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A certain yellow pegasus, is in struggle to explain her emotions, until a friend stands in front of her... a friend that she'll remember for her whole life.

Chapters (1)

Rarity. A pony of fashion, being petite, and politeness. A pony that was always on top of what was hot, but was too ladylike to ever gossip. Rarity. The sister of Vinyl Scratch.
She never shared anything about the older mare who shared her white coat and was a unicorn; she could barely look at her! She was just so...uncouth. But Rarity decides she needs to start living up to her element, and when Vinyl is evicted from her home, she stays with this petite, polite fashionista.
Rarity is not thrilled.
(Cover art done by me. Vectors found on Google Images.)

Chapters (5)

You just got hired by the Cakes to help around the shop and generally do work that Pinkie would otherwise get distracted by. Only problem is that you have to come in at such an early hour that you don't exactly think clearly.

Pinkie seems completely oblivious to this however, and remains her bubbly self in spite of your sluggish behavior.

The Cakes told you not to do or say anything that might upset her. Sounds easy, not like you'd burn your thumb and let something slip, would you?

Looks like you got a mess to clean up.

(First story in a long time with no mature stuff, trying something new.)

Chapters (1)

This is the story of the time i was watching TV, and then i was suddenly in Equestria. it was an adventure i will never forget!

Chapters (7)

Twilight could possibly have forgiven the thief for stealing books from the library. But when she finds food stains all over a few the thief returned... oh, now it is on.

(This description will likely change in future, but it's accurate now. More character tags will be added in future as well.)

Progress Bar at my writing journal.

Chapters (4)

There is a race between Sonic and Rainbow Dash in which Sonic appears to have won, but it's really Rainbow Dash. Or is it? The plot thickens.

WARNING: Contains OOC, deliberately poorly written dialogue for Sonic and Tails, and an almost explicit sex scene that I managed to divert through professional writing, friendship-style.

Chapters (1)

Ponies always ask me: “Big Mac, how come you’re so quiet?” Well, sit yourself down and get comfy because I’m about to tell you why and it ain't a happy story, partner.

Proof read by: bobdat
Story art: zombiepony1

Chapters (1)

Rainbow dash has always felt like a stallion, she was the tomboy of all her friends, she had little crushed on mares... Then one day she discovers a stallion willing to give her a sex change, and she goes for it. Read about her new manly life, and.. She also meets another sex-change pony...

I've uncancelled, yaaay!!! Thanks to thegamerator10!

Chapters (3)

A collection of short Discolight (Discord X Twilight) stories (Some maybe less than 300 words short.)
Why Discolight? Cause Jeromesaur.

Chapters (8)

After Blitz's B-day party, he said things that should never have been said and now has to apologize to Barb! It sounds easy doesn't it? Have you ever tried to make-up with a dragon? I didn't think so!

Chapters (2)
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