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After agreeing to Twilight's proposal of having a date in an alternate universe, Rarity finds herself contemplating many things, including but not limited to: what it means to be a human, how are you supposed to walk on two legs, meeting teenage versions of yourself and your friends, and last but not least, questioning your entire relationship and the nature of soulmates.

Going on an inter-dimensional date with her marefri—sorry, girlfriend—was not supposed to lead to the existential crisis of a lifetime, but there was Rarity anyway.

Set in the same continuity as "The Swap". Absolutely not set in the same continuity as "Your Own Worst Enemy".

Cover art by the wonderful Maxima.

Chapters (3)

All mares have needs. Even if they’re totally uncool and undeniably lame. Rainbow Dash is the one exception to the rule. After a month away from her marefriend, she wasn’t even the tiniest bit lonely. And she definitely didn’t need - or want - a hug. Hugs were lame, and she was Rainbow Danger Dash. Hugging would only slow her down.

Now with a Youtube reading by Sparrow9642. Link!

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In a city as corrupt as it is beautiful, a private investigator searches for her missing lover, a cop on the verge of busting open Canterlot's biggest crime syndicate.

But in order to find her beloved Twilight Sparkle, Rarity will have to enlist the help of Canterlot's former chief of police and Twilight's mentor, Celestia. And as the two race against the clock to save a life, they will have to ask themselves what's worth fighting for in a city that's already lost its soul.

(2021-03-09) Featured on Equestria Daily!

Pre-read by Snow Quill.

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Being a pony from a human world is hard. Being a Queen's officer is harder.

No need to be familiar with the crossover source material ahead of time.

Thanks to Sledge115 and Raleigh for pre-reads, and various Discord denizens for idea bouncing.

Sequel: Fusion.

Chapters (1)

Speed Reader may only be a temporary product of a fusion spell brewed by Dash and Twilight, but she's still got the Wonderbolt Barracks to herself for a whole half hour before she splits again. Just long enough to tangle with someone whom her halves would most certainly kick to the curb if either of them were in control.

But they're not in control. Speed Reader is. She can read ponies like books, and Lightning Dust is after something in the archives. Something important.

:pinkiegasp:Now with a written review!:pinkiegasp:

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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Twilight had never questioned the nature of the Tree of Harmony. To her at least, it stood as a sentinel, a silent guardian watching over Equestria and keeping disharmony at bay.

She soon starts to have questions and misgivings when she inadvertently witnesses the horrifying fate of hers and the rest of her friend's twisted doppelgängers. Did something happen to the Tree of Harmony, or was it always this way?

Twilight aims to resolve this mystery once and for all. Little does she realize that this mystery goes far deeper—the truth far more terrifying than she can imagine.

Will she be able to solve this nightmarish mystery with her sanity intact, or will she surrender and be lost to madness?

After some deliberation I chose to put a Crossover tag as the whole story uses many assets from several stories in the Cthulhu Mythos (most of them written by authors other than Lovecraft).

Fantastic cover art done by Mix-up!

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This story is a sequel to Empty Horizons

For the first time in a thousand years, the old magic has returned to Equestria.

The Elements of Harmony have been torn asunder by the careless Equestria they found themselves in just one month ago. Twilight Sparkle fled into the ocean, pleading for her friends not to follow her after only barely stopping the destructive rampage caused by The Other. Rainbow Dash and Applejack, with nothing but their knowledge of Twilight's nature and a crew of seasoned adventurers, leave Altalusia hoping to find their lost friend and bring her back. Meanwhile, Countess Rarity finds herself trapped among the machinations of Duke Titus, but perhaps she can yet use her new position for good.

But the new Equestria remains as treacherous as ever for six mares lost in time, and the sunken ruins of their old home still holds fresh and terrifying dangers. Mysteries a thousand years old demand solving, and even those born on the floating islands of the new Equestria may find themselves torn between two paths.

The world changed in the absence of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, and with their return it braces for change once more.

Audiobook updates Thursdays and Fridays!

Edited by Noc, Dominus Alicorn, and PsyonicG.

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In an unremarkable city, in an unremarkable hospital, to two unremarkable ponies, a filly was born. A filly who was all too remarkable. A filly who radiated Destiny, and Adventure.

Her parents, however, liked their unremarkable life, in their unremarkable city, and wanted nothing more for their little filly than to have a nice, normal, unremarkable youth. So whenever Destiny or Adventure reared their heads, they made sure to nip it in the bud. Magical portals, foreign princes, time travellers and mysterious salesponies of magical musical instruments all got the same answer:


Based on the Nope: The Anime joke (original posts) that went around on Tumblr some years ago. Expect silliness.

Covert art based on a picture by greyscale / Theponysketchguy, edited by me to change her hair and eye colour and make her look younger.

Spanish version:
Un poni llamado Nop on DeviantArt, translated by SPANIARD KIWI.

Chapters (12)

Twilight Sparkle is a successful mare - it's hard to do better than a pair of alicorn wings and a crown! Which leads her to wonder - why is she still single? Perhaps Rarity, connoisseur of all things romantic, will hold the answer?

Now has a reading thanks to StraightToThePointStudios!
Now has a reading thanks to Cloud 9!
Now translated into Chinese thanks to xieyuesanxing!
Now translated into Russian thanks to GreatDragonLord!
Now translated into Spanish thanks to SPANIARD KIWI!

Lovely cover art by VladiVoices commissioned by Cloud 9 for their reading (link above).

Top spot in the Featured box 1/2/20 - 1/5/20!

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Stepping into new ground can be hard, especially when it comes to writing. Ambris Knot, respected archaeology non-fiction writer and head librarian, knows this well, so when she tries to write fiction for the first time, she turns to a certain daring friend.

Belated Secret Santa present for the wonderful Oroboro.

Chapters (9)