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rainbow dash is the fastest flyer in Equestria and is the elements of loyalty

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When Apple Bloom goes missing, Applejack desperately searches for her missing sister. She finds Apple Bloom trapped inside a well. But what she pulls out may not be her sister at all.

Artwork provided by Glen Gorewood

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Scootaloo has never talked much about herself. Nopony knows her family, or has visited her home. But she has one big secret she's never told anypony... especially Rainbow Dash.

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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Family

Scootaloo has the worst family in all of Equestria! Even Princess Twilight Sparkle agrees. That’s why she’s granting Scootaloo the whole summer to find a new, better family. And Scootaloo knows just where to go.

Set between Season Four and Season Five.

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There are things you just don't say. Some lines you just don't cross, ever. The reason you don't cross them is because of empathy: you know how bad it feels to hear certain things, and you know you wouldn't like it if you heard it yourself. This is a view not shared by everypony.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon crossed the line. Rarity learns of it. Rarity is not amused.

Everypony draws their line in the sand somewhere.

Disclaimer: contains Rarity in a state of barely lucid rage as well as the use of harsh words. Also Cheerilee being as effective as she is in the show, on average. If you do not enjoy episodes like Ponyville Confidential or any other episode where ponies talk harshly to each other, chances are this'll ruffle some feathers.

If this resembles real life situations or anyone you know, this is not the author's intent nor the author's problem.

Added notice 10/12/13: No, not based on any Season 4 storyline or spoilers, it's an old idea. The spoiler just prompted the publishing.

Added 2021 notice: please check the author's notes before commenting, chances are you'll find some answers there.

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Now what do you do?

When you've been gone for more than a thousand years, you have a lot to catch up on. You may even owe a ton of apologies. Heroes old and new must deal with the consequences of their choices, each in their own ways.

And before they settle down in the new realm, the Pillars will become acquainted with the Spirit of Chaos himself.

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Sunset Shimmer, twenty-four years old, woke up on a cruise ship, without knowing how she got there, or why. She encountered fifteen other souls, all of them trapped aboard by a mysterious pony known only as Monoponi, who informed them they are there for one purpose, and one purpose only:

To kill each other.

Now struggling to survive while desperately trying to recover what memories she's lost, Sunset is thrust into a deadly situation, where anyone, at any turn, could become the next killer. Who will survive? Who will die? What is Monoponi's true goal? Who is he, really?

Sunset can only hope to find out before she, too, becomes a victim of the killing game.

A Danganronpa/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Equestria Girls crossover, taking place post season nine of Friendship is Magic, featuring complex mysteries, flash-in-the-pan romances, and various custom art pieces along the way. Now completed! :twilightsmile: All art credits can be found on my blog. Thank you especially to lennardd and JQarp of Archive of Our Own for inspiration, and to any and all who read this story.

Now featuring a TVTropes page created by SuperSonicHeroes. A big thank you to them as well. And if you enjoy this story and want to support it and future works, please feel free to donate to my Ko-Fi account.

Hungry for more DR:IHW? There is a now a compilation of alternate moments/other stuff called Lost Moments. Check it out! :twilightsmile:

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When Twilight is accused of nepotism, her friends rush to her defense! Sortof.

Written in four hours during a speed-writing exercise. Totally unedited. Enjoy!

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Scootaloo came to Ponyville as an orphan, and has been struggling with just that fact ever since her arrival. But recently she's been wondering why she became an orphan, and many things are brought to question, such as why she was abandoned. Was she not worth anything to her parents, but more importantly, if she wasn't worth anything, were she not special, and how would she then get her important cutie mark? This story will depict how the questions and their answers will affect the various relationships between Scootaloo and her friends.

Featured the 13th of August. (OHMAHGERD)

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Scootaloo has always been jealous of her friends. They have sisters and families. She only has a sister and even then Rainbow Dash hasn't exactly been the definition of a big sister. Scootaloo has too small of wings so she can't fly. She's a bit smaller than most fillies and she doesn't do well in class. Some times she even seems messy like she hadn't taken a shower in a couple of days. All Scootaloo has ever wished is to be normal and have a normal life like her friends.

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Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash: two ponies leading two separate lives. Yet after a series of fateful encounters, the two will discover something that will change their lives forever.

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