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IRS Scammers. We all hate them, and in Equestria, it's no different. Once technology advanced to the point of phones and computers, scamming came with it.

Unfortunately, not everypony is as gullible as some other nasty people would like.

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Featured on EQD 11/26/18!

Chapters (29)

The planet of Chikyu is pretty odd, from an outsider perspective. There are anthromorphic sapients of every stripe and sort, the world president is a dog, its greatest warriors are alien monkeys, the average IQ (outside genius scientists or children) is somewhere below 50, and magic orbs raise the dead. How much difference would adding a pony that barely talks really make?
...quite a lot, apparently. Just ask Mr. Popo...if you dare.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged crossover
Edit: Cover art by CaioCoia.
On DA: https://www.deviantart.com/caiocoia

Chapters (8)

After a freak accident involving Princess Celestia, a magically powered sneeze with golden glitter, and a pony that guides air traffic, Air Marshal is now an Alicorn. Will he become a prince? Nope.

Proofread by Titanicgaming360 and tkepner.

Chapters (7)

Ponies are only scary until they are snuggled.

A baby dragon learns this first-handly.

Chapters (8)

During the course of a sleepover at Ponyville Castle, it is revealed that neither Twilight nor any of her friends have ever kissed a stallion. Things quickly get competitive, and soon Spike, the only male within striking distance, is forced to run for his life.

EDIT: WOW! Already featured only a few hours after publishing 6/20/17! Thank you all!

Chapters (1)

Spike Drake is a fifteen year old high school student who transferred to Canterlot High School. It is not long until he catches the eyes of almost every female student in the school, especially seven extraordinary girls who all fall for him at the same time. Not only that, but some of the female faculty of the school develop feelings for him as well. The question is will he be able to handle all of the attention that the girls and women at CHS give him or not?

Inspired by both The Girls of My Life and Ladies Man On Campus by Wildcard25.

Chapters (2)

Noticing her Princess' plight, the kitchen mare helpfully offers some of Luna's "special brew" to jumpstart Celestia's day. Chaos ensues when an overly percolated princess can't handle her caffeine!

(Rated "Teen" for the single use of one naughty word.)

Daybreak's story is told here in Sometimes It Takes a Double Shot!

(Many thanks to CaptainBron3y for this live reading!)

Don't miss the unofficial sequel "A Princess Needs her Coffee", a lovely story by my wonderful friend Broman.

Chapters (1)

In an effort to get to know her reserved little student better, Celestia invites the young Twilight Sparkle over for a cup of hot chocolate. Who knew lavender unicorns were so cute?

Warning: Contains Cuteness

Review by Titanium Dragon

Another Review by PresentPerfect

Amazing Reading by: CaptainBron3y

Chapters (1)

Join Spike as he settles in the city of Manehattan and goes through daily life decisions, all the while growing closer to his adoptive sister Twilight and getting to know the Mane Six through situations! Romance and silly hijinks abound! AU Humanized.

EDIT : Hey everyone! I decided to put this on hiatus for now. I'm thinking of revising the story, as I feel like this story could be a little better. Don't worry though, it'll still be about Spike and the interactions of the Mane 6! I'll also post out new content sometime in the future, so be hyped! :D

Either way though, I promise you all that I will make this a great read! :)

Chapters (4)

Tirek has won his fight against Twilight and decides to ensure his victory in full instead of storming off to destroy Equestria. Too bad there is someone that can stop him.

Now Spike is forced to act to protect his friends thanks to someone doing something that wasn't in the plans of Celestia. Rather impressive considering no one else had tried to do the same before.

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Chapters (1)
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