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Hi, I'm MoarCrossovers. I like crossovers. Can't you tell? Probably will have some stories coming out in the future, but for now just looking for inspiration.

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A dalek appears in Equestria - not just any dalek, but the one that had been corrupted by Rose Tyler's DNA. It has a choice of life as a pony, or dying, and finds that it cannot bear to die a second time. Thus begins a strange adventure as the dalek tries to find a place for itself in a world that is completely antithetical to its former existence and way of thinking...

...and why does that earth pony stallion look familiar...?

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Wallace and Gromit go to the moon for a picnic. They find a lonely pony, a lovestruck robot, and an incredibly cheesy life-lesson.

Rated E for Englishness.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of 22nd January 2014!

Saw some Wallace & Gromit pony art. Then this happened. Enjoy!
Thanks to Mr101 and Craine for pre-reading.

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After being accused by her friends and left crying in the hallways of CHS, Sunset Shimmer wanders into the forests surrounding Canterlot. While there, she discovers something that changes her life and begins an adventure unlike any she had been on before. An evil has taken root at CHS. It's time to fight for friendship, take hold of the light, and -


Co-Written by KR Chrome.

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Sunset Shimmer's having a bad day. A really bad day. An embarrassingly bad day.

She kinda broke reality. And now the city is overrun with beings from all across the multiverse.

Both Twilight Sparkles are trying to fix the damage, but it's up to Sunset to deal with the metric buttload of crazy...

A wacky tale of unrelenting nonsense and stupidity.

Click here for a complete list of crossover characters!

Now has a TV Tropes page!

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Narrated by Optimus Prime of the Autobots!

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by ponies, has been at peace since Tirek has been defeated by Princess Twilight and her friends. She is now the newly titled Princess of Friendship, and with her friends; Applejack, Rarity, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, usher in a newfound era of goodwill to all pony-kind…


In the distant past, in another dimension, lies an ancient Earth. Upon this planet lives the mightiest and most successful race of creatures ever known to the human race; the Dinosaurs. Unlike Equestria, Earth was, and still is, a violent and chaotic place where only nature has absolute authority of it's varied lifeforms. Fate was cruel when a extra-terrestrial event saw the end of the mighty dinosaurs…

But the cosmos had other plans…

In a freak of nature, five different species of dinosaurs called the Dromeosaurids, or Raptors, wake up in unfamiliar territory, a whole new world for them to thrive on…

And that world is Equestria!!!

Is it the start of something big? Will friendship be enough to control creatures of pure, unrestrained instinct? Can Twilight and friends crack the mysteries of what is happening to their world??? Find out NOW!!! Find out in...

My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs!!!

This is a remake of Dihinner's 'Raptor' story. More Mesozoic animals, more wonder, more fear, than anything before, or possibly after. I eagerly await reviews and comments, and am also waiting for suggestions from you brilliant writers...

And yes, I made that picture, background found on Google, Fluttershy by someone on DeviantArt, and the dinosaur, an Allosaurus, I made from scratch. I hope to replace it with a better, more fitting one in the future...

Here is a couple spin-offs of this story (expect more being put in here...)
My Little Pony - Giants of Patagonia
My Little Pony: The Guardians of Equestria by Laci the Hunter
The Age of Dinosaurs - Teratophoneus by Hirohito

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The Conversion Bureau never made any sense anyway, but here are some places where it would have made less sense.
Not necessarily worlds where the ponies would lose the fight - just worlds where conversion wouldn't logically work.

Before suggesting a World, read the index to make sure I haven't done it already.

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Mort, also known as the Pale Pony (of Death), has been tasked to take time off from his rigorous duties of reaping souls. Seeking guidance, he is directed towards the town of Ponyville, to learn about the magic of friendship from Twilight Sparkle and her friends. All he needs to do is keep his true nature a secret. That shouldn't be too difficult...right?

Special thanks to Specter-Von-Baren and Pyrite Foolsgold for their help in proofreading and editing this story, as I really needed it. Additional thanks to Pilate, Chuckle5, Unimpressive Vagaries and Admiral Biscuit as well! Couldn't have done it without all their help!

Credit for the title card goes to Siansaar, AKA Carnifex.

For another excellent take on Mort, check out Sip's version!

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