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Princess Twilight has come back to the other world to catch up with her five human friends (and one pony-turned-human friend).

What could be better than visiting Sugar Cube Corner, talking about the latest goings-on while sharing a brew with friends?

Edited by Level Dasher.

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All Sunset needed to do and had planned, was to visit her friend, Rarity. Until, a mysterious person sobbing and crying in the rain, get's her attention. Sunset decided to help the person out, until she realized it was the blue siren, Sonata Dusk.

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Hoofenmouth is starting out at a new school. Cool. The students there seem nice. Cool. Typical day for the first day, nothing to write home about. Cool.

But Hoof sees that a large number of girls in the student body—damn near all of them, in fact—are wearing short skirts or dresses. And seeing this makes the troubled boy perpetually horny.

Not cool.

Hopefully, Hoof's problem won't be too bad. Or at least won't come too quickly . . .



Rated "Teen" for some naughty thoughts and heavy, heavy implications of premature ejaculation and masturbating.

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This story is a sequel to So Much Leg . . .

Hoofenmouth has tried to get better at talking to girls. And failed. He's tried to approach Sunset Shimmer. And failed. Now, today, he's gonna try again, prepared to go on with the rest of his day either way.

He's gonna fail.

All because of these three crazy beauties who somehow want his affections just to "reignite their lost powers.” Hoofenmouth doesn't know what it means, or why they're targeting him, but they are relentless enough to hold him hostage and seduce him to make it work, and now Hoof has to keep himself together while hoping someone finds him, trying all the while not to "ignite" too soon.

Will he fail?

Most likely.

Once again rated "Teen" for some naughty thoughts and actions, and heavy, heavy implications of premature ejaculation and masturbating.

Chapters (1)

Unbeknownst to Sunset Shimmer, someone's making booty using her booty.

Now with a reading by Wubcake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3mlXOoHbaQ&t=390s

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Friendship Games Spoilers ahead

In the wake of the magical fiasco that was the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer invites her new friend Twilight over to spend the night, and Twilight comes to find out that the two have more in common than she ever would have expected.

Preread by DragonShadow
Cover art changed due to viewer confusion.

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Sunset Shimmer has had a few things on her mind for a while, so she sends Princess Twilight Sparkle a message asking her to visit and help Sunset think things through. After finding out her majesty's busy schedule will only allow her to stay just a little after Sunset's shift ends, Sunset asks Twilight to wait for her at her favorite coffee shop: the Sunlight Café.

Fan Reading!
The Sunlight Café Fan Reading.

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As the Princess of Friendship, the only thing Twilight Sparkle loves as much as books, reading, books, making new friends, books, spending time with her friends, and...books...

...is spreading the magic of friendship. And one easy way to do that is to introduce your friends to each other.

In need of a weekend away from the castle before heading out to the Crystal Empire to spend time with her family, Twilight decides to take a little vacation to the human world...and brings three of her newest friends along.

After all, if Princess Ember, Moondancer, and Starlight Glimmer are all Twilight's friends, surely they'll get along well with each other and with Sunset Shimmer!


(Cover compiled from various source vectors.)

Chapters (8)

Ever wondered what Sunset does for a job? Mechanic, maybe? Computer analyst, perhaps? How about a waitress at a sushi bar?

Wait... what was that last one?

Silly little thing I came up with after the reveal of the "Sunset Sushi" Mini (which is utterly adorable!}

Chapters (1)

On a visit to Equestria, Sunset Shimmer discovers she and Princess Twilight have an unexpected connection from their school days... so they go check it out together...

Set in the MLP/EQG timeline, following Mirror Magic and Forgotten Friendship, but before Spring Breakdown.

Now has a YouTube fanfic reading, courtesy of user Lonely Fanboy48. Many thanks!

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