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Anon finds himself having to turn into a filly to start over and attempt at a new life. He ends up being adopted by none other than Trixie as they travel throughout Equestria; slowly coming to terms living together and finding out about each other's dark past.

Original Script/Draft: https://pastebin.com/rvmJj7bs

Note: I plan on rewritting and continuing this story since it hasn't updated in over 4 years.

Chapters (6)

Creativa's struggle against Order's tyranny isn't going well. After another humiliating defeat and punt through one of his portals lands her in a different dimension, an eager to help alicorn who vaguely looks like her late sister seems to be a sign Creativa’s luck is turning.


Order's schemes are grander than anypony, least of all Creativa and Luna, can imagine.

Written for Nitro Indigo's Swapped Roles contest, with Discord and Celestia being the inverted ones while the flippant canon Luna tags along for the ride. A secondary theme is Secrets, but I can't very well reveal that angle in the summary blurb.

Updates will be posted Thursdays through the months of June and July, which is when the contest ends. Y’all should join in! It’s got prizes!

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Sunset Shimmer and her friends receive remarkable news: Princess Twilight is poised to become the queen of all Equestria! As the girls celebrate the invitation to their friend's upcoming coronation, Sunset's horrified to find that she's not just selflessly happy for her best friend. If not princesshood, what's she meant to do with her life anyway? What's her destiny in the human world?

As Equestrian Magic grows more powerful due to an ominous, inter-dimensional rip in space-time above Canterlot High, Sunset's friends are affected by a dangerous, new magic and she's left to wonder if she's done more harm here than good.

This story is a sequel to The Exes Club. Helpful, but not required reading. Themes and ideas introduced there are developed further here.

Story development, visual direction, and illustrations by the badass Bevin Brand.
Editing and support by the lovely Space Jazz.
Special thanks to one of my best friends, Bookish Delight, for her immeasurable support, guidance, and all around awesomeness.

Featured on June 2nd, 2020
Featured as a Scouted Fanfic on Equestria Daily June 5th, 2020

Tagged with Sex for sexual discussion, no graphic depictions. Tagged with Profanity because teenagers.

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Princess Nightmare Moon has it all. Socially awkward shut-in Twilight Sparkle has nothing of worth. Princess Nightmare Moon can acquire anything she desires. Twilight Sparkle can't seem to catch a break. Two polar opposites from completely different worlds. Yet amidst her dominant rule, Princess Nightmare Moon feels she's missing something. A certain day from her memory has been wiped... and none of her common materialistic desires can sate her quench for answers. That is until she encounters a certain young unicorn mare, who she can't seem to get off her mind.

Twilight Sparkle's dull and downtrodden life is about to get much more interesting.

[Inspired by S5 - Nightmare Moon AU: Updated Weekly! Thank you for your support!]

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Surrounded by the Everfree Forest, filled with delinquents, devoid of morals and any real sources of magic, Ponyville is the worst place to live in all of Equestria. But it also has the cheapest rent and Twilight's life just collapsed to the point where she can't afford to live anywhere else.

Perhaps the only thing Twilight has going for her now is that Rarity, the most powerful pony in town, has taken a liking to her. Rarity is eloquent, but the leader of a gang. She's beautiful and intriguing, but the most irreverent and delinquent pony Twilight has ever met. Rumors swirl around her. Some ponies even say she and her entire gang are all vampires.

But Twilight is smart enough to not give in to temptations. Or join a gang. Or become a vampire.

Chapters (19)

Sunset Shimmer has lived in the human world for over ten years now. Some of the best and worst days of her life have happened there. When she finds herself no longer having a place in the world she's grown accustomed to she travels back to her homeland of Equestria to figure out who she is and where she belongs. What she finds is a land and people irreversibly changed by time.

Twilight Sparkle now rules over this new Equestria. It is a time of peace and prosperity for the entire world, so why does the Princess seem so sad?
Figuring out her own problems, an entirely different home than the one she grew up in, and her increasingly complicated relationship with Princess Twilight could be the most difficult thing Sunset Shimmer has ever done.
Story takes place post FIM and EG

Chapters (19)

Some realize that Trixie is not the first to bear the title of The Great And Powerful.

Few realize that it is less a title and more a curse.

The one who kills The Great And Powerful shall ever after be cursed to become The Great And Powerful.

On a related note, Twilight Sparkle is having a very bad week.

Featured, 12/04/19-12/06/19, and 12/09/19-12/12/19!

Reviewed by PaulAsaran, with a rating of Pretty Good!.

Also reviewed by Titanium Dragon with a rating of Not Recommended.

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This story is a sequel to Friendship Is Monsters

It’s been over month since Twilight first saved Sunset's life and began to make friends. She finds herself happy for the first time in a long time and breaking out of her shell. However, as she ventures out and expands her horizons, things are gonna get messy. Secrets will spill, faces from the past will return, and new threats lie around the corner.

Maybe friendship really isn't so scary, even if your new friends are monsters.

Maybe its all you have

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Rot

After the events in 'Rot', Twilight Sparkle has finally come to terms with her new self. Can she control her new powers? Can she ever have anything close to a 'normal' life again? And what happens when Discord's past mistakes come home to pass judgement on the 'new' Princess of Friendship?

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Celestia XVII

I'm Princess Celestia XVII, Equestria's sixty-third Princess of the Sun. I'm twenty years old. My friends call me Cece. And my enemies... well...

Things had been going so well--up until a month ago, when the Changelings attacked. Now, I can barely close my eyes at night before I wake up screaming. And Twilight Sparkle's been acting wierd, too--she and I used to be best friends, but now she's mad at me, and I don't know why...

Plus, strange things have been happening, all over Equestria. No one can explain them, but I get the feeling that something big is coming, just over the horizon...

The long-awaited sequel to Celestia XVII!
Rated Teen for some innuendos and occasional, harsh language. Better safe than sorry, yo.
Story is written and edited; new chapters will post daily until completed.
Read and edited by Eruantalon, Crack-Fic Kai, and Soge. Thanks guys!
Cover art by the inimitable LeafBunny!

Chapters (36)