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When I first met Princess Twilight, she was confused, lost. Adrift in an alien world. I thought of her as a rich eccentric, certainly a foreigner. I humored her as much as I believed her, really. Even when she dragged me to the very ends of the world in her mad quest for a mythic well, I really did it all for her. I figured it would help her find some closure, and we could go home.

I was right, in a way.

Based roughly on the game 80 Days.

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JonTron visits the land of talking, magical ponies while the author experiments with the concept of combining the literary medium and a multitude of short clips of the visual medium for a relatively entertaining experience.


Rated T for the Tron in the JonTron ...also language.

Warning! Comments contain comments about the story! As such, since the comments are commenting about the story, it can be deduced that the comments commenting the story are commenting about information relevant to the story, which means that those who decided to read the comments before reading the story, for whatever reason, should be warned about comments commenting about information that's relevant to the story and the spoilage that may occur.

Edit: story featured on—ah, who even cares? I mean, why even bother noting the date? What am I gonna do? Look back fondly on the exact date that my story got put in the featured box? I mean, honestly, I'm pretty sure I just lost a whole bunch of views just for having the word 'featured' in my story's summary.

Cover image belongs to TWULF.

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After the fall of Mann co. the mercs were fired and scattered around the world, trying to rebuild their lives. However, one of them had the information that had always sparked Gray Mann's interest: the blueprints of Radigan Conagher. Now, the Engineer and his daughter try their last attempt to escape the clutches of Gray Mann: the trans-dimensional teleporter.
But will they be able to accommodate in this new world so different, yet so similar to their own?

Team Fortress 2 belongs to Valve and My little pony belongs to Hasbro.

Special thanks to Pree Spunky for helping me with the story.

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Sam Wilson was a normal guy. He had a normal life, with a normal family, normal job, normal everything.

Yes, he was a brony, yes he enjoyed reading fanfictions, including ones where humans got sent to Equestria, sometimes turning into ponies in the process.

Yet, his normal-great life would not last forever. It all started when— *record screeching sound*

"Yo, Pinkie! Quit being a third-person view narrator! This is my life story and I'll thank you to let me narrate it, thank you very much. Narrating's the only time I can talk like my oldself again, so don't take it away from me!"

Okie dokie lokie!


Anyway, as I was meant to be saying, It all started when I woke up as Apple Bloom.

As me and my family struggle to understand what's going on and move on with our new lives, I find myself somehow in Equestria and what's worse, there's already an Apple Bloom here! How am I possibly gonna get outta this?! Why ME?


Note: I made the cover image with an Aj, Ab and background image i found on google and used microsoft powerpoint and paint to put them together and edit a little.

The applebooms came from HERE and HERE

I take no credit for them, the applejack or the background (if you know the link for the latter two, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due).

this is a fic i was inspired to write after reading Becoming Sweetie Belle by Sparknanator.

Now, your first thoughts are probably going to be, this is basically the same story, but with Apple Bloom instead of Sweetie Belle.

well, while that is slightly true, i am going to be doing my best to make this as different from Becoming Sweetie Belle as I can, for I do not want to be seen as a plagiarist, for that is not my intention.

Popular Stories 6-12/9/2014. Featured Box 6-9/9/2014 and again 30/8/2015! :twilightsmile:

In the featured box 6/5/2016:pinkiegasp::raritystarry:

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Len Teles and his friend Andy are scientific geniuses who go to a specialized academy for gifted students. Their science project?
Casually building Particle Accelerators ands Light Dampers. Of course it helps to not have just as intelligent younger brother who likes the show they all do. And happens to be sick that day. Now they're stuck turning into pony OCs.

Story is "Cancelled" until further notice.
This is an OTVerse story. Go here for the the group to join~ OC Tales

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For Rarity, waking up with split ends is the absolute worst thing ever. Unfortunately, a mysterious stallion proves otherwise when he warns her that Armageddon is approaching and Equestria is doomed, and if that happens, she can kiss her well-coiffed mane farewell. Now the timeline is splitting worse than Rarity's hair as our intrepid heroine travels back again...

and again...

and again in order to save the world, with perhaps a smidgen of help from Princess Luna. And if she happens to find the time for a trip to the spa along the way, well... A mare can't be blamed for wanting to look her best, can she?

Thanks as always to JeffCvt for editing.

Further thanks to Prak for prereading!

Fantastic cover art provided courtesy of Pony-Berserker. Check out his other work—it's all amazing.

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Twilight and Applejack have been married for two years now, so it's not surprising when Applejack gets the motherly bug to have a foal. To please her wife, and to have a foal that belongs to both of them, despite mares not being able to get pregnant the normal way (obviously), Twilight creates a spell to do the job, and it works perfectly. However, there are unexpected consequences when each one of the mane six wake up the next morning and find that they are all expecting their own little bundles of joy.

*Takes place about five years after current cannon*
*Yes, the library is the setting. I'm in careful denial of the thing ever blowing up in the first place*
*Coverart by Me, using a base from Softybases on dA:

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Twilight Sparkle wakes from a coma after being cursed by a stallion she doesn't remember ever meeting. Princess Celestia and Spike have been taking care of her while she was sleeping. But something is wrong, and Twilight’s memories don’t match up with anypony else's.

This is an AU story of my own twisted imagination. Set after “Games Ponies Play” but before “Magical Mystery Cure” timeline wise (sort of, you'll see). So no Alicorn Twilight here. Tagged Twilight and Celestia as they are the main characters, but other characters do appear in the story.

Descriptions are hard. Big thanks to my Pre-Readers Nakrab and Dumbgamer99!

-- Soft Story

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Celestia wants Muffins. Luna just wants her to shut up. Both requires money. She decides to withdraw money from an ATM like all the other ponies. An epic battle to the death ensues. Just another Tuesday in Equestria.

Chapters (1)

Changeling Narris finds herself living with her sister and mother in ponyville. What challenges will she encounter?

Chapters (7)