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Sunset Shimmer and Abacus Cinch have a conversation at the end of the world.


Set more than ten years after the Point of Divergence, which takes place during Friendship Games, which makes this an AU of both Equestria Girls and my own fic Long-Distance.


An entry into Abacus Cinch x Sunset Shimmer Contest (September 1, 2021 to September 29, 2021.)

A humble addition to the genre of Rooftop Conversation Between Depressed Sunset Shimmer And A Current/Former School Administrator, which has its origins in chris the cynic's Indifference.

Thanks to Dewdrops on the Grass and The Sleepless Beholder for prereading the first draft!

Thanks todaOtterGuy for the suggestions on the flowers!

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While Flash Sentry waits for Rarity to work on his outfit for a performance, Pinkie Pie asks to put makeup on him.

Also known as, just best friends being the best of friends.

This is just a short little thing I did for practice. This teeters on the line between Everyone and Teen but I am currently keeping it on Teen.

Happy Bi Visbility Month!

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Rarity tries to come on to Ellie during her suit-fitting, but Ellie is not quite ready to admit to herself that making out with the magical horse ladies is cool and normal. She has a lot of feelings to process first.


  • Sex: Prime time television rules. Cuts away before the action starts.


Though technically a sequel to Scenes From a Life in Equestria, I recommend starting here. At one point I will rewrite the parts of the prequel I am currently dissatisfied with, and when I do I will relink it as a direct prequel.

Author's Note

My entire life has been preparing me to write this story lol.

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To find Marble, Limestone has to look through the cracks.

CW: Possible deadnaming and misgendering.

Proofread by the amazing: AFanaticRabbit, thank you so much.

Written as part of the Pride and Positivity event!

Please consider helping those in need:

Transgender Law Center

Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Sewa International (Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief)

This fic is an expanded version of one written for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Trans pride contest.

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Rarity and Applejack have been seeing each other for a while. They have had their ups and downs but have managed to stick together and are able to enjoy the little things like picnics and yard work. And through it all, there is one question asked again and again and again.

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by Nailah

"Is there a good way to deliver bad news? If there is, I haven't found it."

Prereaders: Applezombi, Garatheauthor, Stinium_Ruide, Holtinator, Undome Tinwe, Oceanbytes, Vis-a-Viscera, and a few others.

Edited by: Stinium_Ruide, Dreams of Ponies.
Cover-art by: Snow Quill

Dedicated to the soldiers, the fighters, the ones on the other side of the door.

Featured on Equestria Daily: December 1st 2020 Try

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Sunset Shimmer has a problem. Or maybe she doesn't. Maybe there is no Sunset.

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Sometimes, watching those we care about suffer can hurt more than anything.

Iron Will doesn't sit down and take pain in stride, though. He's gotta fight back. Like an angry bull. So when the ignorant jerks up at the state capitol decide to be idiots, he has to figure out a way to make things right again.

Only sometimes, there's no perfect catchphrase for the job.

First place entry in the Quills and Sofas Transgender contest.

My entry for the Pride and Positivity event. Please consider donating to one of the following charitable causes:

Cover art was a gift from a friend, applejackofalltrades! Thank you so much!

Much gratitude for my fellow Q&S members for their support/suggestions/prereading: applejackofalltrades, themoontonite, Undome Tinwe, The Red Parade, Silvermint, Bicyclette, wishcometrue, The Hat Man, Vis-A-Viscera, and Atom Smash.

Additional editing/prereading provided by ninjadeadbeard, Jarvy Jared, and Arkane12

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They say a life remembered is a life well-lived, and Twilight and I lived a very good life. But when there's more years behind you than there are in front, memories are all you have. Lose those and what do you have left?

That I can answer that question at all breaks my heart all over again.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.
Rated Teen for some mild thematic elements

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This story is a sequel to Mistakes We Make

The mirror showed a reflection, sure, but it was almost like looking at… a stranger.

Applejack struggles with an identity issue and finds solace in someone close. Although, things don't go quite as expected when the truth is revealed. Everything is fine, though. It has to be. Does it really count as lying if it’s to yourself?

Written as part of Quill’s and Sofas Speedwriting’s T is for Trans contest! Thanks to everyone who read the original version of this and left awesome comments on it. (List will be added once the contest is over ^^)

Consider donating to Point of Pride (A charity for Trans People!)

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