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Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, who have always thrown parties for others, decide they want to elope instead of hosting an extravagant wedding for themselves. In their view, the perfect place to have their wedding away from home is Dodge Junction. Little do they know that the desert town has had unwelcome guests as of late.

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This story is a sequel to Class for Two

(It is highly recommended you check out Birthday Built For Two first, along with its sequels. Though familiarity with them is not required to understand this fic. Takes place after "The Last Laugh" for obvious reasons.)

Thanks to Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich is back on his hooves and ready to spread laughter and cheer wherever he goes. And Pinkie Pie couldn't be happier for him, especially since he's her very special somepony.

But it isn't long afterward that Cheese returns to Ponyville once again, this time with something very important he hopes to ask Pinkie Pie about. Something that will change their lives forever.

Will Cheese be able to work up the courage to ask? And if he does, how will Pinkie react?

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Set a few years after Magic is Friendship has ended, Pinkie Pie is living her life in Ponyville much as she always has. She helps take care of the Cake twins, she plans parties, and she spreads joy to everypony she comes across. When Cheese Sandwich returns to Ponyville to ask her a very special question, it throws her whole world for a whirl, and these star-crossed ponies will have to figure out how they can be together even when they have to stay apart.

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Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have been friends for some time when Cheese suggested that they try to move the relationship further. Far from objecting, Pinkie was all for it. However, as their first legitimate date approaches, Pinkie is nervous that she may screw it up, and Cheese may change his mind.

Cheese on the other hand, is nervous that he won't be good enough for her.

They both want this, so why is it so hard to progress this friendship into something more?

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(Based off the events in the Season 5 finale The Cutie Re-Mark - this story contains spoilers for that episode, as well as events leading up to the end of Season 7.)

The ashen wasteland Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer and Spike discovered at the end of their time travelling must have been caused by someone.... But who could possibly possess the power to cause the destruction of all life in Equestria?

In an alternate timeline where Twilight Sparkle and her friends never gained their cutie marks, it's just another long chain of tragic events in the life of the lone ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia.

All throughout her life, the sun princess had a voice in the back of her mind attempting to convince her to stop caring about what happens to the world or her subjects. The voice is cruel, condescending and cold....

But Celestia can't help but listen... after all....

The voice is a reflection of her own suppressed feelings.

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Some years ago--never mind how long precisely--having few to no bits in their purse, Cheese Sandwich and his little brother Tomato Sandwich set out on a quest to acquire an accordion through music and brotherhood.

Written for Tumbleweed's Springtime Sandbox-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo!.

I had the pleasure of writing a piece based off the works of Sketcha-Holic, particularly her anthology of stories about the relationship between Cheese Sandwich and his (non-canon) little brother Tomato "Tommy" Sandwich.

As far as chronology goes, this takes place after Tales of Two Sandwiches, but before It Broke the Camel's Back, and decades before the main adventures in Brother Bothers and Brotherly Bonding Time. Hopefully I didn't miss anything which would clash with her established canon.

Reading those are not required to understand this story, but I would still highly recommend them anyway.

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This story is a sequel to Rarity and the Rhinoceros

Apple thieves: the worst kind of thief.

At least, if you're Applejack.

After discovering that all of the apples in some of her trees have gone missing, Applejack buys a new security system to defend the farm.

A hippopotamus.

Though Twilight isn't quite convinced it's a good idea.

Edited by James Fire.

Reading by TheDizzyDan

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Seven years have passed since Grand Pear moved to Vanhoover, and time has dulled the pain of leaving Pear Butter behind. Though the scars remain, life for the Pear family has done its best to return to normal.

But one day, a letter from Ponyville comes in the mail.

Featured on Equestria Daily! 10/3/17

Featured by The Royal Canterlot Library 9/7/18!

Russian translation!

Paul Asaran
Seattle's Angels

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Soarin is considered by many to be a Play Colt, a stallion able to get any mare he so desired, then why is it he is all alone on Hearts and Hooves Day? Could the legendary PlayColt actually has no idea how to talk to mares? In order to avoid the holiday dedicated to love, Soarin elects to spend the day at home to avoid it at all cost, the only problem is he has no pie left; leading him to Sweet Apple Acres to get the best pies in Equestria from no other but Applejack.

Happy Valentines Day to one and all! Breaking my tradition here this year, instead of a total MacDash story this year I am writing a SoarinJack! I love this ship and have been trying to write a story for so long about them, so I finally sat down and got to it. I love how it turned out and hope you all enjoy as well!

Thank you to Arbarano for all of his edits! So sorry it took me so long to write! Best editor awards goes to this guy!

Also a special thanks goes to The Masked Ferret , Aquaman, and Jake the Army Guy for listening to my random ideas and complaints.

Final thanks goes to Artistcoolpony for the cover art... now only if you did MacDash...

Non-Mature Feature Box: 2/16/17

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The Friendship Games. A time-honored quadrennial competition between Crystal Preparatory High School and Canterlot High School, wherein the former traditionally trounces the latter.

Of course, that tradition had been established before the magical renaissance. Now all bets are off, and both schools have prepared for anything as best they can.

It won't be enough.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Rated Teen for mild to medium language.

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