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Lagnus the Raven is a old and very experienced hunter who was once one of the many close apprentices of Gehrman the First Hunter, but what happens when Lagnus is finally killed and ends up in Equestria? Lagnus now finds himself in a alien world filled with pastel colored ponies. Lagnus may think his hunting carrier is over now but little does he know a group of mages with evil intentions had came with him to Equestria. Now the hunt shall begin again...

Warning if you don't know Bloodborne lore or have a rough idea of its story you won't get most references in the story and be able to put together what it all means. But if you wish to continue anyways be my guest. I have also but my own twist into the lore so just be warned lore obsessers. Lore is meant to be taken differently for everyone so if its not up to what Vaati Vidia, or Silver Mont says the lore is remember all lore is interpreted differently for each person!

Anyways guys I have worked for a good month to get this first chapter and the story in general to be up and running so I hope ya'll like it, and I hope it does well!

Editor: Requiem17

Chapters (2)

Something is returning to Equestria something that hasn't been seen or heard of for a very long time. A darkness is coming and it has set its gaze on twilight and her friends will they defeat this unknown creature or will they be crushed with in the creatures dark shadows.

This is my first attempt at writing a story so sorry if my grammar isn't the best. And this is also my first attempt at writing a Dark themed story.

(ps- don't pay mind to the cover art its only temporary until i can find something that suits this story)

Chapters (3)

Spike has been feeling as if a part of himself is missing, he has also been having strange dreams of seven figures and a strange voice that haunts him during the day, has Spike lost his mind or is he part of something that will decide the faight of the world

Chapters (2)

Celestia has been prepping for this day for quite sometime. The day an old old friend was to drop by. The wise and powerful Yogurt lands in Canterlot and catches up with the princesses and sees how the other is doing and holding up with their successful brand.

Chapters (1)

So.. This is one of my random fanfics I came up with at 1 A.M. waiting to see of my best friend was gonna text me(He never did :P) Anyways, this is set a little while after Luna has returned from the moon and Nightmare is gone. But she is afraid of it happening again. Only Celestia can help her.

Chapters (2)

Confederate General Thomas Jonathan Jackson. A.K.A “Stonewall Jackson.” Died May 10, 1863 after the battle of Chancellorsville from pneumonia. This is what history tells us. However, what if Jackson didn’t die? What if he was rescued from his fate by a certain alicorn princess to save her country from annihilation?

Chapters (5)

When confronted by certain mortality, when you realize that your lifetime is measured in days,
When Destiny itself foretells your impending death ...

You tell to the world that your death is not the same as your end.

And Never. Stop. Moving.

Notes: Story starts roughly 1129 years before the show, and somewhat anachronistic in the beginning. Other characters may be added in when required.
Inspired by "Lord of Dorkness" and his vision of a trans-humanist future.
Inspired by my annoyance at how 90% of all Liches appear to be assholes.
HIATUS: My first criticism inspired me to fix the utterly jumbled mess that is the first arc, because it was written with no effort to continuity, and the assumption that nobody would read it. There's a lot of new stuff that needs to be added to bridge the gaping holes everywhere, but it ain't dead. Not until I die, anyways.

Arc 1: The Gathering of the Dead (1 - 25)
Arc 2: The March of the Dead (26 - 34)

Tags: Necromancy, Transhumanism, Lich, Cyborgs

Chapters (37)

This story is a sequel to Darth's Warming Eve

One year after Darth Vader's experience in Ponyville, I miserly Palpatine is displeased. He has learned that his apprentice is once again back on Equis, celebrating Hearth's Warmth. If that weren't enough, his over all wicked nature and hatred for the pony holiday has not left him in the most charitable of moods. refuses. On a bitter whim, he has ignored Equies plea for imperial medical supplies to help combat a new virus that is plaguing Equestira as well as other region of the planet.

Can the ghost of his old master and three Hearth Warming spirits be enough to make the Big Bad of the Star Wars Saga change?

This story was written with permission from Follow Focus and was written as a parody of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Pleas read and thumb up the original before reading this fan made sequel.

Chapters (1)

‘Twas the midmost of winter and into the town was a place where laughter, and cheer could be found. Ponies roamed through the streets with smiles on their faces, seeing bakeries, toy stores and other neat places.
But this is the part where the story gets weird, for this year's Hearth's Warming turns out worse than they feared. When Ponyville is introduced to its newest invader, a man dressed in black whose name is Darth Vader.

Written for the Hearth's Warming Eve Hearth's Warming Contest! (2nd Place :D)


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