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This story is a sequel to Bad Habits

Eighteen days ago, Wallflower promised Sunset that she would stop hurting herself. She's never regretted anything more.

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When Wallflower Blush tries to take her own life, Sunset does the only thing she can think of to save her. By witnessing the entirety of Wallflower’s memories all at once, she hopes that part of her friend may live on within herself.

However, possessing the memories of two lives leaves Sunset doubting her own identity. Now that she's inherited all the same memories and traumas that led to Wallflower's suicide, is she even the same person anymore?

Drawing used in cover is by avirextin.

Based on an idea by shortskirtsandexplosions.

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Sometimes, life goes on. Even when it doesn't.

In which everyone must learn to cope.

Cover art created by the wonderful Scampy. Many thanks, friend.

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After trading in a memory-erasing magic artifact for a second chance, all of Wallflower Blush's social insecurities were quickly forgotten.

Except for the part where that didn't happen. Instead, Wallflower now has to confront old grudges she's held against the students of Canterlot High School, along with the reasons she formed them to begin with. Some are petty, some are painful, but to Wallflower, they're all real.

Up until now, confronting them has always ended badly. However, after several chance meetings, Wallflower's odds look slightly better than usual—especially after bumping into a quirky indie movie director who seems to really enjoy her company.

Can Wallflower's blossoming friendships—and sudden romance—make up for the sadness and mistakes of her friendless past?

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

Cover Artwork: Gabbslines

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Luna and Sunset talk on the roof of Canterlot High School.

Sunset has no desire to kill herself; what concerns Luna is that that isn't the same as wanting to be alive. In fact, it's not even close.

Note about the content:
The "Suicide / Self Harm" tag is only for stories that actually contain those things. There's no warning tag (or any kind of tag) for stories that contain discussion of those things, or related things, without actually featuring them. So I'm warning you here.

This is about a specific kind of deep depression: the kind where you don't particularly want to live. At one point Sunset talks about possible ways she could die, and how none of them would bother her. So if you're not up for reading things suicide related and suicide adjacent, steer clear.

Now that I've spoiled almost every aspect of the story, let me ruin the rest. I didn't tag this as "Sad" because I don't think it's sad. It's definitely heavy, but that's not the same thing.

You might disagree about whether it's sad, though, so take that into account when deciding whether or not you want to read it. If you do read, and you think it should be tagged as "Sad", please tell me in the comments. (The last thing I want to do is bring people down when they're not prepared for it.)

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Anybody could tell you that a high school worth of students would never be enough to conquer a whole world right? A part of Sunset wanted to die the night of the Fall Formal. In a way she succeeded.

The magic did its best to put her back together again, but there's a reason everybody notes that Sunset is like a new person after the Fall Formal don't they?

It's almost like a new Sunset was born that night... and she needs help in becoming a real person again.

Trigger warning - At some point in the story, characters may discuss heavy topics, such as suicide, cutting, violence, teen pregnancy, homelessness, among others. This is the story I will be channeling my darker side.

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Losing her friends was the start of a self-destructive spiral for Sunset Shimmer. Convinced that she will never escape the echoes of her past, she tries to take her own life.

The attempt leaves her severely injured and she falls unconscious. In her dreams, she is visited by Princess Luna. They have much to discuss, whether Sunset likes it or not.

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Drawing of Sunset used in cover art is by Xaztein

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