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Frightened was an understatement. Fluttershy, one of the kindest and sweetest girls, was being stocked to the point of feeling terrorized. She now has acquired the help from her most loyal friend. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, childhood best friends, learn to love each other in a new and confusing way.

Complementary Story: The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Teen Rating for Rainbow's use of foul language :rainbowwild:
"Fake girlfriend" trope; EG Universe Story only; The others girls show up briefly;

Beta Reader will be done by my gf in the near future. I was just too excited to get this out! This story has been 3 years in the making. Please critique and enjoy!

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Prom is just a week away in Canterlot High, and the whole student body is preparing for it. Unfortunately Rainbow Dash learns that some of the boys are preparing for it in ways that are making her oldest friend more then a little uncomfortable. In trying to find a way to help her she creates a situation that might just be even more uncomfortable for the both of them. What happens next is a series of uncomfortable situations that will push both girls way out of their comfort zones and test the boundaries of how deep their bond really is.
Another flutterdash from me, the world can always use a little more flutterdash. I honestly don't have a great plan heading into this one, but this idea has been flouting around my head for a while and I'm gonna do it.
Set in an indistinct time between Equestria Girls movies 2 and 3 for simplicities sake.
Rated teen because I'm putting in a scene that drops a lot of language, but other then that it should be clean.
Comments always welcome, good and bad, so feel free to tell me what you think. If you have ideas feel free to share. Like I said, I don't have a great plan so you might influence me greatly as things progress.

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