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In between multiverses, known only to a few, there exists an inn for weary travelers between universes, where one can relax and enjoy good food and drink, and not worry about any problems.

Today, Pinkie Pie receives several new visitors, to her delight of course. She's always happy to welcome new travelers to her corner of the omniverse.

From this meeting, though, many new things will spring. For two multiverses.

Chapters (1)

Being a rock farmer is simple. You just have to move and break rocks. Couldn't be any more complicated than that. Someday Limestone Pie is going to be as good at it as Papa! Absolutely nothing can threaten this.

Nothing, that is, except Great Uncle Holder Cobblestone and his stupid boulder.

A cutie mark story for everyone's favorite grouchy pony.

Slightly AU because I altered the history of the Pie Farm a bit, but I was convinced by one of my pre-readers that the AU tag wasn't warranted. We shall see!

All my thanks go to NumberFifth and Serketry for their pre-reading, editing, and plot suggestions. Seriously, it helped a lot.

Cover art belongs to Aureai. Tried to get permission but received no reply. Will change it if they ever ask.

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This story is a sequel to Wonderbirds: Into the Storm

'Calling Equestrial Rescue, this is Deepsea Echo laboratory currently operating out of the Mareiana Trench. We were hit by some unpredicted seismic activity and in our attempt to evacuate, one of the escape pods malfunctioned. To our best understanding the docking clamps have failed to release fully but the water seal between the doors has breached, so we're trapped inside the pod. The lab is at a depth of six point eight nautical miles and the pod only has an oxygen supply to last us a few hours. Please, Equestrial Rescue if you can hear this message... help us. You're our only hope.

Crossover with the hit 1960's TV show Thunderbirds, which is the property of the Gerry Anderson Legacy and ITV Studios.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Pony Guard (Season 4)

After Scar's defeat, peace has returned to the Pride Lands and Equestria, and with the new magical map discovered inside the new castle of the new Prince and Princess of Friendship. A map that leads to them solving new friendship lessons all across Equestria while also dealing with trying to restore order in the Pride Landers returning to their homes.

At the same time while Kion is still adjusting to becoming half alicorn, master his new abilities, and step up to being the Lion Guard's Fiercest and the Prince of Friendship, Twilight, the Pony Guard's Fiercest is still struggling with her mental scars as the former Princess of Darkness and the following consequences of her past actions. All while Starlight Glimmer rises to the occasion seeking to continue the war Scar started by recruiting his followers to ensure the peace never thrives.

Can the peace be maintained or the Pride Lands and Equestria succumb to chaos once again?

Find out as the Lion and Pony Guard continue their duty to protect the Pride Lands and Equestria and spread the Magic of Friendship everywhere they go.

Chapters (3)

It wasn't Eric's fault he hit the alien with his truck. How was he supposed to see a dog-sized horse walking down the highway in the pouring rain? His life would've been simpler if he just left the animal like any other roadkill. But in his injured delirium, the horse spoke.

This accident soon ends with an intimate personal knowledge of just how dangerous magic can be. An ancient rises, tied to a mysterious tome the pegasus was protecting on the night of the accident. A malevolent force grows within those pages, whispering louder and louder about the cleansing flame. But without the spells inside that cursed tome, Eric's humanity will be gone forever.

He has no choice but to master the words of power contained within, before his life is turned to ashes around him

A commission for Muziki. Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

The various artistic works created for this story are credited to their artists within the chapter they appear.

Chapters (4)

Stygian sits beneath a tree, surrounded by discarded drafts of a love poem.

Mistmane wanders through the garden, reflecting on the days when she was the beautiful mare in the world.

A little nudge from a couple of their friends might be enough to bring them together.

This is a story that I've been tinkering with for a long time, but it was only earlier this week that I finally managed to sketch it out into a proper story. Romance isn't my forte, but I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless!

Chapters (1)

Despite loving Rarity, Fluttershy knew she'd never be what the unicorn deserved. That was fine, though. Maybe one day she'd be brave enough to do something about it, but for now, she was happy just to sit with her and pass the time.

Cover art by the incredible Amph.

Commission for Jay-155!

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis, despite having lost her hive, still has a few loyal changelings at her command. Few though they may be, she sends them out to look for other hives to form an alliance and take down the ponies that stole her children and position away from her.

One such bug is a blue 'prince' who has stumbled upon a particularly thick forest on a continent two days away from Equestria by sea. With high hopes, he attempts to initiate contact, but these bugs are quite...obnoxious to deal with. The prince's patience will be pulled and stretched to its limits as he tries to negotiate with the queen. It doesn't help that these changelings possess physical features that make them terrifying up close.

Written for my friend Blueberry Soda Kryostasis.

Chapters (1)

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are hosting a slumber party, guaranteed to be all sorts of entertaining!

Babs is the first to arrive, and she notices something off about how the hosts are acting, but thinks nothing of it. It's not until she accidentally discovers all the tickle toys that they have in their room that things get awkward.

Of course, seeing an opportunity for fun, Babs decides to take the sleepover in a different direction...

Commission for Blobblegum on FA.

Based off pictures done by Horrormage.

All characters are depicted as adults in this story.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Softly

"And it's quite a cost but nothing comes for free./But when you know you know you know,/It's meant to be./Meant to be." -The Beths, 'When You Know You Know'

Prequel 1: "I Owe You One"
Prequel 2: "Softly"

Gallus and Ocellus have been keeping their relationship a secret from others for quite a while now. However, against every fiber of Gallus' being, they both agree that it's time to share the news with their friends. But how will the others react to the news?

Cover art made by Pitangawang

Chapters (1)