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Hi guys! I'm hoping to write various bits and pieces. Hopefully it will be awesome but I am also here to follow my good friend, Zoom Star's, story "Ponies Through the Portal"

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The story of a pony with the power to harness the magic of stars. And what he does when he finds out. What will he do with his powers, and what consequences will his actions have on the people around him? Author's Note: A background story on an OC character I made in an earlier fic. After creating him, I felt he needed a better story than what I had given him.

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Nature is just like us. It has different moods, like anger, happiness, and sadness. It can change dramatically if it wants to, and has the power to change others. But the one thing Nature has that we don't, is power itself. Power that can be unleashed in a raging tornado, or a vengeful tsunami. In some cases, you could say, Nature has power over us. But what happens, when a pony discovers it has changed this rule, to dramatic standards.

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This story follows the journey of an illusive renegade, and his fight against the ruthless tyrant king, who governs the land of Equiheim with an iron fist.

*Land based off of Norse mythology*

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When three best friends discover a portal inside a mystical rock, they find themselves in Ponyville, and have become ponies! What adventures will they get up to with their new friends in Ponyville, and more importantly, will they get back?

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