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This story is a sequel to I Am Human, And That's All I Want To Be

A/N this is a sequel to my story I Am Human. If you haven't read it I suggest you do. Thanks

Its been just over six years since your injury. You're not sure what happened but apparently while flying over the city you lost control and plummeted to the ground. Thanks to the Princess you were still alive but with no memory of your life before the incident. But lately, you have been plagued with dreams that seem so familiar.

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This story is a sequel to The Man With Two Names

For the past year, Jeremiah Walker has wandered Equestria in the company of Trixie Lulamoon, seeking atonement and passage back to his own world, unsure if he will ever find it.

For the past year, Loose Leaf has investigated the events surrounding the human’s disappearance. He releases a full report of that night’s riot, a story Ponyville isn’t quite ready to hear.

For the past year, Spike has built a fledgling movement in Ponyville, fighting for non-ponies’ rights to citizenship. The tales of prejudice in Loose Leaf’s report invigorates the campaign, but draws opposition to the growing cause.

Now that the report is circulating across Equestria and their cover blown, Walker and Trixie march onward to the newly emerged Crystal Empire, following the only lead he has back home. There he runs into the frantic Twilight Sparkle, the pony who urged along his departure from Ponyville, and now needs his help to save this kingdom. Alongside her is Spike, who recognizes the human is just the figure his movement needs.

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Celestia finally pays a visit to Equestria's resident human down in Canterlot Labs in hopes to finding the answer to what went wrong.

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A man comes across a filly, however she's not one of the Mane Six.

Sometimes life plays games with you. Everything you felt was important to you is taken and your past seems to have more stark moments of things you'd rather forget. Living alone and battling your own demons seems to be the only thing you have to look forward to. However, one night while walking home in the middle of a freak late summer storm in the middle of the night, something happened. Something terrifying. Something wonderful. Something unexpected.

It's an old trope, not a fresh idea, but this is a story about me and My Little Chryssie...

Cover art by ZuTheSkunk. Check out dat artwork! A special thanks goes out to this artist who so graciously allowed me to use his work.

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro
MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust
OCs are mine unless specified.

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Being from a completely different world means often being asked questions about that world. Rainbow asks a question she ends up slightly regretting.
Wait, I got featured? What does that even mean?

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Princess Celestia attempts to hunt the most dangerous game: man. Her assistant wants more than anything for her to get back to work.

Artist is lovelyneckbeard

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When a human asks a certain purple unicorn a question that not even the almighty human race can answer, to what lengths would she be willing to go to put the age-old question to rest?

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King Sombra’s dark influence was obliterated by the Crystal Heart, and the villain is well and truly dead. But when he attempts to steal the afterlife of an innocent victim, a human spirit is left hurtling towards Equestria, where this unfortunate soul is revived into the only vessel available: the reconstituted body of King Sombra himself.

Thus, a cheerfully oblivious alien is crammed into the form of the most evil and malicious being Equestria has ever known. Not that Shining Armor and Cadence know this, of course. As far as they are concerned, the King is back and he’s lost his fricking mind.

Click here for the TV Tropes page!

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Can you put a price on happiness? What are you willing to risk to find true love? What is that alien doing over there with all those pizza boxes?
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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This story is a sequel to Quick! Distract Chrysalis!

Half a year later and you've been going steady with your loveable changeling queen. Perhaps it is time to finally pop in the golden question of a man's lifetime? Even getting help from Twilight and her quirky bunch of friends to set up the perfect moment to do so. However, ominous forces are preventing you from getting the right moment to show her the ring. What are these forces and how will you overcome them?

Art by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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