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Ronin , Nicholas, and Raiden Blazeheart lived together in an apartment complex in Florida. But, when the youngest of the three brothers wishes for a place to belong, the trio find themselves thrown into a world of multicolored ponies and magic. How will the three adapt to the change of scenery, and how will the new world change who they are as people?

Hilarity, Romance, and a whole lot of soul searching is to be expected as the trio live out their new lives in equestria.

This story will contain mild descriptions of blood and violence (where needed) and slight profanity from the older siblings, although both of these won't be a part of every chapter anyway.

Takes place near the end of season 2, about a month before the wedding episode.

Chapters (71)

This story is a sequel to Integration Is Pointless

The final chapter in [enter overarching name for these stories?] trilogy. Jack will have to face not only his future, but also his past (dun dun duuuuun.) Now guaranteed to be—


Welcome to... MY LIFE— I mean—ROMANCE IS CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!

(I apologize for that, but it seemes to fit.)

NOTICE= as always: gore, sex, and violence tags are there to be safe. No hanky-pank (explicit at least), Mortal Kombat style fatalities, or overly graphic dance fights. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (2)

The Union, the powerful government that rules the entirety of mankind, has waged war on a faraway world. How will Jack, an unwilling conscript, deal with being captured by humanities most recent foe, ponies. Who will crack first, Jack, or his equestrian captors.

This story now has a sequel: Integration Is Pointless. Feel free to check it out, or don't, I'm not forcing you to.

Chapters (8)

This is an alternate ending on the story The Crimes of the condemned by WurkyWilk 358 0W0.

Its been a month since the utter destruction of "The Purest." The evil organization of highly racists unicorns hell bent on slaughtering all non-unicorns ponies and taking the throne for their leader have been completely crush before they can begin their plans of mass genocide and taking power.

The human prisoner wakes up from his coma and is soon visited by Princess Luna and Shining Armor. Though they are happy to see him awake. It would seem that they have much to tell the human about what happened after he was attacked.

The human will soon learn that his plan to help others nearly got Equestria destroyed. He will also learn of the many great consequences of his choices.

All which could of been avoided if he just did one simple thing.

I originally made an alternate version to the Canon version of the original story but I haven't gone back to it. So I decided to "Remake" it with this one and get straight to the heart of why I started writing that story in the first place.

This version will follow everything that happened in the original until Chapter 6 where this story begins.

I hope you enjoy!

Chapters (1)

He has been waiting for this moment since his teenage years. Investing in the stock market, taking risks with bitcoins and multiplying his assets whenever he could.

It was far from easy, but he made it; he's got enough reputation to book an interview with the Borealis Development Team.

His objective?

Convince them to build a real unicorn, the unicorn of his dreams; his very own Starlight.

Chapters (3)

Story updates very slowly, read at your own risk.

Much to Celestia's dismay, she had to banish Luna to rid the world of the Nightmare. The Elements of Harmony, detecting the good in Luna, sent her somewhere else. Enter me, Shawn. I'm just you're average, antisocial guy trying to make my way through college. One day I start noticing things happening around me. What was causing them, well I would have never expected this!

Mild to strong profanities
Many Theater references
Sex tag is for security, better safe than sorry.

Chapters (5)

The Crystal Heart has been broken, and the ancient evil imprisoned inside has been released from the crystal prison, surely to wreak vengeance on those who had imprisoned her. The Mane Six are right on the scene and prepared for an inevitable fight to defend their homeland and loved ones.

Only for Luxure, the goddess of lust who was trapped in the heart, to give up almost instantly.

Very bewildered, the Mane Six question the supposedly evil goddess why she would do this.

Kind of my attempt at a deconstruction of typical MLP villain ambition and behavior. Also considered my return to trying to write as I've been out of it for a while.

Alternate Universe tag obviously for the inclusion of an OC, and the fact that "The Crystalling" doesn't happen in this continuity. Sex tag for minor sex jokes and implications.

Chapters (12)

There are days that you just can't really explain. Such as when you jump off a diving board and accidentally go through a portal to another universe, oh did I mention I fell on my face? Well at least it was a cloud, but falling on your face only gets so fun. That's also how I met Spitfire, and Soarin, and Fleetfoot and just about every Wonderbolt in Cloudsdale. Did I mention that I fell face-first right in the middle of a really big Wonderbolts meeting? This is my tale of what life was like after I face-planted in a land of magical talking ponies yet didn't get admitted to an insane asylum.

(Woo! Awesome! Featured on 8/22/2014. Love you guys.)
(I changed it to teen but whenever sex scene would pop up I'll post it in a side story and link at the end of specific chapter, the ones that end with that kind of scene will end with a "*")
(May contain adult or sexual language at parts)

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to A Sleeping Rose

Lily's conspiracy newspaper said that there was a monster near Ponyville, and while it was mostly wild speculation, town gossip said that Ginger Gold suddenly had somebody—something—unexpected working in her woodlot.

Lily had her thoughts about that, and so did I. Assuming it actually existed, would Ginger Gold hire it if it was really a monster? I didn’t think so, but the only way to find out was to see for myself.

Pre-read by TheLegendaryBillCipher, The Red Parade and Topaz Moon

Chapters (5)

The horror, the horror... They were on the search for new and amazing flowers and they found them! Why isn't this good news? They arrive in a strange city filled with colorful creatures they do not understand and no way home.

Come, welcome to Prisma, home of flutterponies. Don't know what those are? Learn with our flowery trio. No pre-reading is required for this story, so dive on in! Done for a lovely patron, to update once a week.

Chapters (6)