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Compared to their past heists, this one was going rather badly. It takes an armored truck being driven by their "handler" to get the crew out of this one. But before they could celebrate yet another pile of money in their possession, one of the strangest things happens...

While all of the politicians, scientists, and the military are worrying about the portals that opened up to some kind of alternate dimension, the crew blends in with the crowds of people coming to this world full of "ponies".
But of course, the allure of more heists presents itself even here...
So it's time to load up and grab your mask. It's payday.

Ignores the season 3 finale, and as such the entirety of season 4

Chapters (34)

Twilight is quite literally Stalin. A collection of anecdotes from Stalin's life transplanted into MLP.

Warning: may be unexpectedly didactic.

Cover art courtesy of Bistromatic (http://bistromatic.deviantart.com/art/Towards-a-Brighter-Future-199228019)

Chapters (1)

The news had shocked the entire nation. Anger, violence, and even threats of war have erupted in the colony on the borders of the harsh Frozen North, all of it centered around the infamous city of Gueldergrad. If Equestria is to put an end to the chaos before it escalates, somepony must venture into the foreign lands and set things right.

A noble unicorn steps up to meet the challenge: Shining Armor. Newest prince of the Crystal Empire. Captain of the Royal Guard. The pride of the Equestrian armed forces.

But there is a lot hidden in the far-stretching lands of the Frozen North, and even more can it reveal among those who dare to enter. Things the valiant captain does not yet know about his own company, those who command him, or even himself...

(Collab effort between JLB and yours truly. Inspired by the video game "Spec Ops: The Line". Knowledge of the source material is not necessary to get the optimal reading experience.)

Chapters (10)

Southern Equestria is where you could find the old fashioned ways the ponies long ago believed. From religious views, to laws and racial views. Those are only the few reasons why Southern Equestria is much different than the north. When the Mane 6; minus Applejack for working reasons, take a trip down to the South, searching for the next location the map tells them to go the craziest thing happens that not even Twilight's prestigious roll as Princess of Friendship could resolve.

They get arrested, now they must do everything in their power to return back to the North.

*Inspired by the film O' Brother, Where Art Thou*

Chapters (3)

What happens when ponies try to force humanity into their hooves? Well Jenkins of course!

June 2nd, 1942. Two days before the Battle of Midway, two days before the tides of power shift in the Pacific theatre and a new threat looms over the horizon. Multi-coloured ponies talk of a "better existence" and "peace and harmony" but at the cost of losing your humanity. Naturally humanity "politely" declines this offer and the war begins, enemies turned allies face the... well to be frank, the shortest war they've ever fought.

Also did I mention how much I hate The Conversion Bureau?

Warning: Stupidity and terrible writing ahead. Health risks include, but are not limited to, severe brain haemorrhaging, stroke and vomiting.

Continue at own risk.

I do not own anything My Little Pony related in this story, other than the story itself.

Chapters (1)

Captured by your enemy. It's something that no soldier wants to think about, much less experience. Unfortunately for one U.S. soldier fighting in Equestria, that's exactly what happens. At the mercy of the ponies, he will have to resist their attempts to extract information from him, and hope that he'll see freedom again.
(Language warning for those who care.)

Many thanks to my prereader, Cosmic Cowboy, for letting me bounce ideas off him, and not letting me upload garbage.
Cover art by the awesome (and patient) Erindor.
Appeared in the feature box for a brief time on 10/11/2015. I have no words...

Chapters (18)

It's that time of year again at Ponyville Elementary, with Family Appreciation Day. Little Apple Bloom is feeling left in the dust yet again, as all of her immediate family members are too busy to come in to speak. The little filly is left with only one other option:
Her "honorary" family member...
If only he had actually taken a bath for once...

Rated T for Trevor, so expect colorful language and some bloody good violence. Don't worry, no ponies were harmed in the making of this story.
However, many changlings were.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
Grand Theft Auto V belongs to Rockstar.

Edit at 12:05AM on 7/12/2014: Holy Featured Box!
Words cannot describe how much this means to me. Thank you all so much!

Edit at 12:40PM on 7/12/2014: Now with a Youtube reading by the amazing Soupr5! Check it out!

Chapters (1)

Applejack farts at dinner.


I'm sorry Meeester
I wrote this at 4:00am, expect the worst.

Chapters (1)


Mutually Assured Nuclear Extinction.

For fifteen years Equestria has been involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with their neighbour to the northwest, the Union Of Saddle Republics. The doctrine of M.A.N.E. has kept things relatively peaceful so far- both nations know that any nuclear attack will be met by a response in kind, and that there are no winners in a nuclear war. But now, border disputes and a few trigger happy ponies threaten to turn the cold war hot...

Chapters (11)

When Equestria is threatened by unimaginable evil, Princess Twilight will place her trust on the one creature no other would trust. Against the wish of her fellow Princesses, Twilight brings forth the ultimate warrior to defend the world.

Chapters (1)
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