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Twilight has noticed something. An anomaly. An illogicality. A discontinuity so stark that she must investigate.

Trixie just wants to make probably-legal fireworks in peace.

Set in early Season 7.

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It’s been years since Gabby, an old-timer at the Griffon Kingdom Postal Service, was spry enough to fly a route to Equestria. That means it’s been years since she’s talked with her good friend Spike. A new invention may let her reconnect with Spike, but she learns that won’t be the only change it brings.

Thanks to CatScratchPaper for editing and the cover art!

Featured on FimFiction 3/11/20 and 3/12/20!

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Clover the Clever never asked for his life to get so complicated.  It was bad enough tricking a drunk Imperatrix Celestia, war goddess of the Three Tribes, out of her accidental coup against Queen Platinum.  But now the most dangerous pony in Equestria has returned to trade her claim on the sun for a chance to woo him.

On top of that, his erstwhile mentor Star Swirl the Bearded has saddled him with a mysterious magical necklace and a uniquely bleak and pointless prophecy: If he's brave enough, and if he's clever enough, he just might survive Celestia for long enough to break her heart.

First place, "Out of Time" Writeoff! (11/2015) At long last, expanded to novella size! The world-spanning, centuries-spanning romance as it was always meant to be told!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

"One of my favorite depictions of Celestia in a long time." –billymorph
"To the top of the ballot with it." –AugieDog
"There’s going to be a lot of tears shed when this one hits publish." –Georg
"You need to read Time Enough For Love. I literally swore out loud when my computer crashed when I was halfway through, and then I immediately whipped out my smartphone to finish it. And now I'm reading it again in a desperate attempt to figure out how it does its job so damn well." –Bachiavellian
"I can get behind some historical revisionism for such a brilliant story. The writing is second-to-none … I laughed, I cried, and I felt other things too." –Trick Question

Cover art by Nadnerb.

Chapters (12)

[One-shot] Octavia sends Pinkie Pie a letter laying down some facts about history, music-making and her personal life.

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There's really no way to prevent it. No matter how careful you are, regardless of one's dedication to personal cleanliness, they're going to get in eventually. And for most ponies, it's a moment of deep gross-out, followed by scrubbing down their entire pantry, kicking out far too much of what's in it, and ending with a regretfully expensive shopping trip to replace what was lost.

But this is Rarity. The situation was unacceptable. And her intention was to take out the problem at the source.

Now if she can just find a way of explaining that to the jury...

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

Rated C for Crackfic.

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This story is a sequel to Administrative Angel

Discord is having a gloriously unlucky day. First he accidentally got sucked into a human high-school version of Equestria. Then he got stuck there after blowing up the portal home. His life hasn't been this chaotic in ages!

But a burst of reverse future memory is about to convince him to destroy this new world — and the power of Harmony seems to be on his side. Against those odds, it will take the full wit, courage, and magic of Celestia and Luna to save the day.

No, not the Princesses.  That would have been simple.

Recommended by Present Perfect! "The same strong writing and the same authorly voice as the original ... it's thrilling watching a world-ending threat through the villain's eyes."

Silver medalist in the January 2019 "Reversal of Fortune" Writeoff! Significantly expanded and edited for FIMFiction!

Praise for the Writeoff version:
"There are clever stories that make you feel smart, and clever stories that make you feel dumb, and I'm finding this very much in the first category." –Chris
"Things just don't stop moving." –Xepher

Chapters (6)

A powerful love story from Equestria’s history has been forgotten to time, yet it continues to this day.

Princess Celestia and Smart Cookie have watched Equestria rise. They’ve guarded it, and each other, against the most vile threats and darkest nights. They share a dream that’s entwined their hearts for two thousand years, and a love that’s given them the strength to see it realized.

Now they face the ultimate test of that love; one that comes not from monsters or armies, but from the opposed wills of two ponies who want only what’s best for one another, their friends, and Equestria, and who can’t back down when any of those things are at stake.

(Canon taken into account through season 6... this took me a long time to finish.)

Chapters (22)

A violent series of twitches propels Pinkie toward Fluttershy's cottage just as Discord is complaining about how regularized his chaos has seemed lately.

Ponyville might want to batten down its hatches.

The original version of this story won 1st place in the 101st Writeoff contest, "Reversal of Fortune," and the cover art is a commission from Kyumiku.

Chapters (1)

When Discord escaped from his stone prison, he wasn’t the only menace to Equestria, just the most famous one. Nopony remembers the others.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Princess Celestia goes out on a whim for an ice cream cone and discovers just how shaky her own personal finances are, leading to a fiscal catastrophe that could threaten the status of the entire nation.
Featured on Equestria Daily with two stories by Bad Horse called Sisters

Now with readings from the Living Library Players and joehighlord.

Editing assistance by Bad Horse
And a review by Paul Asaran
And a Spanish translation by Kiwi.
And a Chinese translation by way of Nova Twinkle.

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