want to say you like it, that's fine too. :) I write stories to entertain peoples, so any evidence I get that it's working will encourage me. I hope you enjoy the story!

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