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Sunburst didn't expect Pharynx would be so interested in the gift he'd brought for him. He, of course, knew the changeling was Genderfluid, but still, he didn't think Pharynx would be so eager to try it right away. But it does give him the chance to be philosophical with the usually snarky General.

There's a lot to unpack about just the color of the gift itself.

Written for the M/M Shipping Contest

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Everyone knows Rarity has amazing flanks; Rainbow Dash is sure of that. So what is Applejack upset about?

A non-entry to a Quills and Sofas Panic Fiction with the prompt "Do I Know You?"

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Cover art created by Nitro Indigo from the Art for Fanfiction Group.

”Get a job, gang.” That’s what the majority of drones tell Venom Stinger and his siblings, all of whom are known as “The Change Gang.” All they want is an actual role in Chrysalis’ hive, while the last thing they want is to end up turning into those eyesore reformed changelings. That changes when they’re sent as spies on a mission to retrieve information about the current condition of King Thorax, who has fallen gravely ill.

But when an unexpected transformation occurs at the wrong time, and the group of drones are suddenly discovered in their new states, Venom Stinger, Cricket Cluster, Flutterwings, Spiny Spectacle, and Scorchin’ Heat, along with new gang member Thistle Thorn, all have no choice but to struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle as Thorax’s subjects—and to struggle even harder to keep their secret of who they actually work with.

But can the newly-transformed Change Gang protect their new “friends” while trying to hide their biggest secret? And will they ever uncover the reason why they suddenly went through these changes?

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Ingredients for authentic Japanese-style ramen:

  • 8oz handmade wheat noodles
  • 1 cup napa cabbage
  • 3oz shiitake mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 Little Dashie--WAIT WHAT....!?!?! :rainbowhuh:

(This is a shitpost. Expect shitpost content. Typos are intentional and for comedic effect. No graphic violence occurs in this story.)

(This is an UNOFFICIAL parody of My Little Dashie. Support the official release.)

(Now with a VTuber reading by TheMajorTechie!)

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Winona is the Apple Family's sheepdog puppy. They adopted her from a shelter after she was abandoned by her previous owners and left to fend for herself as a stray for a while. The dog has been displaying strange behaviour during the fall of night and after this odd behaviour pattern carries on for a few weeks, it's blatantly obvious something isn't quite right with her.

When the family grows concerned for their family pet, Applejack and her two siblings decide to take her along to Fluttershy's cottage in hopes that she can communicate with her and find some answers as to why she is acting so strangely. Unfortunately, what they find out turns out to be rather heartbreaking.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial origin story. It was inspired by a true story of similar events.


Credit for cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/tsitra360/art/Winona-645824133


Featured: 16/02/21 - 18/02/21

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