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Ever since she was a little filly, Scootaloo hasn't gotten to spend Hearth's Warming with anypony else. She never gets invited and she never asks to be included. Hearth's Warming is a day to spend with family and friends, and neither family nor friends seem interested in making her a part of their plans or to include her in any way.

A chance meeting with another pony on Hearth's Warming Day may give her a brighter outlook on the holiday. She doesn't want to be alone, just this once.

Chapters (1)

Everyone knows Scootaloo: Ponyville's most prominent orphan. Despite her sad story, she always remains chipper and upbeat. Why is that?

Primary Cast: Spike, Scootaloo

Preread by TheWraithWriter.
Edited by Level Dasher.

Chapters (1)

Rarity is supposed to attend a fashion show in an hour, but when she wakes up, she is incredibly drowsy. When an accidental trip into her closet and a choice of outfit in the dark starts her day, things only get stranger as she trots to her destination, culminating in walking into a robbery. Will Rarity be able to keep her sanity?

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has been unable to get any sleep for the past three weeks because of a dream. The saddest and most horrible dream she has ever dreamed. A dream where Rainbow Dash, the somepony she is in love with, dies. Spike has urged Twilight to tell Rainbow Dash, figuring it would stop the dream but the alicorn is just too stubborn to do so. What will Twilight do? Will she continue letting the dream keep from sleeping and risk driving herself insane or will she finally open up to Rainbow Dash?

Chapters (10)

This one time all theses headless alligators got all the ponies and it was sad. :'C

Chapters (1)

Why do they pick on me? Why are my stupid wings so weak? Why can't I fly like a normal pegasus? Why do I have to be different? I can't take it. I have to stop the pain. I have to stop the teasing. I'm sorry...... So, so sorry.

Follow Fluttershy through her mind as she tries to get through the pain in her life.

Special thanks to Jake the Dog for proofreading.

Chapters (1)

All life fades. This is fact.

Four alicorn princesses: The Sun, the Moon, Love, and Friendship. They share the weight of immortality equally. Equestria is in their hooves, and they're trusted by its citizens. It is their duty to defend and protect, for justice to prevail over all.

So when Applejack dies, it's not unexpected. But as the Tree of Harmony slowly withers, Twilight realizes she is the last Element of Harmony. Equestria is now left exposed and defenseless to attack.

With her cocky and dynamic student, Flash Freeze, Princess Twilight must slowly come to terms with immortality and find the five new Element Bearers before it's too late. And even though Flash Freeze loves her dearly, the youngest alicorn princess can't bring herself to commit to his tutorship.

Because all life fades. And so will he.

Twilight's New Student
Flash Freeze Today
Flash Freeze Sketches
Story Preview

Chapters (2)

Equestria is a land shrouded in mystery. The fogs of crime and murder have rolled in, and it's up to Pinkamena "Sherlock" Diane Pie, and Twilight "Watson" Sparkle to solve the crimes and catch the killers before it's too late. Twilight agrees to play along with Pinkie's insane fantasies, but has she been pulled into a game much bigger than she can fathom?

(Rated teen for mild language, poorly timed Sherlock quotes, and (spoiler alert) MURDER)

Chapters (1)

As the sun sets and it comes time to close up Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie receives a letter from a secret admirer.

Chapters (1)
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