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Just what the name says -- I can't believe I'm here and actually want to write ponyfic. Most of my ideas are crossovers, and they're all still being plotted out. Stay tuned!

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This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand

Discord's time of freedom draws near. Celestia has prepared, though. The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony stand ready to seal him up once more. Everything will go according to plan... but whose plan?

A story in the Hasbroverse, taking place a few weeks after the Conversion Bureau: United we Stand, the tail end of season two and late 2012.

Please ignore anything from the My Little Pony comic, especially concerning Cosmos. I do not read them.

Cover art was done by Inspector97 on DeviantArt. Source is here.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Canis Fidelis: Harmony

What has four legs, wears a bullet-proof vest, can hear you through a solid concrete wall and has a set of highly-trained fangs that can exert up to seven-hundred pounds of pressure per square inch?

In Equestria, there are lots of things like that. But only one of them stands at Princess Luna's side, protecting Equestria as he once protected his own world.

His name is Bungee, and he is a Military Working Dog.

It has been a year since Lieutenant Rourke threatened the harmony of Equestria. But the thing about danger; it's always lurking. A long forgotten foe rises against the land. An ancient threat that has been plotting her revenge since the dawn of Equestria.

The reclamation has begun. And it falls upon the faithful dog to stop it.

Rated Teen for violence

Chapters (2)

In a distant time and far away place, the planet of New Texas floats deep in space. World of three suns, land of precious ore, the Kerium rush brought outlaws, by the score...

The 80's cartoon Bravestarr is my favourite space western. However I always felt sorry that Thirty Thirty, Bravestarr's 'big pard' seemed to be the last of his kind. Maybe if he met the right filly...

(Custom cover art by the amazing agonizingapollo_14.)

Chapters (6)

Twilight's in some pretty deep trouble. It's bad enough that she put on a lot of weight, really let her mane go, and seems to have picked up a bad habit of chewing on anything. No, that really doesn't compare with the claws that have replaced her hooves, the fact that she can stand up to about 25 meters tall, breathes fire, and had an involuntary species reassignment spell cast on her.

Mostly thanks to Trixie, looking for means to prove herself the more powerful of the two, they've both found their ponyhood lacking due to a transformation into dragons by the Bag of Tirek. Worse yet, Trixie has fallen to his corrupting influence, and become his new lieutenant in the world, preparing to release him from his adamantium tomb.

Now, it is up to Twilight and her friends, and anypony else they can drag kicking and screaming into the fight to catch Trixie and save her from her from the taint that has corrupted her, and that threatens to corrupt the world. A tall order, to be sure; but when the odds becomes so great, the fight needs to go big, lest ponykind go extinct.

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Twilight's friends have had enough, resulting in a terrible split among the mane six.

Finding herself almost completely alone after the events of the Storm King's invasion, Twilight needs some new insight into her purpose in life. She's hurt where it matters the most, the spark of friendship in her failing to rekindle, and she knows she can't just stay in Ponyville after what happened.

She gets to thinking... She liked the adventures she went on. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have some more.

First story published on FIMfiction. Rating is subject to change.

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The last thing Applejack remembers, she was going out to tend to the south fields one day. She had just left the house and then... a blur. She found herself someplace else entirely. Loud, spattering noises surrounded her. Strange people were trying to hurt her. Her very body was twisted and wrong.

When she awakes from what should have been a nightmare, she discovers it was all too real. She's been trapped in another world, in a body that she can't even recognize, let alone control. To make matters worse, her natural Earth Pony magic is reacting to her new environment in strange and disquieting ways, intensifying to truly dangerous levels causing her to break nearly everything and everyone she touches.

Thankfully she's been offered help. A group of remarkable people is offering to take her in... assuming she can aid them in return. There's a man in a suit of armor. Another who carries a shield. One who carries a hammer. One a bow and arrow. One is a woman who lies just a little too much for Applejack's taste. And one of them is very, very angry.

Applejack will have to come to not only understand her new body and abilities, but also come to try and understand the meaning and value of honesty itself as she's put to the test in ways she's never anticipated. In this world of endless conflict and threats beyond any she could have ever imagined, does Applejack even stand a chance of finding her way back home?

Teen rating for mild blood, some death, and occasional mild nudity and lewd jokes.
Character and genre tags may be altered as necessary as the story progresses.

Chapters (11)

Before they are able to land on the latest planet they have found, Dark Lance's team of Autobot explorers are attacked. Returning fire, both their ship and the enemy's are forced to crash on an unknown world. With their ship heavily damaged and stasis lock a constant threat, Dark Lance and his team must contend with the Decepticons who crashed with them while simultaneously keeping themselves hidden from the local populace. They will soon find, however, that some planets hold secrets as ancient as the stars themselves. Inspired by Beast Wars.

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The war between the Avengers is over. Neither side has won. The team is scattered. All Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and the others can do now is try to adjust to this new status quo.
Until now.
Pursuit of mysterious thieves leads the Avengers to a new planet, populated by...colorful talking ponies. Oddly enough, these ponies may actually know something about conflict resolution and personal problems. The Avengers had better listen, because only together can they stop a sinister force that plans to bring both Equis and Earth to their knees.

Cover art courtesy of ameliacostanza.

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One day while out crusading for their cutie marks, the CMC find themselves in a heap of trouble. But they come out of it with super powers. There's just a bit of a catch to it. Hold on to your flanks Equestria.

Chapters (1)

The Mare in the Moon has returned, and the dark power that created Nightmare Moon is awakening again with the aid of a magical Moonstone. The two princesses and the Mane Six must use the Elements of Harmony to banish the darkness once and for all. Meanwhile, on Prehistoric Earth an alien artifact identical to the Moonstone falls into Predacon hands. What does this mean? And what will happen when a rift in space is opened between the two stones, pulling the Transformers into the strange, new world of Equestria?

(Note: It gets dark in places, but there is no explicit violence or gore.)

Chapters (6)